Milenge Milenge Movie Review

In what could be Shahid – Kareena’s last film together, Milenge Milenge directed by Satish Kaushik (Tere Naam) has – very unfortunately -  been ready for release for over 5 years now. The Boney Kapoor produced film is a typical love story which was, years ago, expected to cash in on the popularity of its lead pair. Does the film have anything to offer? Is it worth a watch? Read on..

Immy (Shahid) and Priya (Kareena) meet in Bangkok. Both are total opposites, but one day Immy gets a chance to go through Priya’s personal journal and learns all about her likes and dislikes. From here on, he portrays himself to be the perfect man, just like how Priya wanted her dream man to be. 

Soon Priya gets to know the truth and breaks the relationship. But by then Immy has actually fallen in love with her. Years later when both of them are about to be married, they realize that both still have feelings for each other. They decide to meet up, one last time, before they get married.

Few reasons to watch Milenge Milenge

  • Milenge Milenge does have a few heart-warming moments. The first half isn’t bad and the second while extremely predictable like most Bollywood love stories, should work with the masses.
  • The performances by the lead pair and the chemistry they share is good. Don’t expect a Jab We Met though!
  • Satish Kaushik’s direction is good in parts, the screenplay and the delay in release is what lets him down.

Why we’d suggest you skip this Shahid – Kareena film

  • Everything about the film has an outdated look and feel.  Shahid looks like a teenager, Kareena looks straight out of those court scenes in Aitraaz, the dialogues are too long and the costumes look antiquated.
  • Himesh Reshammiya’s music – especially for a love story like Milenge Milenge – doesn’t quite create the necessary impact. Infact the song and dance routines are hard to sit through.
  • The script is flawed. Many scenes make absolutely no sense. Its not clear when the two lead characters actually fall in love – why Priya isn’t aware of Immy’s real name – and in today’s connected world, its unbelievable why the two can’t track each other down.
  • The emotions don’t work either because of which the love story in its entirety fails to make much impact.
  • The film also suffers from melodrama, something that doesn’t go too well with the younger generation.


  • Shahid Kapoor is good but looks too young. He delivers a very sincere performance.
  • Kareena Kapoor is restrained and performs well.
  • Aarti Chhabria has nothing much to do. Sarfaraz Khan is okay. Satish Shah is good.Kiron Kher is decent and Satish Kaushik’s performance was enjoyable.

Overall, don’t expect much from Milenge Milenge. The film isn’t worth the price of your ticket and you’d be better off waiting for the Television premier or DVD release

Rating: ★½☆☆☆



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