Yet another complaint filed against Aamir Khan’s PK

A complaint has been filed by short filmmaker Ullhas PR against Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan for calling Delhi Police officials “thulla” in his 2014 blockbuster ‘PK’.

The complaint was filed in the New Ashok Nagar police station in New Delhi on Sunday afternoon.

Citing the example of police complaints filed against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in July, Ullhas said that if a complaint can be filed against Kejriwal for using the derogatory term then why not Aamir Khan.

“I saw the film on July 26 on TV. In the film, Aamir has called a police officer ‘thulla’ in one scene. Since last four to five days, I was thinking if a complaint can be filed against Delhi CM for using the same word then why hasn’t any police official filed a complaint against him, whose films are seen across the world,” Ullhas told IANS.

“I’m not a member of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). From this complaint, one thing will be cleared whether the central government wants to pressurise Delhi government or Delhi Police actually feels offended by this term,” he said.

Ullhas said he had earlier filed a complaint against Kejriwal with the home ministry after he called his government as ‘Kejriwal sarkar’ in advertisements instead of denoting it as “Delhi government”.

He gave DVDs to the police of the particular scene in which Aamir is seen relieving himself on the walls of Red Fort before using the slang “thulla”.

Ullhas said the police officials told him that they will take his complaint to higher authorities for further consideration.

Asked why he filed the complaint against Aamir only and not the makers, Ullhas said: “Aamir has used the term in the film. If police feels bad about it, then they have to take the case further. I don’t have any personal enmity against Aamir… Neither I’m a friend of Kejriwal. The law is same for all.

“I want to know why police hasn’t created an issue out of this. I want to see how fast the police will take action against Aamir,” added the Delhi-based short filmmaker, who had earlier filed a complaint against megastar Amitabh Bachchan for “not singing the National Anthem in a proper manner”.

‘PK’, which released on December 19 last year, tells the story of an alien who comes to Earth. He befriends a television journalist and questions religious dogmas and superstitions.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film, which also starred Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput, faced controversy earlier too for taking a snipe at godmen.

PK went on to gross more than Rs 750 crore at the worldwide box office.



  • I think this guy is retarded and if I am offending you in any way then you can file a complaint against me also. This is the height of media publicity a guy can fall so down to gain media publicity I didn’t think that. They are destroying creativity by doing such shameful act

  • Some records of Khans:

    Aamir: Lifetime India, 2nd Week, Third Week, Overseas, Worldwide

    Salman: 1st Weekend, 1st Week, 2nd Weekend, Single Day

    King SRK: HNY 1.25 crores on 5000 screens in China. ??

    On a serious note, every 2nd person in all over India calls Police officers thulle. Whats the big deal?
    PK is a fiction film, and those officers were also not real who were referred to as ‘Thulle’. So, no point fussing about it.

    Also, what about those police officers who abuse people, take bribes, where is their respect in that?
    But, yeah when somebody does that in a film, lets file a complaint.
    Chalo issi bahane publicity mil jayegi iss Ullhas ko.

    Ban PK
    Ban Porn
    Ban Vishwaroopam
    Ban AIB
    Ban Abusive words
    Ban this, ban that.
    Lets call India Banistan.

  • Ohh shit, I guess I offenced SRK fans in my comment, file a complaint against me also and ban me too.

  • pk is very offensive film.there were scenes which made mockery of god.

    aamir should sign his movies carefully n should nt do films like pk which hung our head down.

  • This is the height of stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arvind Kejriwal also called Thulla in one of his interviews so if you have the guts file a case against Arvind and AAP . If feel sometimes Bollywood celebrities are soft targets for publicity . Even common people in Delhi call policemen as Thulla so also file a case against those people . I am surprised to see a Short Filmmaker filing a Case against a Bollywood Actor . This is pathetic, disgusting and not expected from such creative people .

  • lol this guy is looking veer zaara type hero who spend 20year jail and then releasing frustration on megastars.

  • everybody calling them thulla in personal talk because they are currupt and only work for money. lots of inocent people get troubles because these thulla’s.

  • Aamir is one of the sensitive and great actors India has ever produced. He has a huge fan he must choose films carefully so that it doesn’t hurt someone’s religious belief. Why to hurt someone unnecessarily. Muslims Christians and others all will protest if something happens like this to them.

  • Pk a fun experiment film with a superb first half,poor 2nd half and a bad climax
    if 3idits not happnd then it shud hav been game over for pk

  • Oye teri !!!
    Hi everyone , and thanks Indicine for calling PK as my film .
    But in my opinion , PK is Raju Hirani’s film !!

  • As a struggling short film maker a certain mr ullhas ( or mr.thullhas or mr.thuglaqhas or whatever) wanted some publicity to be in the news , so what he does is he files a complaint against a Bollywood legend for calling a Indian police officer as ‘thulla’ in a movie , chalo mission accomplished , publicity mil gaya.

    By the way what does ‘thulla’ actually mean?

  • After some years people will realise they sa pk?????because they will realise this is not at all a film rather than a mission to insult HINDU RELEGION worldwide.

    shame on amir khan and especially raj Kumar hirani,because I never expect this particular thing from raju hirani and he proved with pk that he can go to that extent by using social sensitive things in his each films to earn money.

    1st of all with his 1st film he shown complete wrong way for medical students,with 3rd film for engineering students and in 4th film he slapped HINDU RELEGION,because there was much more such blind belief in other RELEGION too existed but raju/amir couldn’t see that.

    Well done Mr. Ullhas .these type of rajdrohis should be thrown out of India.

  • An inspector from Maharashtra who wrote an open letter to public who defended Yakub Menon also referred himself as ‘thulla’ instead of providing his name. If this word is really an insulting then that cop wouldn’t have used it for himself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is nothing but to gain publicity.. Aamir khan is India’s pride and biggest maga star of film industries.. Some infamous persons wants aamir’s name to become popular like srk did in his early days.

  • @sss Keep whining. PK did 770 crore WW,
    more than combined collections of CE and HNY, Srk’s top 2 grossers. lol

  • People who think Salman was nothing before 2010 read it…
    Salman’s clean hits upto 1999….
    2. Sanam bewafa
    3. Saajan
    4. HAHK
    5. Jeet
    6. Judwaa
    7. Karan Arjun
    8. PKTDK
    9. Bandhan
    10. Biwi no1
    11. HSSH
    12. HDDCS

    Total- 12 (excluding kkhh).

    srk’s clean hits of 90’s….
    1. Deewana
    2. Darr
    3. Bazigarh
    4. Karan Arjun
    5. Ddlj
    6. Dil toh pagal hai
    7. Kkhh.

    So, Salman was miles ahead of srk before 2000. Hope you srk fans use your little wisdom to understand 12 is higher number than 7.

    P.S- as per #indicine’s data.

  • This *beep* sss was really provoking me to write garbage about his idol, but I’ll resist that temptation. Some people just can’t digest the success of others, hence they go around blabbering trash.

    Raju Hirani will always remain an acclaimed blockbuster director whatever people might say. Waiting for 3 idiots and PK sequel!

  • in PK There is nothing controversial scenes that is hurting Anyone,
    they are trying to get publicity to promote themselves. As they are jobless and aimless.

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