Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Second Weekend Collections

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is proving to be unstoppable at the box office. The release of Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 has had little or no impact on its business as the film collected Rs 6.9 crore on it’s second Friday at the box office.

The 8 day total now stands at 113.5 crore and the film should cross the 130 crore mark by the end of it’s second weekend.

With unfavourable reviews and mixed reports for Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, and no major releases in the next two weeks (until Emraan Hashmi’s Ghanchakkar on June 28),  Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani will remain the first choice for moviegoers.

The film is almost certain to cross the lifetime collections of Salman Khan starrers like Dabangg, Bodyguard and Dabangg 2, and has a good chance of crossing the 175 crore mark!

Historic blockbuster, one of the biggest hits in Hindi cinema ever!



  • Ranbir beat all srk movie in just 8 and 9 days i think srk should take retirment and direction for ranbeer movie

  • I don,t think that is great collection because there is summer holidays so every day is holiday in these condition this collection is not so good

  • What is so special about the movie? It was just an average film.
    It may be an ATBB, but no one will remember it as much as HAHK, DDLJ, or 3 Idiots.

  • if i’m not wrong it’s the second highest 2nd friday after 3 idiots. that too competing with a big movie.

  • Grammatical correction:
    *In the first paragraph* It should have been “its”, not “it’s”.
    Thank you :)

  • Watched Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani yesterday & here’s what I think about the movie:

    The story is a common simple love story & nothing else. Story is too predictable and it cannot be compared to Director’s previous movie, “Wake up Sid”. I mean that was much better than YJHD. The reason for the record-breaking opening of the movie, as I feel is, Ranbir’s star power, huge pre-release hype, the ex-couple Ranbir-Deepika pairing and superhit music.

    1. The dialogues were exceptional specially between Bunny and Naina. Loved the way Naina argued with Bunny about his dreams & her opinion about those dreams.
    2.Choreography was too good. Badtameez Dil, Dilliwali GF are special mentions. But unfortunately Madhuri’s item song, for which I was waiting to see, has been cut off from the movie. I watched it here in Sri Lanka & I think from the theatre, to reduce the duration of the movie they had cut it off. I would like to know whether they had actually cut it out from the movie (I mean in India too) or whether it was there.
    3.Pritam’s awesome music
    4.Ranbir’s charm

    1.Second half was way too dragging. Specially that scene with Ranbir’s & his father. Those kind of scenes were good enough for hindi movies about 10 years back, but now I can’t digest those things.
    2.How does Naina change from a simple, non-sociable girl to a fun-filled character, full of youth, over night?
    3.Lack of fully established story

    Ranbir was good, but this is not definitely his best. He was way better in Barfi and Rockstar. Probably I have watched it with too many expectations. If one watches it with no or little expectations, this movie would be entertaining. I’ll give 2.5/5 stars for this.
    If YJHD could afford to be as huge as this, had Anjaana Anjaani released today it also would have been a hit.

  • one word BRILLIANT…Ranbir is already the new KING of bollywood…Shameful exit for SRK…Ranbir is the new Romantic Hero of bollywodd and the BAADSHAH of our hearts

  • This shows, how successful a rom-com film can be with catchy songs, title and star cast. In addition, Ranbir and Deepika are too popular among youth. All good ingredients to draw the current youth, the main part of the Bollywood’s fanbase.. As a Cinema fan, I don’t think the story was good enough to drive it to the 150 crores landmark and I’m totally surprised by the numbers. It’s mind boggling for a movie of budget 50 crores. It seemed like it’s a modern version of DDLJ. I expected a lot from it as it’s produced by Karan Johan and directed by Ayan Mukherji. Although, Ranbir’s acting was top notch once again, but his character was similar to Bachna Ae Haseeno.
    A good ‘entertainer’, with not so good direction.

  • I think u all will go mad after the release of dhoom 3 because everyday it will break some record and finally 3 idiots record will be left behind aamir khan started 100 crores club then later 200 crores and now ranbir movie making to 100 crore there is no big deal
    I think whatever collection ye jawani hai dewani make will be shattered by dhoom 3 in only 1 week

  • That’s d trailer only by Ranbir
    the full movie will come on 3rd
    both hrithik n ranbir will kick out
    the Khans

  • it is not a collection as we moving towards those film which collect 100 cr in 3 days and 200 cr in 2 week..just wait for nov dec……..sirf 2hit de ne wali actor yea kar saktha he to socho kya hone wala he is sal……rabir ka kissi bhi film abhi tak yrs ke top 5 grosser nahi he…top to dur ki bat…..sabhi superstar ka atlest 4 film to he ……superstar tag bohut dur he …abhi baccha he…worst movie i watch today…….people are really mad watching this crap even talash khiladi 420 ra one jthj like crap flop movie is better than this

  • @JM. Dude be little concerned about salman’s grammatical standing at boxoffice too. Bcuz ranbir had destroyed poor salman’s overrated grammar and spelling at boxoffice. Forget abt grammar salman might be finding it hard to spell ranbir name nowadays.

  • Race 2 did huge business just due its a brand value, Even damaal 2 record huge weekend for such a film due to its a brand value. Now dabangg which is a biggest brand was defeated by ranbir’s “YJHD”. That too with 650 screens less. Then how can be salman be no.1 star in India. I am still waiting for salman fans reasons. Do any salman fan had any valid reasons to put salman on no.1 position
    Acc. to salman fan : Why our salman Dabangg 2 was beated by Ranbir movie. Some probable reasons might be
    1. At the time of dabaang 2 release. Large section of salman fans were praying for weeks for movie success. So those people missed the movie in theater.
    2. Dabangg 2 was a remake of dabangg!!!!
    3. Bcuz of cold weather. So many people were fallen fever for 2-3 weeks
    4. Cricket match was aired in TV. Moreover India lost the match. So due to sadness most folks was not in the mood to go theater and get entertained.
    5. Christmas festival was going on. So most salman fans went to their family relatives and later got busy with work
    6. Film was releasing in just 3700 theaters. We thought wouldn’t get ticket so thought of watching after 2 weeks but movie got removed from theater.
    7. Most fans wasn’t aware that it’s a sequel. Bcuz most of them was in the impression that same 2010 dabaang was being re-released
    These are the expected probable reasons which salman fans will claim for getting defeated by Ranbir movie. If there is more to it pls let me knw I am waiting!!

  • Young
    U r absolutely right every day holiday in summer days bcz every year whenever movie releases after ipl had done great business
    Everyone compairing this movie with dabangg 2 and i just wanted to say that when d2 released that time india vs pakistan series was happening, gang rape in delhi so were cuming out to support victim and cold wave in north thats y d2 collection got affected otherwise movies could have surpaas or may touch 200 crores but still dod 159 crores
    I bet if any other actor releases that time mpvie couldnt cross 100 crores

  • @soroop You be waiting a long time if you think ‘you deserve an explanation’…! :-P

    In the meantime write up a dossier as to how a young brash kid like Ranbir was able to come along with a Rom-Com film and annihilate all Srk records and myths in less than a week…! :-P
    Now that will be worth reading if one needs to fall asleep quickly…! ;-)

  • @Anupama. Ur review was nice. I agree with all ur positives which u pointed out there but disagree a bit with ur negative points.
    1. Movie wasn’t dragging at all in the second half, u might thought so bcuz u were watching with huge expectation and was expecting extraordinary climax something in the line of DDLJ, perhaps that’s why u found last few mins dragging, anyway its ur thought I respect that. I would say, scene between ranbir and his father was very touching for me and as well for lots as boxoffice collection says that.
    2. Naina didnt changed overnight. Naina was shown as introvert not as cold or boring character. She fallen in love with Ranbir character blindly and crazy that made her to outburst her emotions.
    3. I too felt movie has ordinary story coupled with lot of fun and on screen magic between both lead star. So don’t these factor makes movie an above average fare?
    Movie was not on par with DDLJ or KKHH as story or music is concerned but is on par with those movie as treatment, freshness and acting department is concerned. And yeah one more thing, it seems ur a madhuri fan but have to say ur not unlucky to miss madhuri song, bcuz songs wasn’t up to the mark.

  • @soroop: Ask any actor to give 3 consecutive blockbusters in current scenario with any genre or any festival release or any number of screens with any number of open weeks compare to Salman’s 5 consecutive Blockbusters then ask reasons to Salman’s fans. The sudden emergence of Ranbir have hurt SRK more than Salman. So worry about ur king n dont bother about Salman.

  • Thanks Soroop & Hrithik for replying my comment. Whether good or bad I really wanted to watch Madhuri’s item number. Feel like shooting the theatre people to death for cutting off that dance.

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