Sultan Box Office Collections in 8 days

Sultan is not holding up as well as it was expected to, at the domestic box office during the weekdays. The drop on Monday was bigger than expected and business has come down by 16-17% on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The film will collect around 229 crore by the end of its first extended week, which is a huge total. It’ll beat the collections of the 2013 Eid release ‘Chennai Express’ today (9th day) and go past ‘Kick’ tomorrow.

But unless there is a massive jump of 60-70% on Saturday (assuming Friday goes down to 5-6 levels), Sultan is likely to finish with lifetime business of less than 300 crore.

Sultan should finish closer to Dhoom 3’s total, which will still be a huge achievement. A 3rd / 4th highest grosser of all time is where Sultan should is likely to end. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Sultan is yet another box office blockbuster for Salman Khan.

DaySultanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Wednesday)36.54-
Day 2 (Thursday)37.32+ 2%
Day 3 (Friday)31.67- 15%
Day 4 (Saturday)36.62+ 16%
Day 5 (Sunday)38.21+ 4%
Day 6 (Monday)15.54- 59%
Day 7 (Tuesday)12.92- 17%
Week 1 Total208.82 crore
Day 8 (2nd Wednesday)10.82- 16%
Day 9 (2nd Thursday)9.52- 12%
Day 10 (2nd Friday)7.43- 22%
Day 11 (2nd Saturday)11.46+ 54%
Day 12 (2nd Sunday)15.18+ 32%
Day 13 (2nd Monday)4.08- 73%
Day 14 (2nd Tuesday)3.72- 9%
Week 2 Total62.21 crore
Day 15 (3rd Wednesday)3.42- 8%
Day 16 (3rd Thursday)3.51+ 3%
Day 17 (3rd Friday)2.14- 39%
Day 18 (3rd Saturday)3.81+ 78%
Day 19 (3rd Monday)5.14+ 38%
Day 20 (3rd Sunday)1.30- 75%
Day 21 (3rd Tuesday)1.25- 4%
Week 3 Total20.57 crore
Day 22 (4th Wednesday)1.15- 8%
Day 23 (4th Thursday)1.05- 9%
Day 24 (4th Friday)0.57- 46%
Day 25 (4th Saturday)0.98+ 72%
Day 26 (4th Sunday)1.51+ 54%
Day 27 (4th Monday)0.34- 77%
Day 28 (4th Tuesday)0.36+ 6%
Week 4 Total4.91 crore
Day 29 (5th Wednesday)0.34- 6%
Day 30 (5th Thursday)0.33- 3%
Day 31 (5th Friday)0.24- 27%
Day 32 (5th Saturday)0.49+ 4%
Day 33 (5th Sunday)0.78+ 59%
Day 34 (5th Monday)0.16- 79%
Day 35 (5th Tuesday)0.160%
Week 5 Total2.5 crore
Day 36 (5th Wednesday)0.15- 6%
Day 37 (5th Thursday)0.14- 7%
Remaining days0.71
India Total Collections301.06 crore


  • Yes, agree with you. It is a blockbuster only because of Salman’s mega star power. I wish it was directed by Kabir Khan. The weekdays would have hold stronger because Kabir is a brilliant director.

  • SRK fans have no right to bash on this after what happened to FAN. I respect both of these veteran actors… it’s you fans that have created competition between them. Both of them try to make good films, and that is what matters at the end.
    Salman has improved a lot with BB and Sultan whereas SRK is also being choosy now with FAN,RAEES and Gauri Shinde’s next. I applaud him for taking this risky decision even at his prime.
    Congrats to Salman

  • as u said @indicine sultan was not all an out commercial film like kick or BB but has scored well … 5 day extended weekend was a great oppertunity which was fullfilled by salman and his stardom .. rest is content but 229 crores on the name of salman khan …. another blockbuster found on list …
    by a die hard fan of srk

  • It’s decent trend, not bad. Even BB witnessed similar falls on weekdays last year. Advance booking at SS has been good for weekend. The movie should pick up big time on Sat and Sun thanks to hiked tickeet prices and rise in footfalls. Weekend should be around 35 cr to set up for 300 crore haul.

  • Now it’s quite clear what kinda movie Sultan is . Just another typical Bhai-film with mindless story and non-acting at its best …!

    Eid saved Salman Khan for the 5th time in his career .

  • Trend is not bad at all…
    Sultan will definitely cross 300 cr no doubt in that… But at this moment pk and bb is safe… Happy for salman back to back 300 cr and atbb

  • No offense to anyone but,
    So many EID releases Salman got, but not once did his film became All Time Grosser but SRK got just one chance on EID & he broke every possible record in sight.

  • I’m waiting to see how much total it puts on board before it’s eviction from theatres.
    Few interesting statistics are there with me which I will post once the lifetime collections are out.

  • On one hand v have bollywood showing hardly any variation from trade figures infact sultan Tuesday BOI fig is higher than studio fig bt on d other hand v have recent Hollywood films like Conjuring2 Independence Day XMen whose weekend
    Were 15-25% higher than trade fig…!!!

    Bt no worshiper of trade fig bothered to protest instead all they r bothered abt ks d manipulation of hny k3 and other old bolly movies collection. .!! Lol


  • You guys were the ones who were reporting as the film could gross 400 cr otherwise Sultan is a big winner and already a huge Blockbuster.
    Its Possibly one of the best movies in the genre. Absolutely loved it.

  • Sultan big drop in weekdays..Movies of aamir are always steady in collections even after weekends thats why aamir holds 2nd,3rd,4th,5th week highest collections records.. Waiting for Dangal now..

  • Had RAEES released instead of SULTAN, with Content looking very strong would have definitely Grossed more than Sultan!!!!!

  • Thank god i have not watched it..
    As trend suggests it was just an average movie saved by eid festivity.. Bhai still struggling to deliver a highest all time grosser that too in his best phase of career..

  • If Great Grand Masti does well which is releasing on this Friday..then 300cr will be very difficult for Sultan 👍

  • Is this a bad trend indicine?
    Name any movie other pk and bajrangi Bhaijaan which collected 11 crores on its 8th day?

  • @indicine u were overexpecting this is very good trend with less price on 8th after record breaking weekend 300cr is definitely on wait n watch but one thing proves u are not good in boxoffice game learn something from

  • Fan + Raees + Dear Zindagi will not be able to equal Sultan’s collections

    SRK’ians are feeling left out and helpless … empathize with them and pity them but don’t argue with them …. 83 crs collections could have crushed anyone …. being the fan of a much much bigger star show magnanimity …. with release of Raees and Dear Zindagi the last of them will also give up ….

  • dear all guys exclude 5 days extended weekend total of sultan from its life time total collections sultana will be left with only and only two things – babaji ka thullu and babaji ka ghanta………..this proves eid festival is the real superstar not criminal non actor bhojpuri lallu khan

  • @sohom pokego…. if salman had come on Eid 2013, hus movie would have easily crossed 200crs n 3 idiots collection…. bcz u can see growth on every Eid.

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