Yuvraaj Movie Review

The showman is back after two back to back disasters (Yaadein, Kisna) and the average Black and White. Disputes between brother’s and families is something we have seen in many Bollywood movies from the 90s, but Subhash Ghai in an interview said “although Yuvraaj has a common theme, the difference lies in the treatment, the way characters react to certain situations. The movie is about how the new generation react to family situations.” Lets find out if the ‘different treatment’ is indeed worth a watch.

Yuvraaj is about 3 brothers – Deven Yuvraaj (Salman Khan), Gyanesh Yuvraaj (Anil Kapoor) and Dyanesh Yuvraaj a.k.a Danny (Zayed Khan). The three brothers do not get along well. After the death of their father, Danny hatches a plot of conquering the wealth all to himself. Deven on the other hand, greedy for a major chunk of the fortune, manipulates his brothers, so that he can marry Anushka (Katrina Kaif).

But Deven and Danny soon find out, to their utter dismay, that all the wealth would go to their brother Gyanesh, who as a kid was treated so badly that he now prefers to be in the company of children only! Yuvraaj is about how the greed for materialistic things can destroy, its also about morals and love for family.

Yuvraaj Review

Ghai proves with Yuvraaj that he has not completely lost his golden showman touch! Few scenes have the director’s stamp all over them. But unfortunately Ghai fails in holding the attention of the viewer throughout. Part blame for which should go to the loose script. Infact the movie would have been a lot better, had the director concentrated more on the screenplay rather than making each scene look picture-perfect. A few unnecessary scenes which depict nature’s beauty add to the runtime.

The first half of Yuvraj has a 90s feel to it, which might not appeal to the current generation. The second half, filled with drama and emotions, works and the credit for which should go to Anil Kapoor’s, who completely dominates the second half with an amazing performance which at times reminds you of Hrithik Roshan’s award winning act in Koi Mil Gaya.

Salman does well in the scenes with Anil Kapoor, a much-better-than-expected performance. His look though lacks consistency. Zayed Khan manages to act at times. Katrina Kaif looks beautiful, no scope to display her acting talent, which is good because if there is anything at all that Katrina lacks, its gotta be talent in the acting department. About the Katrina – Salman chemistry, its barely a teaser, where a topless Salman is handcuffed (with a scarf) by Katrina. Boman Irani does well. The music by AR Rehman is good, but not up to the standards we have come to expect from Subhash Ghai films.

Overall, Yuvraaj is worth a watch in theatre if a story on disputes within the family excites you, a subject that was common in the 90s but quite rare now. Yuvraj is also worth a watch for Anil Kapoor’s brilliance and a return to form of Subhash Ghai, who doesn’t really manage to score a brilliant century but manages to produce a fighting fifty!

So I go with 2 and a half on five for Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraaj. At the box-office, the initial should be good. A lot would depend on word of mouth, which would help the movie sustain Monday onwards.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Average to Above Average

Other Notes – After Yuvraj the next big release is Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which releases on 12th December. I am sure most would be looking forward to that, atleast we are. We have received a lot of mails asking for a Dasvidaniya Review (starring Vinay Pathak) we promise to put that up soon. Thanks for reading the Yuvraj Review. Leave your comments / reviews on Yuvraaj below.



  • A Complete Family Entertainer n A Movie With Good Moral too but little bit boring in few sequences . Coming 2 Performance’s in d Movie Anil Kapoor Steals d Show . Sal n Kat Performance was Good n Der On-Screen Chemistry Rockz. Zayed n Boman Ok . Most Songs in Movie is Romantic . Climax was Superb . A Worth 2 Watch Once in Theater’s . My Rating 3.5/5 .

  • Mr.Rohit – Ur Absolutely Right . It is Complete Family Entertainer with good moral but i dint felt bored in ne part of d movie . it has drama , comedy every masala which a good movie needs .Paisa Vasool . i rate dis movie 4/5 .

  • yuvraj is d most boring , sily . Money and tym waste movie. All crap.salman dnt knw hw to giv hapy and sad xprsns as both luks alike. Kat was lukng lyk aunty ji . Although anil ws gud . Dnt watch it leavng ur imp work

  • well i wil only say tht wht happend to the showman of bollywood… after kisna its another blunder of subash ghai…its anil kapor who holds the movie bit in 2nd half…else it would be a disaster of 2008.

  • it is not a good movie,i dont know what happened to subhash ghai after making such a good films like Khalnayak ,pardes,taal.Yuvraaj is such a boring movie and music is also not good,now about the performance “anil kapoors performance was good ,salman khan is a good actor but i dont know why he is not taking his acting seriouly,zayed khan is irritating ,katrina and boman was wasted. 1/5 Flop.

  • Dis Movie is an total entertainer . Acting wise anil n salman d best , kat has good job , boman n mithun ok . Salman -katrina chemistry was gr8 . tu meri dost , tu muskara , shano shano , mastam mastam these r d few good songs 4m d movie . . ( Due 2 Srk n Sal spat many srk’s paltu dogies they ll cum n bark ea all rubbish ) U Just watch d movie n its an gr8 movie ur single paisa would nt b waste .

  • Gr8 movie………..Salman rocks as always………..who say its not good…………if they say then they r mad……….Zayed has done well……………Anil is as always………….Kats the best………….Sal-Kat chemistry is really wonderfull…………….over all……………the movie is good………….a must watch………….i ll give ***1/2 star………….just because of good movie………..plzz go and watch it………….u ll feel it………..thats all wat i can say……….

  • Salman was at his best and so is Anil Kapoor. Sallu has performed the best from start to end. Songs were vere different and no run the mill chores. Each shot had a colorful look and was eye popping. kat’s beauty is at its helm .

    Kudos to Ghai. Wonderful. 4.8/5

  • Although I don’t consider Salman Khan as a good actor, but I’d love to watch it for Anil Kapoor, he’s a very good actor and his role sounds interesting also the script is new, different. Katrina is beautiful in the promo but her dialogue delivery was strange in the scene which I saw in the trailer! Is she acting as a half Indian and half british as she’s in fact?

  • I dont think it’s a flop movie, it’s awesome film it has something new to offer where everybody wont understand salman himself done a good job, Anil was rocking music was superb, so i think movie atleast deserve 3.5/5.

  • Well Movie was good but I am looking forward to Rab ne bana di jodi. SRK Will Rock The audeince
    Becouse SRK Is KING Of The Bollywood..

  • I Like Yuvvraaj it’s above average Anil done a very good job, and as far as Rab ne bana di jodi Is Concerned I am sure it gona be a huge hit of the bollywood becouse Aditya himself Directing it
    And The lead actor is Shahrukh khan & I am sure SRK Will win the best actor award
    He truley deserve to be The King of Bollywood..

  • if you not like the movie can not insult it by giving 2.5 stars it atleast deserves 3.5 stars.according to me i will give it 4 stars.
    music 5.0
    direction 4.0
    story 3.0
    acting 3.0

  • I liked the movie…….being 4rm the new generation I feel that they may not like the movie much but if you see it keeping the view of your parents you would love it………Salman rocks,he is my all time favorite……I like him more than SRK..

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