Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani First Day Collections Update

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniWith numbers pouring in from all over, the first day collections of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani are about 5-10% higher than what was estimated last night (Read). The difference has been the business at single-screens where the film has exceeded all trade expectations.

At multiplexes too the film has done much better than what was expected prior to it’s release. In fact, the multiplex business at most centres is on par or higher than Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2!

A lot of people asked us if we were joking, when we published an article titled ‘Can YJHD beat Dabangg 2 – the highest non-holiday opener of all time’. But now that the actual figures from a couple of circuits are in, the film has an outside chance of crossing the 20 crore mark – to not only stake it’s claim on the highest non-holiday opening, but also double the first day collections of Ranbir Kapoor’s previous biggest opener Raajneeti.

Make no mistake, these are mind-boggling numbers for a film released on around 15% fewer screens than Dabangg 2! And while comparisons have only been made with non-holiday releases, the first day collections of YJHD is higher than most holiday releases.



  • Dabangg2 did 61.5cr in weekend , joined 100cr club in 6 days , 112 cr in 1st week n 160cr in lifetime INDIA .Salman all 100 cr films r above 125cr.Only three actors hv crossed 125cr-salman , aamir , akki.Only two actors hv crossed 150cr-salman, aamir Then the How the hell it underperformed ?

  • @salmankhan fan..haha your answer is like srk fan when ppl ask thar is flop.but the truth is that new superstar has been ppl make some noise for ranbir mega star..srk has been gone and now the turn of salman khan

  • dabangg 2 opening went down because of cold weather. but now you have to accept ranbir is a bigger star than akshay and ajay. he is only behind 3 khans and hrithik.

  • i have only 1 question?can salman khan beat non holiday record of yjhd with romantic movie.without masala and item songs.may he able to collect 120 cr. with barfi type movie..1 am 200% sure he can’ ranbir is no.1,salman is no.2 now..very clear

  • ^^ underperformed …coz it released on twice as many prints as Dabangg 1…and twice as big HYPE…..still it did only 3 crores more than Dabangg 1…

  • Dabangg 2 released in winter….

    As indicine reported at that time Dabangg2 collections were great in mornings but slides down in evening due to cold waves in north India….also the moment against the rape case in delhi affected the collections of D2……

    yes YJHD collections are great….but not to forget Salman’s Ready was the first movie to get Opening of 14 cr on non holiday….

    Now wait for Mental to release…. it will be non holiday release……

  • @indicine
    YJHD performed better in centers like Delhi.
    But when you are saying that it released some screens short than D2 then why your are not mentioning that at the time of D2 their was very cold wheater,Dilhi gang rape issue & india-pakistan match which affected night shows hugely.

    Any way i am waiting for final collections of YJHD to see where it stands infront of D2.

  • It may be a non holiday release but fact is summer vacations for school and colleges are still on which was not in the case of Dabangg2…..

  • Ranbir is the rising superstar. The Khans, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn era will last max till 2020. The the race will be between only Hrithik and Ranbir. They hav no current competition but Ayushman Khurrana, Ranveer Singh and Siddharth Malhotra may later become so.

  • Now Srk fans will fire keeping their gun on Ranbir kapoor shoulder to compete with Salman khan bcoz Srk is out of the competition now and also Srk has shoulder

  • @Komal i have also 1 question ? can Ranbir kapoor beat D2 non holiday record with action masala movie and item songs.I am 200% sure he can’ salman is no.1 now..very clear

  • @Sachin11 Ranbir will be like his father only can give few superhit and blockbusters like his dad, but he cant be a decade runner. Truth is always bitter, Even compare salman or any actor to SRK he is the only one who runs decades. That is not possible for any actor

  • Welcome to new superstar of bollywood and also a deserving one Ranbir Kapoor, no body thought that yjhd will do record breaking business, though its not confirm yet it break dabangg 2 record or not, but its definately new height for Ranbir.Congrats Ranbir and his fans. And relax salman haters with one record breaking business doesn’t mean that Ranbir is at par with Salman, as be a bigger superstar one have to consistant with making and breaking records and salman is doing consistantly just look his last 5 blockbuster each one is record breaking, last year Akshay fans roaring after RR That akshay is bigger than salman, but akshay next releases not able to collect 100 cr, hr fans after Agneepath but salman break that record with huge margin by ETT, srk fans after Ra one 23 cr biggest day collection at the time but not able to cross ready 123 cr business, so celebrate Ranbir success and dont dare to compare with Salman.

  • just d way u guys kept gun on Ranbir’s shoulder when he won filmfare this year and last year to compete with SRK as salman wont get it even in his dreams……but the fact is it requires just one movie for SRK to become the King of box office again…whereas for salman to make a classic movie or get filmfare?????????? huhuhaha(SRK style laughter)

  • And the post ipl jun weekend is always record breaking with previous releases of the same period Raajneeth, Rowdy Rathore and Ready all are record non holiday opener that time, and people are eagerly waiting for a big movie because since Race 2 no big movie released yaa there was himmatwala but people weren’t much interested in that and it failed, biggest strengh of Yjhd is the absense of big movies in last month, popular music, dharma production, Ranbir-Deepika pair too. Dabangg 2 also did great business, while there was 5 big movies released in 50 days Jthj,sos, talaash, k786 and dabangg 2. So at that time audience aren’t too despertate for a big movie and there was also cold weather and rape issue+ ind-pak match but with all this dabangg 2 did great business. But one thing is sure that Ranbir is superstar now and he is in league of Aamir,Salman,srk,akshay,Ajay,hritik.

  • YJHD’s box office collection indicates that ranbir is the most rising superstar in todays bollywood & in future he will take the place of 3 khans.

  • dabangg 2 with 3700 screen, 2 hours film – 19.50 crores (1st day)
    Yeh jawani hai deewani with 3050 screens, 2 and half hours film – 20 crores (1st day)

    Not to forget dabangg is a very successfull brand but YJHD is a new brand. Salman came up with dabang 2 with 4 blockbuster behind him but ranbir came up with YJHD with just 1 superhit behind him still YJHD beat dabangg 2 opening!!!. Now salman fan can easily say salman is no.1 to no. 20.

  • amit sir has ruled bollywood for longest and he is the only god of bollywood. even now at this age he is up there on top . nobody can and nobody would ever come close to him. But this next decade would belong to ranbeer kappor thats for sure :)

  • Eff this movie collected 120 cr then what??? ett does’nt mean anything, bcz from 2009 salman khan films had collected above 100 crore…… with blockbuster label…..

  • Dear salman fans

    If u can remember Dabangg released during cold waves, which impacted its 1st day night collections, then how can you ignore the same north India is under strong heat wave these days which is also impacting day time business.

    well fuinal ! day figure of YJHD has surpassed Dabangg2.

  • @soroop: when did u become Ranbir fan? u ditched srk? as my friend @Navin said srkians will use Ranbir’s shoulder to shoot against Salman coz srk is aged n got an injured shoulder. Being Salman Khan fan, I am happy a young hard working actor like Ranbir (though I am not his fan) is trying to match Salman (it will take ages for Ranbir to reach Salman’s stardom, just 1 movie collection cannot consider as Ranbir defeats Salman.Lets wait for Life time collections of YJHD n then talk about it). Last but not least, srk no longer in competition now he is just a spectator. The real players are Hrithik, Aamir, Akshay n now Ranbir agsinst 1 man Army called SALMAN KHAN the MEGASTAR. Let anyone from above give 5 consecutive Blockbusters with any genre n with any festival or maximum screens with open weeks until then there is no threat to Salman Khan position!!!!!

  • @hrithik dear. I am SRK fan and i would appreciate any actors star power be it salman, ranbir or aamir or hrithik. Ranbir movie collected more than dabangg 2, It’s a fact. What surprised me is screen count. Yaar 3700 for dabangg2 and 3050 for YJHD. If YJHD released in holiday weekend then it would have collected 35 crs. Now u ppl can easily say salman is no.1 to no.25

  • YJHD looking another DDLJ. When DDLJ was released on 1995 nobody thought that it could be a blockbuster hit. Same thing heppening with YJHD. Before releasing YJHD almost nobody thought that it can beat dabangg 2 frist day opening record. But it did. Now we have to see can YJHD beats dabangg 2 total box office collection?

  • @hrithik, Navin didn’t said that srkians use ranbir shoulder to shoot against salman. It’s sachin11 said. Can’t you read?

  • Even with 15% less screens it beat dabangg is the best.Looks like BADTAMEEZ ranbir ne PICHKATRI maar ke sab hero ko KABIRA FAKIRA kar diya.i’m gonna dump my DILLIWALI GIRLFRIEND for deepika and buy her expensive GHAGRA.SUBHANALLAH…SUBHANALLA…bahut acha film banaya hai ayan mukerji ne.

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