Dhoom 3 Friday Box Office Collections: Actuals

Dhoom 3 has collected Rs 36.22¬†crore on its opening day at the box office, according to the film’s producer – distributor Yash Raj Films. The film opened to a phenomenal response both at multiplex chains across the country as well as single screens.

If the advance booking for the film is anything to go by, Dhoom 3 (all versions) might just cross the 40 crore mark on Sunday.

Even though exhibitors are over-the-moon with the kind response that the film has got, most believe that the first day business would have been higher if the film’s runtime (which is close to 3 hours) was shorter. However, the advance booking for the entire weekend is fantastic, which should help the film get close to the 100 crore mark in its first weekend!

If the film sustains well on Saturday, Dhoom 3 is well on track to be the fastest film into the 100 crore club, beating the current record of Chennai Express which collected 100 crore in 3 days + paid previews on Thursday.

Break up of box office collections

  • Dhoom 3 Hindi – Rs 33.42 crore (record single day collections holiday and non-holiday)
  • Regional – Rs 2.8 crore (record for Telugu / Tamil version)
  • Total Collections – Rs 36.22 crore

Winner of the first day prediction contest will be announced in sometime.



  • It means it has also broken Krrish 3’s highest single day collections record of 35.91 crore. That too on a non holiday Friday! Historic!!

  • The movie is really pathetic. A total money
    waste.. no story line. With Aamir Khan’s wrinkles
    being shown more than his acting skills.. Katrina
    kaif should be thanked for doing the item
    numbers which can be referred as a cameo.. no
    story line.. illogical action scene.. it was more of
    a three hours advertisement of BMW bike which
    sometimes become a rocket and some time sails
    on water… highly disappointing.

  • i am a die hard aamir fan…n as a hardcore fan…it does not matter to me whether his movies break records or not…i don want that….i want to see quality movies from him…dhoom 3 actually does not qualify as a trademark aamir khan movie…im not disappointed by the movie but the feeling that i get after watching an aamir khan movie was missing…it was good but not at par with aamir standard…i dont want him to go the money making way n make commercial entertainers like d3…leave that to others…i want some sensible and heart touching movies like rdb,tzp,3i,lagaan,dch etc…so plzz aamir khan …give ur fans something better…n im sure he will do that with peekay…
    true aamir khan fan

  • Hurray.Now “Dhoom 3” has biggest opener record and biggest single day collection record and that too on a non holiday.Bande hain hum uske humpe kiska zor.

  • Well done team Dhoom. Credit goes to entire unit. I remember many have written Aamir off after Talaash guess what He is back with a Dhoom..

  • I strongly feel any of the top 4-5 superstar (AK,Sk,SRK,HR,Akki etc.) with mass entertainer and favorable release date can break any record. Happy Times if you are Bollywood fan.

  • Party time now but instead of partying it is better to watch “Dhoom 3” again in theatres specially the brilliance of Aamir khan.Can’t stop laughing at the people who were saying that Aamir is a misfit for this role.What a great performance he has delivered.Even haters r in shock.lol

  • I predicted that #Dhoom3 would collect 36.50 crores on it’s first day ! I am the winner of contest about the prediction of first day collection of #Dhoom3 !

  • out of this 36 crores 7-8 crores have came from the inflated ticket prices…n aamir said tickets prices are normal

    • @Sushant, ticket prices were about the same as Krrish 3 and Chennai Express. But the runtime of Dhoom 3 was much higher, due to which it had fewer shows at multiplexes. Don’t forget, Friday was a working day. 36 cr is a MASSIVE achievement. The last film to open so well was Ek Tha Tiger, but even that film had many more shows at plexes and released on a holiday!

  • non-holiday 36.22cr
    it also break single day collection..
    300+ club sure. .. really dhoom day..
    amir rock other shock..

  • I urge everyone in this forum to support your favorite star/actor like I support (Aamir and Hrithik) but may well enjoy success of other stars. I did not liked CE or ETT movies but enjoyed when they broke records because this will help Hindi film industry to grow.

  • ETT 32.92 CE 33.12 D3 33.42 may be one day indicine say industry insider know that D3 not break record of CE as once they say in CE as diff is 30 lakhs

  • What a fabulous performance by Aamir.

    Factors against Dhoom 3:
    –> Non Holiday
    –> Cold wave in North
    –> India SA Cricket Match

    Yet the collection for first day is 36.22 in comparison to CE’s 33.12 that is almost 10% more.

    This shows Aamir’s brand value.
    I think he has now set the bar too high for others. It will really be difficult to break this record in the coming years like his Second week record of 54 crs. :)

  • Can’t wait to watch it tonight. Couldn’t watch it yesterday due to some technical effect at our local cinema.

  • aamir khan is 1st hero to cross 100 crores, 150 crores and 200 crores net in india now he will be first hero to cross 250 crores, 300 crores net in india

  • aamir khan is 1st hero to cross 100 crores, 150 crores and 200 crores net in india now he will be the first hero to cross 250 crores, 300 crores net in india with Dhoom 3 movie

  • @indicine. How come cinpolis chain running 57 shows per day if runtime is more. Not only cinpolis pvr chain in Pune is running more shows than ce. Same goes to big cinema ghatkopar and mulund where movie is running more shows than CE and K3. Plus its running with 800 extra cinema. Lakshminarayan pune D3 got four shows while CE got 2 only. In Maharashtra 25 % shows hasbeen occupied by Marathi movie duniyadari during CE release which was one of the biggest hits in Marathi film industry.

  • @cinema lover LOL at the ‘BMW bike’ comment…! :-P

    Niiice to see you actually watched Dhoom 3 and thus came up with a great review yaar…! :-O

    @sachin11 spot on bro- lungiwalas are in total shock and are coming up with farcical reviews and even more lamer excuses like the one given by Sushant…!
    Keep rocking Aamir :-D
    and keep shocking haterz :-P

  • Hurray, people who believe officials, d3 with Aamir collected highest day collection without any holiday, dhoom day is bigger than any holiday, despite being non holiday, almost 3hr running length, even ticket rates are same as ce, as per boi recently seen d3 collected 30.90cr in day one so highest collection on opening day and by including regional it will reach 33.50cr,so overall with every case it is highest grosser on single day ever,no doubt this will break every single record, i said even the time of d3 trailer release, haters there is nothing for you once this movie release, by unnecessary review without watching movie, go and put your precious time in good things rather than bashing d3.get well soon guys, where was @syed who said aamir movie can’t open big,best entertainer of the dacade, happy times for d3 lovers @rohit,@sachin11,@navin,@niks,@wtf and others congrats big time, proud to be an aamirian

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