Golmaal Again: Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty team up again

Rohit Shetty has announced the fourth instalment in Bollywood’s most popular comedy series, Golmaal. The film will reunite Rohit with his favourite actor Ajay Devgn. The actor-director duo have delivered successful films like ‘Bol Bachchan’ apart from the ‘Singham’ and ‘Golmaal’ series of films.

The release date has been announced too. Golmaal Again (that’s the title of Golmaal 4) will go on floors late-October or early-November this year and release in theatres during the festive weekend of Diwali next year.

Rohit and Ajay had previously released ‘Golmaal 3’ during Diwali in 2010. The film released on the same day as Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Action Replayy, and won the clash too. ‘Golmaal 3’ was only the fourth film (after Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Dabangg) to cross the 100 crore mark.

Golmaal Again stars Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Khemmu, Arshad Warsi and Shreyas Talpade. The female cast hasn’t been announced.

Interestingly, it’s Ajay’s own film ‘Sons Of Sardaar’ that was first announced for Diwali next year, but the film is likely to be pushed to a later date.



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  • Lmao, these stupid fans are saying that his next 4 movies will all be hits!!!when he hasn’t given a successfully movie other than singham 2 since 2012


  • Priyanka Deepika Kangana are among the top 5 female superstars…case closed. Now you compare them with Smita patil or shabana azmi?


  • Tell me why big stars don’t win? Valid reason since this has to do with acting purely.

    Ans…cos it’s not only about Bollywood..You have Bengali,Punjabi,kannada malyallm,telugu marathi etc… so the beats also compete with regional celebrities…


  • @challa:sos original movie was hospitality which was copied by rajamouli..many ajay movies have. Been remaked in south like bol bachchan golmaal and even dabangg so ur rajamouli is copycat wat. Rajamouli has talent like ajay so if they remake1 movie it doesn’t mean they r talentless…even ur srk remade many south movies in hindi and made it big disaster


  • @Sunny Akkiholic

    On “…like how Nana Shahid Manoj B have also won national awards.

    @Kiddo why always always make a fool out of yourself just to rush and bring Ajay down..? so much foolishness??

    Okay Did Nana win National twice as best actor?
    Nop only 1nc Krantiveer best actor.

    @Kiddo you brag you have bollywood knowledge but tell me something…

    When did Manoj Bajpayee ever win National award for best actor? ? fool he won for supporting… Satya!

    When did Shahid ever win any National award?? in your dreams… Is that your bollywood knowledge?? why being so dumb with wrong information??


  • @Kiddo Akkiholic..

    Amitabh and Kamal won back then not of recent… Like…

    @Kiddo again look how foolish you are..

    I have every right even more to say you are wrong!!
    Ajay did not win it of recent 4 your kind information!!

    Ok… So how old was Amitabh when he won his 1st national??… Fool he was 37 years old back then Agneepath 1991!!

    Kama Hassan was 27.. 1982..

    Ajay Devgn was 23 going to 24 years when he 1st won it…back then too!!

    Tell me who won it at that age so young and back then too??

    See you really lack knowledge on bollywood.. Get facts learn and then post.. Don’t speak lies cz of AD frustration!!

    Kid go and learn ok


  • @Sunny Akiholic oof kiddo…

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  • @Joker boy

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    My comments early morning has nothing to do with akki rather National awards clarification which even ppl like @Abhay Malhotra or you will still make me pull your ears for wrong information.


  • @ajay sallu fan,KING SRK never did south remakes on HIS lead starrer.if you have aukat then show the movie’s name.infact it’s HIS SWADES which later remakes in Tamil named ‘desam’.kahan Kahan se aa jaaye ho ganwaron,rofl.

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  • bade bujurgo nae ekk kahawat kahi thi ki
    “jab diya bujhane wala hota hai na toh fadfadata hai ” situations of ajay and salman suits at this kahawat both are hurry in booking next 5year festive date just to play safe for making money ek abhi ish eid ka torcher khatam nhi hua ki dusara poster le aya aur ek franchise par jee rha h


  • @mekanik:

    3.7billion fans+ Duniya ka sabse bada superstar+ very RICH content+ Ram navami & Mahavir jayanti holiday+ chart buster jabra song in 8 languages+ foreign locations. Still collections are only 80cr…Doob Marne Waali Sharm ki Baat!!!

    Hahaha… Barking on Bhai’s ATHG!! See, Bhai gave ATHG way back in 1994, only after 4 years of his debut. But your choosa hua aam did the same in 2013 (ce) after 21 years of his debut. What a shame!!

    Ajay’s tezz collected 15cr while your global king’s YLJK collected only 40lakhs. So according to your Loongiwala logic… Ajay>>>>>>>>srk….hahaha.

    What! Sawariya is a Bhai movie!! Then why don’t you count kkhh a Bhai movie too. Bhai’s character in KKHH was much more lengthier and important than sawariya & mamk. Bloody HYPOCRITE!!!


  • @ajay salman fans first yar you salman fans are amazing you are changing your colors faster than lizard
    sintimes you guys licking aamir and became- salmir
    than- jthj v/s sos times you became gaga over ajay
    than at the time of dilwale v/s bajirao you became gaga over ranvir singh
    good work keep it up!!!

    instead of so many chaplusi of other actor plus south masala recipes remake plus booking eid, Christmas, Diwali and most important in bhaai’s golden phase failed to best carp director faraha khan & srk’s bad phase HNY’s opening day 44.97cr and weekend 108.54cr ???

    some more facts
    ajay’s work with faraha khan’s brother in himatwala his carrer almost finish who is previous gave successful movies like hey baby & houseful franchise

    and our so called eidwala superstar work with faraha khan’s husband sirish kundra in janeman and his carrer was also almost finish
    by the way our bhaai jan is an old sikaari he did a movie with legendary movie gadar’s director anil’s veer and his carrer became finish
    same one more sikar of legendary subhas ghai with yuvraaj aur uske baad toh koi unhe khalnayak raam lakhan ka director manane ke liye tayar nhi h ….etc long list

    anyhow faraha record created female director 44.97cr and only woman director to achieve 200cr mark with successful movies like OSO, mai hoo na, HNY did great work and take care of other two members who are badly effected by bhaai and ajay
    one more hunting story when thye both join hand to did another sikar with London dreams ;)



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