Rakhi Sawant slaps her boyfriend Abhishek

Rakhi Sawant

A blasting Valentines day for Rakhi Sawant. Sawant humiliated her boyfriend in public.

Apparently voluptuous Rakhi Sawant kicked out her boy friend Abhishek Awasthi after a bitter fight in which he called her by dirty names. On Valentines Day Abhishek wanted to reconcile and went to Rakhi’s residence with bunch of flowers and a teddy bear. He had also invited media persons to make his reunion public.

But as he went on his knees and apologized, Rakhi, who was initially surprised, got angry and hit him hard on his face. She also asked the security personnel to throw him out of her sight. Abhishek did not shy away and Rakhi finally surrendered after Abhi swore on his parents not to hurt her again.

The reunion seemed possible and the spirit of V – Day was back in air….

Is this yet another cheap publicity stunt by the bold and outspoken Rakhi? Post your comments below..

Checkout the video –

Rakhi hitting her boyfriend Abhishek hard on his face in public




  • This certainly is a publicity stunt as it shows when she speaks to him initially and even when she slapped him he did not budge. if the breakup hurt him so badly why didnt he apologise alone why drag the media in it? Their personal matters better be solved indoors.

  • this girl is seriously stupid. Whats funny is, these so called “news-channels” take time in airing such baseless videos when people are getting robbed, raped and murdered all over… shame on the news channels i must say.

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