Kudiye Di Kurti Lyrics – Ishkq In Paris

The Kudiye Di Kurti lyrics from ‘Ishkq In Paris’, starring Preity Zinta and Rhehan Malliek. Directed by Prem Soni, the music has been composed by Sajid – Wajid. The lyrics of Kudiye Di Kurti has been penned by Jalees Sherwani. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal have lent their beautiful voices to the song, with back up vocals by Neuman Pinto and Shazneen Arethna.

Kudiye Di Kurti has been picturized on Salman Khan and Preity Zinta.

Kudiye Di Kurti Lyrics

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Say oo yeah!
Soni kudi, soni kudi
Wanna dance with me (I Love Bollywood..)

Say oo yeah..
Say oo yeah..

Kudiye di kurti ki kena
O kurti vich masti ki kena..
Kudiye di kurti ki kena, kurti vich masti ki kena
Le sun le (Aaa haan Aaa haan)

O kudiye le (Aaa haan Aaa haan)
Le sun le o kudiye
Tere naina vich hai rehna
Assi karde..

O assi karde yahan pe elaan soniye
Ye jaan kardi jaa tujhpe
Qurbaan soniye (Repeat once)

Ho sun le ve sun le soni
Mere dil ki baat ve
Chhodu na chhodu main toh
Kabhi tera haath ve

Haaye maahi ve maahi main toh
Pyaar ki deewani hoon
Dil pe likhega koi
Aisi kahani hoon

Mera dil karda ve karda ve shava shava
Mera dil karda..
Ho Mainu sona lagda ve lagda ve sona sona
Mainu.. sona lagda aa

O Le sun le (Aaa haan Aaa haan)
Aye kudiye (Aaa haan Aaa haan)
Le sun le aye kudiye
Tere naino vich eh rehna
Assi karte..

Assi karde yahaan pe elaan soniye
Ye jaan kardi jaa tujhpe
Qurbaan soniye..

(I Love Bollywood..)

Kudiye Di Kurti Lyrics Details

Song Title: Kudiye Di Kurti
Music Director: Sajid Ali, Wajid Ali
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani
Singer(s): Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal
Back Up Vocals: Neuman Pinto, Shazneen Arethna

Movie: Ishkq In Paris (2013)
Director: Prem Soni
Cast: Preity Zinta, Rhehan (Gaurav Chanana), Isabelle Adjani, Salman Khan
Producer: Preity Zinta, Neelu Zinta
Banner: PZNZ Media Production
Release Date: May 24th 2013
For more details: Ishkq In Paris Movie Page

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