Paagan Movie Review – Tamil

Movie: Paagan; Starcast: Srikanth, Janani Iyer, Kovai Sarla, Soori and Pandi; Director: Aslam;

If you’re a director under the assumption that comedy always works in your favour, then I’m sorry to break your bubble, it doesn’t! Debutant director Aslam’s “Paagan” is a loud and desperate attempt to shove comedy in the face of the audience. The film is blessed with some light-hearted witty moments, but on the whole fails to deliver a laugh riot.

The film neatly encompasses the relationship between the hero and his bicycle over the course of few years. Subramani treats his cycle as his significant other and spends every living moment with it. He uses his cycle and indulges in ‘the-best-way-to-earn-quick-money’ schemes with his best friends, Velliyangiri and Makali.

As part of their master plan, Subramani should fall in love with local millionaire’s daughter Mahalakshmi, in order to inherit her riches naturally.

The film never keeps you hooked and travels down a very slow and boring path. The premise has been revisited a million times in the past that you barely feel interested to sit through the film.

Director Aslam, former student of director Ameer, displays bits and pieces of talent but fails to produce wholesome entertainment. There are moments that make you laugh and there are some moments that make you forget moments that made you laugh.

The idea to cast Srikanth, once a star hero, didn’t seem to work in the film’s favour at all. Although, Srikanth plays his part sincerely, you still feel he doesn’t look apt for the role with his urban, debonair look. Janani, who plays opposite Srikanth, does her part quite convincingly and speaks her own lines.

Soori and Pandi who were entrusted the task to make the audience laugh only succeed to an extent and turn annoying afterwards. Kovai Sarla as usual is loud, nevertheless does justice to her role. But, if you’re an ardent fan of hers, you realise she’s been wasted lately by asked to play stereotypical roles that most definitely don’t suit her.

Music by James Vasanth is light and appealing to ears, while cinematography by Lakshman works well in capturing finer details of village milieu.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



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