Yash Raj Films: Highest opening day collections

Yash Raj Films’ might be one of the biggest banners in the country, but they are highly reliant on top stars to give their films a good initial at the box office.

Even though the banner has released 27 films in 8 years since the release of one of their biggest blockbusters Dhoom 2 (2006), the film continues to take the No 8 spot in the list.

Two of the most dominant forces in the industry, Aamir and Salman take the top two spots – Dhoom 3 (2013) is their biggest opener of all-time, followed by Ek Tha Tiger (2012). Gunday has replaced Jab Tak Hai Jaan to take the 3rd spot.

Check out the full list below.

  • Dhoom 3 – 36.22 cr
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 32.92 cr
  • Gunday – 16.12 cr
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 15.23 cr
  • Mere Brother Ki Dulhan – 7.25 cr
  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 6.8 cr
  • Shuddh Desi Romance – 6.45 cr
  • Dhoom 2 – 5.83 cr
  • New York – 5.7 cr
  • Bachna Ae Haseeno – 4.95 cr


  • YRF is undoubtedly the biggest production house in India followed by Dharma. Aditya Chopra is the most influential producer.

  • Classic films from yashraj banner
    1 ddlj
    2 dtph
    3 mohabatain
    4 veer zara
    5 Hum tum
    6 Salam namastey
    7 fanna
    8 cdi
    9 rab ne bana di jodi
    10 jthj

  • @arijit srk gave bigger openning with out yrf,
    ra1 19cr
    ce 33.5cr
    hny 35cr if diwali day, 45cr if next day after diwali

  • Happy New Year boxoffice pridiction by romance
    domestic 300cr plus
    oversease 30$ million
    verdict ATBB
    note: romance pridiction always comes true expect k3, but bang bang can’t cross 100cr, because romance is always rite

  • So the newcomers betters king Khan. Lol.

    SRK fans already shaking and gving some crap classic list. Lol.

    most of negatives abt gunday bring spread by these fans

    Ranveer maari entryaan srkians ki baji ghantiyan…..tring tring tring…..lol

    gunday is a salute to the 70s action entertainment….and with an added zing of style in the end attributed to the biggest superstar of this generation – Salman Khan.

    srkians cannot stand that hence all negativism.

    kab sudrogey re srkians?

  • @JC ranveer singh ramleela collected more thn ur sallu bhai jai ho both india and overseas…ask sallu bhai to giv 20 mn overseas before retirement…

  • @jc Jthj release in diwali day in 2500screen clash with poular gener at that time massala film sos, but still do 15cr which is huge, 2nd day jthj did 20cr but flop ho did 17cr in 4500screen Lol

  • @jc compare jai ho first day and gunday first day if u cant satisfy then compare ramleela vs jai ho last 6 months then u came to know kiski ghanti baj chuki hai…

  • wow even ranveer singh has beaten srk.srk should retire now ce was blockbuster because of dp.rohit shetty now hny will be a big disaster.

  • I don’t want to say anything! The list by Indicine here says it all! Thanks Indicine!

    But I can clearly see some kinda Haakla-ing in the comments by SRK fans. Now, they are coming out with some lame excuses. I am ROFLing….

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, a classic! LMAO! In the movie, a sensible and well-educated woman is unable to recognize her own husband merely because he shaved his moustache and changed hairstyle!! Even though they do so many dances together! Classic! hahaha!! Ironic!!

    When they talk about a crap masala films like CE, they don’t talk about class but only BO. But here, they are talking about pseudo classics by SRK. YRF must be grateful to Salman and Aamir for giving it first ever 100-Crore Movie and 200-Crore Movie respectively.

    We have never said Salman rules Boxoffice Counters of Indian Films overseas. SRK used to rule but he was violently knocked down by the perfectionist Aamir.

    @JC, I don’t think you are a Salman fan. But what you have said here is 100% true. “Ranveer maari entryaan srkians ki baji ghantiyan…..tring tring tring…..lol” Really Funny!

    LOL! A newcomer like Ranveer Singh has toppled the long-time YRF favorite SRK in terms of BO! Such a shame. Now, they are talking about JTHJ facing competition from SOS, which was a crap comedy.

    If JTHJ was good enough, it would have toppled SOS like OSO did Sawariya. But they don’t talk in the same manner about the numbers of odds that Jai Ho had faced prior to its release. They are seriously suffering from Selective Amnesia!

  • Ranveer Singh has taken the third spot (after Aamir and Salman) of all-time biggest BO Openings of YRF films knocking down YRF long time favorite SRK. History has been created. Way to go, Ranveer-Arjun!! At least have some shame now, my dear lengda star!

  • @rajkumar yadav jthj and saawariya both love story while oso and sos both r masala movies….and if u go in 2012 masala movies rocks and get hugh chunks but who wins ???sos salman also there to get down srk but who wins but in case of oso VS sawariya (many counts kkhh as salman movie but feel shame when up to sawariya….) OSO thrashes sawariya….
    And you know better kiski ghanti buj chuki hai after jai ho ??? jai ho cant even touch ramleela and first day of gunday just 1.5 cr less then jai ho…even after facing controvercy mnik hit,fanaa superhit but jai ho semi hit come with better excuse

  • After Jai Ho floped, we salman fans are talking non-sense on every page. we will compare Gunday with JTHJ which released 2 years back, but not with Jai Ho which released 20 days back. And someone has already pointed out that Ram Leela defeated Jail Ho both in domestic & overseas circuit. But still we will say that Ranveer is ahead of SRK, so what if Salman is lagging behind in numbers. Bhai doesnt rock. :-(:-(

  • The fact is one can’t keep giving BBs continuosly! Life is about ups and down. It was enough Jai Ho became Semi-Hit.

    Another fact is Jai Ho crossed (115 crores) the business of Ram Leela (112 Crores). Don’t forget the film was by Sanjay L Bhansali. By the way, Don 2 either did not as much as collections as Ram Leela did..

    Yet another fact is KKHH has Salman in supporting importantly role and has a long song. It was coming back of Karan-Arjun jodi. Sawaariya has Salman for two to three scenes. Yet, fine, let’s count it Salman was playing supporting role.

    But why did you forget Salman has also made a cameo in OSO? In fact, the whole Bollywood made. The song was the main attraction of the film. Period!

  • If Jai Ho flopped, it means that MNIK, Ra.One, Don 2 etc all flopped. As simple as that. Don’t come and say why they didn’t flop. In fact, Ra.One was a diasater. Red Chillies know how many crores were down the drain…..

  • Two of the most dominant forces in the industry, Aamir and Salman take the top two spots – Dhoom 3 (2013) is their biggest opener of all-time, followed by Ek Tha Tiger (2012). Gunday has replaced Jab Tak Hai Jaan to take the 3rd spot…BUT WHO IS THE PILLER OF YRF SEE BELOW

    These Are The Reasons Why YRF
    Productions Always Use To Take SRK &
    Why Was SRK Thier Favourite Boy….

    YRF from 1970-1980

    Hit-kabhi kabhi

    Avge/above avge
    Kala pathhar

    Avge/Flop Not sure
    Doosra aadmi (1977) Rishi kapur (Bobby Blockbuster 1973)
    Noorie 1979 Farookh sheikh


    From 1980-1990 YRF Was a Flop
    Production House with Giving 1 Hit In 1989

    1981 Silsila —————————- FLOP [Big B]

    1982 Sawaal ————————– FLOP /Avge[Sanjeev Kumar]

    1984 Mashaal ————————-Average [Dilipji/Anil]

    1985 Faasle ————————— FLOP/Avge [Sunil Dutt]

    1988 Vijay —————————– FLOP/Avge [Anil Kapoor]

    1989 Chandni ———————— Hit/Avge [Rishi Kapoor]

    But From 1990-1999 Their Fortunes
    Changed with SRK…

    YRF Had 7 Films and
    From That They Gave 3 Super
    Successfull Films(With SRK) and 4
    Flops/Above avge without SRK)

    When SRK Came Into Industry In 1992
    From Then He Featured In 3 YRF
    Films From 1992-1999 and All Were
    Superhits/BB , But When YRF Worked
    With Other Stars In 4 Films They Got

    1990 Lamhe ————————– FLOP[Anil Kapoor]

    1993 Darr —————————–SUPERHIT [Shah Rukh]

    1993 Aaina ————————— FLOP/[Jackie Shroff]

    YasH Chopra As Director
    1993 Parampara ——————– FLOP [Aamir Khan/Saif]

    1994 Yeh Dillagi ——————— According to indicine Above AVge [Akshay/Saif]

    1995 DDLJ ————————— All Time Blockbuster [Shah Rukh]

    1997 Dil Toh Pagal Hai ————SUPERHIT [Shah Rukh]

    From 2000-2005 When YRF Were
    Stuggling To Get a Superhit Film SRK
    Saved Them With Mohabbatien/Veer
    Zaara. SRK Worked With Them In 2
    Films and Both Were Superhits,..

    While YRF Worked Without SRK From
    2000-2005 Then They Got 3
    Hits , 3 Avgs & 1 Flop with HR…
    U Can See What SRK Gaved Them.

    2000 Mohabbatien —————–SUPERHIT [Shah Rukh]

    2000 Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai —–Average [Uday Chopra]

    2002 Mujhse Dosti Karoge ——– FLOP [Hrithik]

    2002 Saathiya ———————– Above Average [Vivek]

    2004 Hum Tum ——————— HIT [Saif Ali Khan]

    2004 Dhoom ———————— HIT [John Abraham]

    2004 Veer Zaara ——————-SUPERHIT [Shah Rukh]

    2005 Bunty aur Babli ————– HIT [Abhishek]

    2005 Salaam Namaste ———— SemiHit [Saif Ali]

    From 2006-2010
    YRF Started Thier Later 5 Yrs With a
    Bang With Fanaa Being Superhit &
    Dhoom 2 Being a Blockbuster.,,,

    But Then They Faced Numerous Flops
    Until SRK’s Chak De India Being a
    Blockbuster Which Saved Them From
    Flops Streak…

    But Again When They
    Worked Without SRK Again They Faced
    Flops/Averages Despite They Worked
    With Saif & Akshay[1 Film]…

    But Thanks To SRK Who Again Gave Them
    a Blockbuster With RNBDJ. But After
    SRK They Worked In 3 Films To End
    The Decade and Gave Only 1
    Hit and 2 Below Averages. Have a

    2006 Fanaa ———————SUPERHIT [Aamir Khan]

    2006 Dhoom 2 ——————BLOCKBUSTER [Hrithik]

    2006 Kabul Express ——————-FLOP [John Abraham]

    2007 Tara Rum Pam ——————Semi Hit [Saif Ali Khan]

    2007 Jhoom Barabar Jhoom ——–FLOP [Abhishek]

    2007 Chak De India ——————BLOCKBUSTER [Shah Rukh]

    2007 Laaga Chunari Me Daag ——FLOP [Abhishek]

    2007 Aaja Nachle ———————-FLOP [Madhuri]

    2008 Tashan —————————Below Average [Akshay/Saif]

    2008 Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic —FLOP [Saif Ali Khan]

    2008 Bachna Aye Haseeno ———Semi Hit [Ranbir]

    2008 Rabne Banadi Jodi ————-BLOCKBUSTER [Shah Rukh]

    2009 New York ———————— HIT[John Abraham]

    2009 Dil Bole Hadippa —————Below Average [Shahid]

    2009 Rocket Singh ——————-Below Average [Ranbir]

    U Can Clearly See That Whenever
    YRF faced Flops/Averages Streak SRK
    Gave Them The Respectable
    Blockbuster/Super Hitz

    From 2 Decades[1990-2010] They
    Worked With SRK In 7 Films and All 4
    Were Superhits & 3 Were

    But When They Worked WITHOUT SRK
    In 24 Films[1990-2010] They Got Only
    1 Blockbusters 1 Superhit, & 4 HITS.

    With SRK They Gave 7 Super
    Successfull Films Working In 7 Films

    Without SRK They Gave 2 Super
    Successfull Films & 4 Successfull
    Films Despite Working In 24 Films In
    Last 2 Decades Without SRK.

    I Hope Everyone Understood Who Was
    The Pillar Of YRF When They Were
    Struggling SRK Gave Them 7 Super
    SuccessFull Films & Others Gave YRF
    Only 6 Successfull Films From
    1990-2010. Thats Why SRK Is Thier
    Favourite Actor….


    DHOOM 3 2013

    EK THA TIGER 2012



  • only one person who have normally problem with RAONE verdict Mr AKS but may b hiding or leaving indicine bcoz of healthy debate with SRKFANS

  • @sam nice analysis.
    @beingsallufan rofl.. Ur comments r epic man.ur sense of humour is great.
    Please comment regurlarly.. After reading ur comments first I laugh foh 5 mins..lallu trolled

  • @sem, Kudos to you for your hardwork. Not all films of Yash Chopra is included in your list. Whatever the case maybe, Yash Chopra was like a second father to SRK.

    Besides, neither Salman had the biggest hit of his career with YRF nor Gunday is going to be 3rd Biggest Hit of YRF. You are having problems in differentiating Biggest Grossers from Biggest Hits. Salman’s biggest hit is not ETT but HAHK. Similarly, SRK’s biggest hit is not CE but DDLJ.

    Though Gunday has toppled opening day collection of JTHJ, it is not going to cross the lifetime business of JTHJ. So, it is going to remain as third biggest grossers of YRF. So, chill!

    @Pjp, Aisa Maine Kya Bol Kiya Ke I should mind my language. Aap Log Chahe Kuch Bhi Bol Sakhte Ho, Aap Logon Liye Saat Koon Maaf! Hum Kya Kisese Kum Hain? We all the equal rights.

  • @sem,kudos to your hard work and always like and lovie THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD SRK,GOD bless you always thank you.

    @bhojpuri yadav,according to me,JTHJ is the 2nd highest grosser of YRF,because this film suffered to bhojpuri sallu who did conspiracy with JTHJ by convincing ajay to release sos with it.did you forget that?what a shame?yes you’re right,YASHJI always treated SRK as his elder son also he said in public.both of them are hugely dependable.but sick minded people always degraded SRK but SRK is called KING OF BOLLYWOOD,no YRF nor DP gave this name to him.then how could you forgot sooraj barjatya 2nd father of salman.

    tu kaise samajh liya ki tu SRK fans se jyaada hai,salman ko wctor bulana acting ki beizzati hai.

  • @Raj Kumar Yadava : Jiyo yaar !!!! You rock man.

    @ sss : Salman ahead of srk – BOI. There is no If and no but. What if srk never came to Mumbai?? What if Srk had not done Baazigar? what if Yash Ji never offered Darr to srk? So your ifs will have lot of meanings so talk about reality and present not about what if that or this would have happened. Salman supported AJ openly and did not manipulate screens or back stab people like srk does for his own benefits !!!!!

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