Yudh Trailer – Amitabh Bachchan

After sweeping the TRP’s as the host of Kaun Banega Crorepati, the legendary Amitabh Bachchan is all set to make his acting debut on the television screen in a fiction show directed by Anurag Kashyap.

Titled YUDH, the TV show is a a story of a man who is invincible. It is the journey of a man and his struggle with his collapsing health, his battle with business rivals and his complicated family equations. It is journey to emerge as a winner despite all odds.

Watch the trailer of YUDH and tell us what you think!




  • Amitabh is still hit on TV even at this age but our king failed on TV coz 4 billion people wanted to see our king on big screen so thet intensionally didn’t watch Zor ka jhatka

  • @Bulli

    SRK has iconic shows like Fauji and Circus to his credit. He is no failure on TV.


    TFS. Looks good. Seems like Breaking Bad.

  • In every article that I read in indicine,,i dont understand 1thing y SRK is brought in middle of everything,, whether he is related wid da article or not….jst disgusting

  • BIGB is just amazing as always in his emotional/intense roles,HIS acting is fabulous.

    @Deepu,absolutely you aid the correct thing SRK already gave a BIG HIT television how FAUJI,but amir/salman still not yet did that and they are only hosts some reality shows and not acted in a television show still yet,SRK also hosted KBC which was also HIT,so KING KHAN is HIT everywhere that also before amir/salman started to do that,lol.

    @hrehaan,bro I agree with you 100%,but what could we do.it’s @indicine who supported salman/amir fans 100% and posted their each and every comment even abusive also against SRK,someday before I just wrote my opinion about the guilty did by salman and suddenly @indicine members showed their reaction upon me,each and every day many salman fans are commenting against SRK,but still @indicine didn’t say a bit to them.that’s why I have no doubt even a bit that this site is running by salman fans and look how unfair they are doing.

  • oh nice, it will better than salman and goat face starrer pathetic movie… M excited, aamir n amit ji only gud stars

  • agree wid u bro @sss,, i lyk and appreciate evry actor,,, dey r unique and sucessful in der own way,, but barking at other sucess and saying dat der sucess is fluke does nt make ne sense… Ok u may nt like a certain actor… E.g SRK,. As ours is a democratic country bt dat does nt mean da u start trolling in evry article here in INDICINE,, wthr SRK is related it wid or not… U say gud or bad abt him in articles related wid him datz diffrnt mattr,, bt appearing and commenting in dose articles wer SRK is nt even in distant frame makes me sic,, jst annoying… Also agree wid U @SSS,, Indicine do take sides,, dey do follow double standards

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