Yuvraaj Movie Review

The showman is back after two back to back disasters (Yaadein, Kisna) and the average Black and White. Disputes between brother’s and families is something we have seen in many Bollywood movies from the 90s, but Subhash Ghai in an interview said “although Yuvraaj has a common theme, the difference lies in the treatment, the way characters react to certain situations. The movie is about how the new generation react to family situations.” Lets find out if the ‘different treatment’ is indeed worth a watch.

Yuvraaj is about 3 brothers – Deven Yuvraaj (Salman Khan), Gyanesh Yuvraaj (Anil Kapoor) and Dyanesh Yuvraaj a.k.a Danny (Zayed Khan). The three brothers do not get along well. After the death of their father, Danny hatches a plot of conquering the wealth all to himself. Deven on the other hand, greedy for a major chunk of the fortune, manipulates his brothers, so that he can marry Anushka (Katrina Kaif).

But Deven and Danny soon find out, to their utter dismay, that all the wealth would go to their brother Gyanesh, who as a kid was treated so badly that he now prefers to be in the company of children only! Yuvraaj is about how the greed for materialistic things can destroy, its also about morals and love for family.

Yuvraaj Review

Ghai proves with Yuvraaj that he has not completely lost his golden showman touch! Few scenes have the director’s stamp all over them. But unfortunately Ghai fails in holding the attention of the viewer throughout. Part blame for which should go to the loose script. Infact the movie would have been a lot better, had the director concentrated more on the screenplay rather than making each scene look picture-perfect. A few unnecessary scenes which depict nature’s beauty add to the runtime.

The first half of Yuvraj has a 90s feel to it, which might not appeal to the current generation. The second half, filled with drama and emotions, works and the credit for which should go to Anil Kapoor’s, who completely dominates the second half with an amazing performance which at times reminds you of Hrithik Roshan’s award winning act in Koi Mil Gaya.

Salman does well in the scenes with Anil Kapoor, a much-better-than-expected performance. His look though lacks consistency. Zayed Khan manages to act at times. Katrina Kaif looks beautiful, no scope to display her acting talent, which is good because if there is anything at all that Katrina lacks, its gotta be talent in the acting department. About the Katrina – Salman chemistry, its barely a teaser, where a topless Salman is handcuffed (with a scarf) by Katrina. Boman Irani does well. The music by AR Rehman is good, but not up to the standards we have come to expect from Subhash Ghai films.

Overall, Yuvraaj is worth a watch in theatre if a story on disputes within the family excites you, a subject that was common in the 90s but quite rare now. Yuvraj is also worth a watch for Anil Kapoor’s brilliance and a return to form of Subhash Ghai, who doesn’t really manage to score a brilliant century but manages to produce a fighting fifty!

So I go with 2 and a half on five for Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraaj. At the box-office, the initial should be good. A lot would depend on word of mouth, which would help the movie sustain Monday onwards.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Average to Above Average

Other Notes – After Yuvraj the next big release is Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which releases on 12th December. I am sure most would be looking forward to that, atleast we are. We have received a lot of mails asking for a Dasvidaniya Review (starring Vinay Pathak) we promise to put that up soon. Thanks for reading the Yuvraj Review. Leave your comments / reviews on Yuvraaj below.



  • the movie was very boring.wastage of money …Anil kapoor was good not best…. Salmaan was also good not better.. katrina and zayed khan should have been thrown out the film…

    subhash ghai had put another flop film after yaadein and kisna and he will repeat it again and again…

    stop it mr. ghai… bohot ho gaya ab ramayan nikalo…..
    salmaan acting seriously karo… katrina hindi seekho..
    anil kapoor remove your chest hair…. zayed acting mat karo……

    its is a strict warning to all the audience please dont see yuvvraj on screen…
    watch yuvraj singh instead of yuvvraj…. rating:— minus(-1)/5
    if really want to see the movie go to hall after interval……

  • Total waste of time and money….. Bhiyaa subhash Khaiii kuch achaa banaa lo zindagi mein siraf average actors bananey hai kya…. bhaiyaa musical banana tha to opera mein kaam karo , movie kyon banatey ho…do char gaaney daal do movie apney aap chal jayegee yeh socha tha kya ?? bhaiyaa time doosra aa gaya hai. people are looking for something different … get some new and real scripts ..wo hee sadi luv stories…

  • I watched Yuvraaj today.. and I was “disappointed” expected a better movie! I do agree with you indicine team, it’s not worth more than 2.5/5, a loose script as u described, and Subhash Ghai obvisouly is “frustrated!” after the failure of Kisna and Yaadein, so he’s using some “tricks” in direction not to spend money on all the scenes which means that he wasn’t so confident that his movie would work at the box office.. and the tricks which he used in the movie is that he spent some money on some scenes and didn’t on some others!!

    The cinematography of this movie wasn’t as good as Yash Raj films, SLB’s & Karan Johar’s they are just different, better quality.. Dostana is a much better movie, amazing cinematography, a funny script, interesting scenes and songs.. but Yuvraaj, let me mention the negative points in this movie and some positive:


    1) Salman’s acting was good, as well as his look, brown hair, hair style with spectacles, his looks was nice in the movie and the focus in the movie was on Salman and not on Anil or Zayed.
    2) Katrina was beautiful in some scenes, but not in all
    2) Two nice songs
    3) The outdoors scenery in Pragu and Austria were nice.
    4) The script: a good story but could’ve been better, to show the power of the family relationships, when love between brothers win over the money and wealth.
    1) Poor direction.. it’s not better than “Yaadein” just the same way of direction but with a different script.. some scenes were good and some others weren’t
    2) Not a strong influential movie
    3) Subhash Gai is fooling the audience in some scenes! the scene while the family r sitting in a car, Salman was driving.. was shot in a studio!!! like some crap old movies!!
    4) Anil Kapoor played as a retarded and I expected that he’d make us laugh or cry.. but nothing of that kind of acting!

    The movie which doesn’t make u laugh or cry and never touch your heart in any way means not so good in direction.

    For me, best movies for Subhash Gai, old and new were: Hero the old one, Pardaise, Taal, Kisna & Black and White. ( and the best of all was Taal)

    A word to Subhash Gai: u must giveup doing some commercial movies, Black & White was a much better movie than Yuvraaj, so continue doing some serious ones.

  • its sooooooooo damn bugging… even d word boring will b less 4 dis movie…… even if uve got free tickets, dun go n watch it…… STATUTARY WARNIN :- watch @ ur own risk n only if u was loads of headache n it will b good 4 u if ur a patient of insomnia….. ULL LITRALLY FALL ASLEEP….

  • subash ghai n salman is back for a beautiful movie n beautiful music tu hi meri dost hai katrina kaif n full family entertainment must watch

  • its a season of sick movies ..after drona fashion and dostana ..heres another dud…these seasoned guys are doling out such crap? what has happened to their brains?
    what did subhash ghai want to show us that he hasnt already ? the city of prague? im sorry but i feel like killing this guy .. my rating 1/5 for this lousy crap

  • Well i saw it today,

    I like aniil’s actin and one song that’s it…

    other then that sallu bhai is as always depend on body show not actin and try to make scene hilarious but have to take his shirt off which is rediculuous… arreeeeeeee miya salman kuch sikho yaa, actor ko kapde utardenesehi actin nahi aati hai, i know you were very talent actor but what happen man/////////////

    this movie was not upto expectation……………….


  • except Anil Kapoor, nothing goes right for the film. My views … its an utter nonsense, hopelessly boring film …
    avoid it … or better buy a ticket for someone whom you hate the most …. i m sure it wud be the best torture for him :) …

    abt rating … well i m generous enough to give it 1/2 star ….

  • I watched this movie yesterday and found myself falling asleep time and again!!!

    What a crap movie, absolutely boring!!! Subhash Ghai has surely lost his touch.

    For those of you who haven’t watched this movie, please do not even attempt to watch it on a cheap DVD coz you will be wasting your time!

  • Beautiful movie.. B E A utiful movie… im a shahrukh fan.. trust me wid this movie.. nw im fan of salman as wel as shahrukh… i think a bit more of salman fan nw… havent seen the movie yet?? go die.. hang urself.. eat a poison.. a must see for all… Anil is good… hats of to ghai

  • This is the crappiest movie I have ever seen. Actually I should be honest here, I did not see all of it. It was so suffocating I had to leave in the middle. Salmaan ji your time is up. Please join some hindi soap opera (or Marathi if you fancy) as a father or grand father if you still need employment. Katrina is only good for posters where her lack of acting skills do not matter. The director / the script writer for this movie (who else but Ghai ji himself in both avataars) was on marijuana – I guess Czech sponsored -when he was writing the script. I really wish that cinemas have money back gaurantee so that if you want to walk out after the first 10-15 minutes, you get some or part refund.

  • Salman Khan is very good in movie also movie is good but i think sallu should be
    little selfish like shahrukh and just not do the movies only becoz the producers insist him
    as no one agreed to do now subhash ghai movie so as we all know salman being kind hearted
    did a movie if shahruk or akshay would be in his place they would never have agreed to do as they
    just look after theirself but i m proud to be sallus fan as he is not only a good artist but also a good person but salman do select films carefully But yuvraaj is good movie i liked it.

  • arreeee yeh movie ki to maaa ki ______ . yeh movie ka naam yuvraaj nahi bakwas raaj hona chahiyed .
    d only gud thing bout d movie is
    salman was lookin good dats it ….. & after dat i think anil & mithun acted well …
    in d end its a flop one ill give 1and a half out of five…………

  • Good points ::

    Good Cinematography,

    katrina looking good as a damsel

    Sober, clean, family film,

    no fijool actions, no comedy (?) or no dble meaning dialects

    pleasant foreign land shooting

    A way better than dostana, drona, Chamku, emi, or other recent garbage movie

    Bad parts::

    Somehow the film ended so quickly and suddenly , n’ unexpectadly, and movie seems uncomplete.

    Not ANY better at all than other Ghai movies like
    Ram lakhan, hero, saudaagar, taal, pardesh.. etc

    there is no substance in the story at all.

    Could had added little comedy in it, if wished.

    Could had added more turning points in story.

    Could have made it a little better if Ghai had watched,
    Kal ho na a ho, Kuchh kuchh hota hai, Kabhi Khushi,,, etc movies and had studied those.

    Anil has acted little better than salmaan n’ zayed.
    Boman has failed in comedy.

    Movie is average – Ok. – Just a pleasant- family film in today’s time.

  • After Golmal we ended up watching Dostana whew i wouldn’t mind making love to a skunk compared to watching this horendous nonses from Karan J. Finally today after a long wait watched the best movie yet from Subash Ghai in a long time, fantastic movie.
    Each and everyone has acted fantastic, the songs are mind blowing the filmography was awesome.
    I hope it does well, i love the movie maker and his brand of movie making, i love the songs and i am a big fan of the whole cast.
    I am not so sure if the movie would do very well in India and Indian Audience the story is quiet high over the head for most who love melodrama. I personally thought if he wanted to make more $$ it should have been more Indianised, this was too far out for most i would think. Personally i loved it and i hope he keeps making this genre of movies but box office and audience can be fickle, a movie like Dostana will make more money because people thinks its so funny based on the Promo and find out they got suckered into watching that nonsense. The movie and its promo’s don’t do justice to how fantastic the movie is. If you have already seen it go tell others to go watch this one so we have good movie makers like Subash Ghai churning out good movies like this and discourage friends and family from subscribing to Karan Johar and Dostana agenda. I can’t believe i fell for the promo’s and wasted money of that crap. I really feel cheated and wouldn’t mind punching Karan in the face for taking my money for that bad movie which sold with promises as a good family entertainment. Its neither funny nor is it family movie atleast be honest Karan, as a payback i won’t be watching the next 2 movies from Dharma productions which should be renamed to ADharma productions or Karan’s boys club movies.

  • Anil kapoor did marvellous performance,this is and average film and it may fail to recover it’s budget 2.5/5,Looking forward for Rab ne Bana di Jodi Sharukh is excellent in Haule Haule :P and Ghajini i already know it’s story as i’m a south Indian and looking forward for Chandni Chowk to China :P

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