Indians return from war-torn South Sudan

Two ‘C-17 Globemaster’ aircrafts are on their way back from war-torn Juba in South Sudan. One flight has 143 Indians including 10 women and three infants.

Minister of State General VK Singh, who is coordinating the rescue efforts from Juba met with South Sudan foreign minister Deng Alor Kuol. Indian Blue Berets posted in South Sudan as part of UNMISS are also lending a helping hand in the evacuation effort, a news channel reported.

Indian returning from South Sudan

Indian returning from South Sudan

India has launched ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ to evacuate 600 Indians from war-torn South Sudan.

Earlier, External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj had tweeted “We are launching OP #SankatMochan to evacuate Indian nationals from South Sudan. My colleague @Gen_VKSingh is leading this operation”

For those wondering why this news is being posted here, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, who was recently seen in ‘Airlift’, had taken special interest in ensuring that Indians in the war-torn country return home safely.

On July 12, Akshay sent a tweet to External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj “.@SushmaSwaraj Ma’am request for speedy measures and actions to evacuate Indians stranded in Sudan. Prayers with them. #SaveIndiansInJuba”

Replying to Akshay’s tweet Swaraj said “Akshay Kumar ji – Please do not worry. We are evacuating Indian nationals from Juba (South Sudan)”

Thanking her, Akshay said “Thank you Ma’am appreciate the promptness. Hoping to hear about the successful evacuation operation soon”



  • Proud of Akshay Kumar & Sushma Swaraj & all Indians who helped the cause. ✌

    This is indeed an ‘AIRLIFT’ !!! 😀

  • lol such an opportunist this 40teet actor is.. he is acting as fake nationlist.. in congress rules he was loving canada n wanted to settle there lol

  • Don’t use d word ‘Indian’ otherwise Sundii jaag jyga.

    And Good Joß !
    Some Ppl Target Akshay for using patriotism In his movies , but you can see he is Really a patriotic Person….!

  • True gentleman. Even though I am his fan but I notice that he shows more patriotism close to the release of his films. This is a true assessment maybe I could be wrong.

  • Seriously, what is @floppy’s aukaat in front of Akki that he says Akki should beg? Even Akki’s watchman must be earning more than his family.

  • For those saying that this is a publicity, there are better ways to do that.
    Like “we should leave the country”, “raped women”, “silly ex” etc that are hotter topics and are repeatedly telecasted on TV. Get a life!

  • Love u king akki proud of u real patriotic actor . Punjabi munde always pride of India .
    Haters are saying publicity stunt but some actor support Yakub Menon we know his him .

  • Appreciate Akshay Kumar. One of the reasons I adore him. He’s always away from controversies and knows how to use his stardom for good.

  • External Affair Ministry ki jai ho!!! Both in Airlift film and real life…Akshay paji is a hero.

  • Really wonderful Akshay sir! Congrats for being a part of such an elite program. We are proud of you sir and waiting for your next film Rustom

  • It’s just for publicity. ..He didn’t say a word when Indians were stuck in Iraq seriya. .but now becoming patriotic when Rustom is about to release. ….fake patriotism. …publicity hungry just like srk. ….srk also did some cheap publicity stunts when his mnik was releasing. …..

    publicity hungry. ..akki and srk

  • Very glad to see all those people returning from those war torn areas to their homeland.

    Good job Akshay !!!!

    Unfortunately stars are expected to contribute towards the betterment of people/society and when some do that, they are accused to be doing that for publicity. Anyways they should continue such good efforts no matter what others say.

  • I think srk is fucking hrithik because the daily classes of how to give fake reports reached by hrithik to srk is not performing well. He forgotten to manipulate the FAN’s collection and in Dilwale too!!! List of srk movies which he has done manipulation which he learnt from hrithik –
    Happy New Year First day – 44.97 ; real – 36.26
    Happy New Year life time collection – 204; real- 186
    KKKG life time collection – 47 crores, real – 32 crores
    That’s why hrithik and srk always do ghaplabaji in their movies coz they know they can’t did huge collections so they give fake figures!!!! They should learn from Salman that his producer figure is less than trade figures in SULTAN!!!!!!!

  • look at some fools barking against akshay , i bet if in this situation akshay wouldn’t have said anything same people would have said look akshay made airlift movie but not doing anything when it happen in real.

  • @indicine team:i sincerely request u to block this floppys comments atleast in d article like d aboue one.such a disgusting guy this floppy is.shame on him.

  • The promptness of two ministries – MEA and railways are truly commendable under the regime of Modi government.

    There are multiple cases where senior officials from railway promptly took action just on the basis of a tweet (Mr Prabhu himself addressed a number of complaints).

    Same is the case with MEA. Mrs Swaraj personally addressed a number of complaints/issues on Twitter.

    And we should not forget the contributions of Gen V.K. Singh. He has played a crucial role in the background of all foreign operations without seeking much media attention.

    Other ministries/ministers should learn a lesson from this trio.

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