Will Talaash affect London Ishq?

With Talaash now postponed to November 30th, the big question that everyone seems to be asking – will Shahrukh Khan’s London Ishq get affected?

It’s a scenario that’s quite similar to 2009, when Ghajini released just 13 days after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Many believe, if Ghajini wouldn’t have released soon after Rab Ne, the later would have gone on to be the first film to cross the 100 crore mark.

But a quick glimpse at the collections of Rab Ne; Week 1 – 42 crore, Week 2 – 25 crore, Week 3 – 9 crore, Week 4 – 5 crore. Quite clearly suggests that the film ‘did not’ crash even after the release of Ghajini. The drops were normal, maybe a little more in Week 3. We’d like to believe, even without Ghajini, the SRK starrer would have collected about 5 crore (at best) more than it did.

Getting back to Talaash and London Ishq, the later is expected to release on 13th of November (Diwali), which is 17 days prior to Talaash. A gap of 2 weeks is sufficient for most films these days, in fact almost 65-70% of money is earned in the first week itself.

What most forget though, is the fact that two other biggies are also scheduled to hit screens this Diwali – Ajay Devgan’s Son of Sardar and Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786. If those two films stick on to their announced dates, then, they are more likely to affect London Ishq and not Talaash.

Oh and Dabangg 2 is slated to release 20 days after Talaash! 3 big films, featuring all three Khan’s, November and December will be huge!

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  • I think one of son of sardar and khiladi 786 will surely get postponed..and in the case of talaash.. aamir has once again shown how jealous he is of shahrukh..he could have chose any date but he picked the date right after srk’s film..talaash can diminish its business by about 10crores..but the main threat will be from the movies releasing along srk’s film..but i back srk to emerge as winner between all the competition (content of his film should be good) as he has done it so many times in the past

  • Its really a big fight now.Amir could have released Talaash may be in October or September too.But he’s jealous of SRK and wants to get in light when SRK’s film releases.What i think is either SOS or Khiladi 786 will be preponed.

  • I still believe as per trending of RNBDJ
    Week1 – 42
    Week2 – 25
    (If Ghajini was not released)
    Week3- 12-14
    Week4- 6-7cr

    it would have been touch and go 95-100Cr..as its net originally became 86cr after Ghajini’s release..

    @Indicine plz..confirm…Zoom says Talaash and London Ishq release the same..day..!!

  • and..Talaash is a very Multiplex and Class oriented film..as it looks from trailer..
    So it better not mess with London Ishq..

  • Or may be Aamir should have told Salman to release ETT on its orginally scheduled date june 1.and Talaash would have come on Eid.But problem is now Rowdy Rathore is releasing on June 1.This has all happened because of IPL.Otherwise these big releases may have come in March, April,May too.

  • If talash was ready to release on 1 june why has it been postponed to30nov.. a gaap of 6 months! Has he demanded some changes in the movie.. generally which he dose! After seeing the final print!

  • Amir khan TALAASH will affect london ishq but only upto 10 crores.the big problem is that khiladi 786 and son of sardar are clashing.these films should be pre or postponed otherwise all three films will be affected

  • Two weeks are enough to earn money and cross 100 crore. Aamir can reset the release date. He is now in good term with SRK. So he should not engage in cold war with srk. But I think Talaash will not affect much yash chopra’s film.

    @indicine, SOS and kheladi 786 will not harm much as you see the result of poll that u organised. Those films have less appeal than srk’s film.

  • lag raha hai Aamir ko bhi SRK ka ek Punch chahiye! tab uska yaddast wapas aayega ki uske paas pehle ek movie nahi thi karne ke liye producers unse bhagte the…..aur ab boli nikal raha hai……Saala SRK ka tukdo pe palne wale Actor (3idiot, laagan ko SRK ne choda to jakar ghar mein Rashan aaya nahi to bukhe hi mar jate)

  • Aamir’s film should release on 25th december as it is good for him. Otherwise it will be flop like Dhobi Ghat.
    London ishq will not be affected as it will get 17 days to keep its business on. And srk-yash ji’s films are doing blockbaster over the years. So SOS and K 786 will be avarege.
    Diwali is not good date for both Akshay and Ajay. Don’t forget Blue which was below avarage and All the best was avarage. How dare they are to compete with srk.

  • SRK’s romantic film in Diwali means blockbaster. More over it is yash ji’s directional venture. Katrina and Anushka are the co-stars, music from A.R. Rahman. Nither akshay nor Ajay will be able to affect it. Just like blue and all the best they will be below avarage. Aamir should set the release in christmas. He should not compete with srk. But it will not hamper srk but it may hamper aamir’s own.

  • I believe all three khans should release their film in a gap of minimum a month time, earn money why showing egos?

  • hmm salman is partying with gauri but shahrukh is enjoying honeymoon with katrina in London wowwwwwwwww Lol……

  • What if london ishq,dabbang 2, and talaash released on same day.iam sure talaash will be flop and srk-salman will compete

  • To-Amir,
    Waw ..now its clear that how much you’r jealous on srk….
    but if you want to clash with srk then you should realise your film with London ishq,then you would see that who have better fan following and who is more popular….always you do everythink like a nonscene…..Nonscence you and your scene…..

  • People who are saying Aamir is jealous but take it positively since only Aamir can dare to do this since he know he has best stuff…………………to sell. But I am sure Shahrukh never dare to do this i.e. to release a movie nearby Aamir’s release…………………. isn’t it?

  • In 2008 i came to know Aamir khan is an actor of bollywood after he used SRK name in every interview. Grow up Aamir

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