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Jai HoAll songs lyrics from ‘Jai Ho’, featuring the biggest superstar in the country – Salman Khan. The film also stars Sana Khan, Daisy Shah and Tabu.

Directed by Sohail Khan, the music has been composed by Salman’s favourite music composers Sajid -Wajid and Amal Malik. The lyrics of all songs from Jai Ho have been written by Kausar Munir, Sajid, Irfan Kamal, Danish Sabri, Armaan Malik, Shabbir Ahmed and Devi Sri Prasad.

The film releases in theatres on January 24th 2014 (Republic Day weekend).

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Jai Ho Lyrics

Jai Ho Song Lyrics Details

Album: Jai Ho
Music Director: Sajid, Wajid, Amal Malik
Lyrics: Kausar Munir, Sajid, Irfan Kamal, Danish Sabri, Armaan Malik, Shabbir Ahmed, Devi Sri Prasad
Singers: Wajid, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shabab Sabri, Himesh Reshammiya, Keerthi Sagathia, Palak Muchhal, Armaan Malik, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman, Altamash Faridi, Ujjayinee, Brijesh Shandilya, Amal Malik

Movie: Jai Ho (2014)
Director: Sohail Khan
Starcast: Salman Khan, Sana Khan, Daisy Shah, Tabu, Sabareesh, Ashmit Patel, Yash Tonk, Nadira Babbar, Bruna Abdulla
Producer: Sunil A Lulla, Sohail Khan
Banner: Eros International, Sohail Khan Productions
Release Date: January 24th 2014
For more details: Jai Ho Movie Page

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  • What is happening to music nowadays ????!!!!! First Krrish 3, then Dhoom 3 and now Jai Ho. This album now joins the flop list of A-list film music.

  • The same sajid wajid who did a great job in dabbang and ett,are disappointing through jai ho.some songs are even worse than k3 songs. Only tumko toh ana hi tha is nice.my review
    baki sab first class 2/5
    nacho re 1.5/5
    copycat 2/5
    tumko toh ana hi tha 3.5/5
    tere naina 3/5
    so,over all, it is 2.4/5.

  • when it comes salman everyone gives biased opnion….poor sallu bhai..armaan malik compositions r really good..

  • I don’t think d3 music is bad at all. .only d3 title track was a let down. .but malang,kamli,tu hi junoon were nice. .just listen those wid some interests. .you will definitely like da 3.

  • @X your comment is flop.Music of “Krrish 3” and “Dhoom 3” is good and video of Dhoom 3 songs r very good.

  • Who cares of “Jai ho” audio music bcoz when they will release the video songs of Jai ho then Salman’s dancing will make the same songs superhit.

  • sajid wajid are love the nain naina akhyon words. in most of there albums one romantic song should have one of this words exp surily akhyon wali from veer tere mast mast do nain from dabang tere naina bade daghabaz re from d2 one song from sos …..why???

  • A complete album of diverse songs! My favorite is Naacho Re. I know some Music by Sajid-Wajid is a bit repetitive. But overall, it is awesome! I don’t know what’s so wrong with those who are criticizing the album (without having proper knowledge on Music and lyrics). If we ask them which album was the best in the recent time, they may likely answer ‘the album of CE’.

    They like songs with nonsense lyrics like Anna Ki Tara Chasma Laga Ke, Coconut Mein Lassi Mila Ke, Tamil Nadu Mein Punjab Mila Ke, Lungi Ko Thoda Upar Guma Ke, Phant Ko Thoda Chaddi Size Bana Ke, Lungi Dance, Lungi Dance, Chaddi Dance Chaddi Dance……..They won’t like songs with meaningful lyrics like the songs here no matter how much you convince them. In fact, if you closely observe, you will find them they are the same people who have been deliberately bashing up Salman Khan and his films for years. There is always negative force exists but nowadays, this negative force has become too small against Salman Khan!

    To me, the best album in the recent time is the album of Ashiqui 2. But Jai Ho is a political drama, not a musical romantic film like Ashiqui 2. Music should go well according to the concept of the movie.

  • When the album of the Wanted songs was released, everybody (i.e. PR activists from anti-Salman camps and the fans of the self-proclaimed King) bashed it up. But public made its songs chartbusters. When that of Veer was released, they did it again and, this time, praised the album of Salman’s earlier movie, Wanted, to make their malicious attempts seem logical and rationale to the public…………And it is continuing till today. I am seeing here the same things.
    But how much you try maliciously, there are people standing for him. They will make this album a chartbuster album as well. You just wait and see.
    You, too, will feel the songs really good if you listen to them without any prejudice in your hearts.

  • Why can’t they make Music like that was in Chennai Express. They were really sweet and entertaining….Many have to learn from SRK movies

  • @BeingSRKFan, Go to h-e-l-l! Do u mean everyone has to learn from that LungiWala Thakur, the owner of the Chutiya Express (in someone’s else term here)? You guys seriously need psychotherapy!

  • Quite honestly I couldnt bear to listen to a single song of this album even after 30 secs, 45 secs was too much…! :-(

    Im not saying all bhais film of recent times have had 4 star musical offerings because Ready was 2.5 stars maybe 3 stars at best but this album is a complete damp squib as things stand right now…! Im sure once the videos are out then Bhais presence will raise the tempo no doubt but the audio as it is does not work as my brother from another lifetime ‘sachin11’ has already stated.

    For me I reserve judgement until I get round to hearing all songs in its entirety but no doubt the song videos and film will once again be totally dependent upon bhai’s broad shoulders, charisma and star value…! ;-)

    Bhai roxXxXx

  • All songs are best with great lyrics but some people dont like this songs because they love lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance…

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