Will Talaash affect London Ishq?

With Talaash now postponed to November 30th, the big question that everyone seems to be asking – will Shahrukh Khan’s London Ishq get affected?

It’s a scenario that’s quite similar to 2009, when Ghajini released just 13 days after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Many believe, if Ghajini wouldn’t have released soon after Rab Ne, the later would have gone on to be the first film to cross the 100 crore mark.

But a quick glimpse at the collections of Rab Ne; Week 1 – 42 crore, Week 2 – 25 crore, Week 3 – 9 crore, Week 4 – 5 crore. Quite clearly suggests that the film ‘did not’ crash even after the release of Ghajini. The drops were normal, maybe a little more in Week 3. We’d like to believe, even without Ghajini, the SRK starrer would have collected about 5 crore (at best) more than it did.

Getting back to Talaash and London Ishq, the later is expected to release on 13th of November (Diwali), which is 17 days prior to Talaash. A gap of 2 weeks is sufficient for most films these days, in fact almost 65-70% of money is earned in the first week itself.

What most forget though, is the fact that two other biggies are also scheduled to hit screens this Diwali – Ajay Devgan’s Son of Sardar and Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786. If those two films stick on to their announced dates, then, they are more likely to affect London Ishq and not Talaash.

Oh and Dabangg 2 is slated to release 20 days after Talaash! 3 big films, featuring all three Khan’s, November and December will be huge!

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  • @K.K.:aamir s jealous n afraid of srk that s y he doesnt choose the same day of L.I for its release
    he dnt have the gutts he never dare to release it on the same date
    SRK has the courage to release his films along with aamir’s films

  • always SRK d king dominates ur so called self proclaimed Mr.Perfectionist
    mela n main hoon na who won???
    shahrukhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    always shahrukh rocks with don2 n ra.one crossed grossing over 200 cr mark,shahrukh also entered 100 crore club
    saala aamir cnt beat king shahrukh
    the public gave him the title ‘KING’ n he deserves it

  • aamir s a big flop star SRK roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx always
    talaash wnt affect london ishq
    SRK is way ahead of aamir………………………………………..
    its a fact

  • LOL! What are you saying Indicine? If Ghajini had not released then RNBDJ would have earned 100 crore? HAHAHA! Its opening or first week or even second week were nowhere near Ghajini’s! Even Love Aaj Kal got better opening than that film! Please be fair and stop making biased hypothesis!

    Aamir Khan is and will forever remain the first star to cross 100 crore mark and start the now coveted 100 crore club!

    He is also the first and only star in 200 crore (nett) club! What hypothesis will you make for that?

    Talaash and London Ishq comparisons are useless because Talaash team has not finally confirmed the release date. So all haters can relax!

  • @SRK fans (especially Husseinou and Max)

    Aamir’s Talaash was voted most awaited film in all public polls and polls of trade analysts even before its release date was announced! So it’s a joke and utter delusion on your part to think Aamir needs SRK to get people talking about his film!
    And Max, it’s okay if you did not know Aamir before 2008. The Oscar jury did, international filmmakers and media did and of course, Indians voted him greatest actor after Amitabh Bachchan in Zee News nationwide Millennium poll. I pity your ignorance dear!

    Aamir’s Talaash teaser got record views, likes and favorites on Youtube without any hype or official launch events. So much so that it won 2 Youtube medals! Which no other Indian film has ever got! Not even your ”king’s” films! :D

    His own name is enough to get people talking about him. And he did unique marketing for Ghajini due to which it broke records, he did not just use SRK’s name! Otherwise, why would his marketing make it to syllabus of IIM? IIMs know better than you ignorant chamchas!

    The fact that you guys are yakking so much even before its release date was fixed, shows how scared you are of Aamir! And scared of the 2008 repeat! Aamir has always won clashes be it with Sunny Deol in 90s or now with any other actor. Rather YRF would be begging him to shift release date so that SRK can return to his position after losing it with Ra One and Don 2!

    And Talaash is not similar to Kahani. Those were rumours which were laid to rest by Reema Kagti herself. And similar rumours were there for SRK’s Ra One also when it was postponed from June to October in 2011, of it being similar to Robot. Such rumours mean nothing.

    Aamir is busy with the TV show he is producing and hosting. So he postponed Talaash. And his show will rock!

  • @Ramya aamir’s talaash teaser got record views but now d rating has cm down
    HAHAHA…bt don 2 teaser ratings didnt go down thatmuch quickly,and if Ghjini wasnt released,RBDJ would have easily crossed 100 cr,n dnt tease SRK movies got more review than ur ‘perfectionist’ movies
    mangal pandey was released with don n its first day,first week,2nd week or even 3rd week collections were nowhere near Don n Aamir needs SRK’s name for his movies to get attention in public definitely n he s doing d same now also
    n don 2 also got record reviews,like n favourites on youtube n Don 2 was voted as d most awaited movie of d year 2011…

  • All is wellll….. Let’s SRK Come first with Yashji’s film and rockkkk…followed by Aamir and salmu….

  • king khan all time sucess……….har maa ka dil mem raj beta hooga……….srk is made in heaven …….but salman and aamir is made in flops………king khan ko race karna muzhkil he nahi naamumkin hey….we are waiting for another ddlj………

  • Waise shahrukh aur amir dono hi acche hain par is baar shahrukh ka palada bhari hah…talash bhi chalegi par uske trailer kuch khaas nahi lage…upar se shahrukh aur katrina ek saath aur shahrukh toh king of romance jo hum ddlj aur kuch kuch hota hai mein dekh chuke hain….so mujhe lagta hai amir ko date preponed kar leni chahiye…postponed na karein kyunki dabangg 2 is ther….

  • talaash wiil definately effect london ishq bcoz aamir is giving all time blockbusters n srk is giving only hits.currently aamir is much bigger than srk.

  • 1st bollywood movie to gross 400 crores worldwide is 3 idiots n 2nd movie to gross 400 crores worldwide wiil be talaash.

  • Srk is the BEST…ABSOLUTELY..his movie will get SUPER SUCCESS in any which way…however Samir khan should postpone talaash to atleast first week of December. ..but still…srks film will be great…it is d most anticipated..cant wait for its release.. Go srk..u rock..we all love U :-D:-D:-D

  • all the movies are going to be effected due to salman khans ek ta tiger. It will be a huge success coz every body knows that he rules the boxoffice

  • i don’t know y ppl jst business of indian markets y not globally now a days films r releasing worlwide? u see if they counted worlwidee thn every1 look baccha infront of SRK! thats true u can analyz it by urself!
    SRK have all the ingredients to be a global superstar n he is acknowledge by globally!nobody is famous lyk Srk he had more fan than any1 else in this planet ! Amir ,salman,hrithik akshay sab apni jagah hai but SRK is something special hai naa ! think sincerely come on accept the global truth!

  • Guyzzzz………………

    Where there is SRK movie with YRF then it is rocking, dont forget their movies Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Toh Pagal Hain, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Mohabbatein and Veer Zaara, etc.

    London Ishq is not a comedy, nor action nor thriller, it is an emotional story and it will be blockbuster.

    If Aamir wants to compete with SRK, then I should tell that Aamir and SRK should wait for Salman’s Dabangg 2 then the real fighting will start.

    I am sure that Dabangg 2 will be the highest in India.

    London Ishq will be highest in London.

    Talaash will be no more when all the 3 Khans will come together.

    But this year Dabangg 2 and London Ishq will get highest amount from India and London and Talaash will have to depend on Luck.

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