Winners of Dhoom 3 contest for Sunday and Monday

The response has been terrific so far. More than 12,000 entries for the first 4 days of the contest. Here are the two lucky winners of the Sunday and Monday contest.

Sunday: Dhoom 3 collected 38.03 crore on its first holiday. More than 100 readers predicted that the film would collect Rs 38 crore, but one reader who got it almost right is ‘Rahul’ –  38.05 ‘carore’.

Sunday winner

Sunday winner

Monday: We opened the contest early and the response was as earth-shattering as the box office figures of Dhoom 3. More than 6,000 entires. Unfortunately not many even came close to the ‘actuals’ on Monday which was Rs 21.71 crore. The reader who came the closest was ‘Md Mudassir Mustafa’ – 21.5 crore

Monday winner

Monday winner

If you’re the winner of the contest – please use the form below to submit the following details: Full Name, City, Preferred theatre and show timing. Please note, that we can only book theatres listed on Thank you and congrats!

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  • Dear Indicine, I predicted 38.03 for Sunday prediction with different name, which is exact. So please check again.

    • Syed, there is one reader ‘Syed Abdul Quader’ who has correctly predicted 38.03, but he also has submitted two duplicate entires under the same name, so he was disqualified.

  • Dear Indicine,
    First of all, I am sure I didn’t submit twice with Syed Abdul Quader.
    Second of all, rule is to get closest to the actuals, so I get 38.03 which is correct.
    Third of all, there was no rule that you cannot submit multiple times.
    Third of all, for the winner of Saturday prediction you said there are two readers who got it right. As one reader submitted multiple times , he is eliminated. But here, I am the only one who predicted correct. So you can’t eliminate me and choose another winner.

    You can’t be so unfair here. Please once again have a look at the terms and conditions.
    My email id is “”

  • Congratulations to the winners…I hope the contest for 25th December’s collections will be more interesting mainly because dhoom 3 is performing above expectations

  • messy had predicted 21.72 for monday collections n there was no multiple entries by him. Indicine, plz ensure to give to deserving person.

  • Dear Indicine team,
    I have submitted the details.
    Thanks for the tickets.

    Just wanted to know how will you contact me(email/phone), as I have not received any email so just wanted to ask?

    BTW, thanks again.

  • Indicine team knows that they are wrong. That’s why they are not replying.
    By looking at above comments, I can see they evem announce the winner of Monday wrong.
    How can the team be so careless? We want the screenshot of all entries.

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