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Rakhi Sawant marriage proposals : More than 13,000

Remember sometime back we had informed you of an opportunity to marry Rakhi Sawant and also appear on National television? Well, all the publicity around the reality show, Rakhi Ka Swayamwar,  has resulted in thousands of marriage proposals for Rakhi. According to the channel, NDTV Imagine, more than 13,000 men from all over India which includes Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Models, Teenagers et al, have applied with hopes of marrying Rakhi. Quite pleased with the response, Rakhi has

Rakhi Sawant’s Item Number for Krazzy 4

Sex symbol Rakhi Sawant has added another item number to her list. She has performed a sizzling item number for Jaideep Sen’s Krazzy 4. The song titled Dhekta Hai Tu Kya is fast in its beats and rakhi’s dance to it is just mesmerising. A treat for all the guys out there… Krazzy 4 is a comedy produced by Rakesh Roshan’s Filmkraft. The movie will feature two other item numbers one performed by Shahrukh Khan and the other by Hrithik Roshan. Enjoy this mesmerising item number of Rakhi Sawant from Krazzy 4.

Rakhi Sawant slaps her boyfriend Abhishek

A blasting Valentines day for Rakhi Sawant. Sawant humiliated her boyfriend in public. Apparently voluptuous Rakhi Sawant kicked out her boy friend Abhishek Awasthi after a bitter fight in which he called her by dirty names. On Valentines Day Abhishek wanted to reconcile and went to Rakhi’s residence with bunch of flowers and a teddy bear. He had also invited media persons to make his reunion public.