Rakhi Sawant marriage proposals : More than 13,000

Remember sometime back we had informed you of an opportunity to marry Rakhi Sawant and also appear on National television? Well, all the publicity around the reality show, Rakhi Ka Swayamwar,  has resulted in thousands of marriage proposals for Rakhi.

According to the channel, NDTV Imagine, more than 13,000 men from all over India which includes Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Models, Teenagers et al, have applied with hopes of marrying Rakhi.

Quite pleased with the response, Rakhi has thanked everyone for their support. She also went on to say, that the show has to taken very seriously and she hopes to find the right person who will support and respect her for the rest of her life.

From all those who have applied, Rakhi will personally choose 15 grooms worthy of her and will also take help from viewers via SMS voting.

Believe you have what it takes to make it to the list of 15? Click here.

On a serious note, this could well be one of the funniest shows in the History of Indian television. By the way, we wonder what happened to Abhishek Awasthi, after shedding loads of tears on Bigg Boss, slapping him on national television, Rakhi seems to have ditched him!



  • what a shame this is!!! those 13,000 unmarried guys r jus joining the show for fun…I would better ask her for tying a ‘rakhi’ in my hand other than making her my life partner….

  • wow…..thats so true and those guys r so stupid that just shows that u cant get a girl!!!!
    i dont get why those 13,000 unmarried guys r joing this stupid club………………and then after a couple of moths they r gouing to regreet this decision……these people need a life and fast no offence to them!!

  • It is an ordinary show! For public entertainment. Or maybe it’s true and will meet her prince? Everything in life can happen!!!!

  • y r u guys so anti rakhi…atleast shes nt a hypocryt who says smthng nd does smthng else…shes reached here with her hardwork…u cal it publicity stunts or watever….the truth is dat shes a gr8 entertainer,though she has her own unique way of entertainment!!
    it mst b a jst funny show bt u never knw she mite find her Mr.rite…wish her all the best

  • I think this is the right step which rakhi has taken in her whole life because all other pubicity was bad stunts for her….. but if you r celebrity and u think of peoples opinion to get marry. I like the whole idea. why shd not get married by public vote when u cant decide ur ability. I am with her if she really want to selttle down and who is not doing pulicity in film line. If abhishek and ash are not involving people in there marriage and showing there attitude ….. i think she is much better……… go on Rakhi i am with u …….. my best wishes 4 your marriage….. and thanks to NDTV to “Respect women for whom and how they are! “

  • rakhi sawant is sooooooo stupid girl,she just want her advertisement and this is the right way for publicity………..she is making fool to all indians .plzz…….dnt help her she is the stupidest one in all over india even all over world

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