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Milenge Milenge Movie Review

In what could be Shahid – Kareena’s last film together, Milenge Milenge directed by Satish Kaushik (Tere Naam) has – very unfortunately -  been ready for release for over 5 years now. The Boney Kapoor produced film is a typical love story which was, years ago, expected to cash in on the popularity of its lead pair. Does the film have anything to offer? Is it worth a watch? Read on.. Immy (Shahid) and Priya (Kareena) meet in Bangkok. Both are total opposites, but one day Immy gets a chance to go through Priya’s personal journal and learns all about her likes and dislikes. From here on, he portrays himself to be the perfect man, just like how Priya wanted her dream man to be.