Will Mental be the highest grosser of 2013? – QnA

Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers.

Q. If ‘Mental’ releases this year, does it have a chance to be this year’s highest grosser? – Himesh Mankad

First and foremost there is no official word yet on the actual release date of ‘Mental’. What one is hearing so far is just media-speak though one can’t discount the fact that a lot also has to do with the PR machinery at work. That too is fair since it is keeping the film in news. As for it being the highest grosser of 2013, such things can’t be predicted till the First Look is out. No one could have expected ‘Aashiqui 2’ to be marching towards the 50 crore club. Having said that, top choicest for year’s biggest grossers stay on to be ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’, both of which have been in news for good reasons since two years.

Q. Is the decision of stars to do only one or two films a year affecting Bollywood? Is it good or bad? – Alisha Dhami

To each his own, though considering the fact Bollywood is still largely a star-driven industry as these are the films that actually register enhanced footfalls, more the merrier. More films with superstars do result in more jobs for an increased count of cast and crew since budgets are larger. This is why superstars (example Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn) who make 3-4 films a year result in added opportunities for an entire supply chain (production, distribution, exhibition and of course consumer). Ideally a top actor should be releasing at least a couple of films a year.

Q. ‘Ek Thi Daayan’ has done average business. Do you think it will affect Emraan’s next release ‘Ghanchakkar’ in any way? – ST

As of now Emraan won’t be affected since ‘Ek Thi Daayan’ was an offbeat film of sorts and Emraan’s performance didn’t come under the scanner. Moreover, he has done well enough, both commercially (Raaz 3) as well as critically (Shanghai) during last year to not get impacted by a movie or two not covering the distance. Moreover, he has an enviable line up ahead in the form of ‘Ungli’, (tentatively titled) ‘White Lies’, an untitled film with Kareena Kapoor and another one expected with Bhatts that would ensure that his place in Top-10 is secure.

Q. Do clashes between big movies on holiday provide free publicity and increase box office expectations? – Virendra Nath

Of course yes, you are right on both counts. With Indian audience known for being fan-crazy, a clash of biggies results in fans of clashing stars take it upon themselves to keep their idols in news, hence resulting in the kind of publicity that even PRs can’t generate. As for the box office expectations, that too sees a good rise as the best theatre chain as well as screens are made available due to the hype. Having said that, all these plusses are diluted to a good extent by the footfalls that are impacted due to the clash. Eventually it all evens out.

Q. How will Kareena Kapoor’s new films do? What about her film with Emraan? Will their pairing work? – Alisha Dhami

As of now Kareena Kapoor has two films on floors (‘Satyagraha’, ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’) and another (with Emraan Hashmi) which is expected to begin soon. ‘Satyagraha’ is a multi-starrer which means all gains and losses would be divided between quite a few heavyweights who are coming together for the film. Given the fact that Prakash Jha’s last two films (Chakravyuha, Aarakshan) were relatively dry, one waits to see how he has upped the entertainment quotient in ‘Satyagraha’. ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ should be winner though as long as it doesn’t go the ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’ way. Her film with Emraan should be interesting.

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  • I can’t say which film will be the top grosser of the year. Bt, I am sure it won’t be mental, if released.

  • Mental will be one of the Biggest hit of the year if it release in 2013…….
    Mental will not get holiday release so it will be tough for the movie to top the list of highest grosser……
    D3 & K3 will have great chance to top the list as both are releasing on national holidays……

  • no chance…………. It will be like Himmatwala of ajay???????? People are so bored of seeing south remakes……… sorry bhai

  • No doubt K3 & D3 will be top 2 films of 2013.
    But if Mental release this year then Mental,K3 & D3 will be top 3 with any order.

    If Mental will not release then their is chance for others,may be its OATIM.

  • “Mental” can be the highest grosser of this year if it has extraordinary action of Salman and powerful dialogues along with good songs otherwise “Dhoom 3” is likely to be the highest grosser bcoz of its powerful starcast,YRF,Dhoom brand,Christmas solo release,also no other big movie releasing in January,Pritam music,Aamir playing supervillian for the 1st time and doing stunts etc.Krrish is likely to be 3rd highest grosser bcoz there is just 1 reason to watch Krrish and that is Hrithik.

  • sallu is still searching a slot frm eid to christmas….but he is unable to get 3 open weeks……thats y “sohail uncle” is saying that ..”we still have a lot to do…..nd it can’t be possible in 3-4 months…”..
    now, somebody tell him..that if sallu had started the shooting for dabbang 2 in aug, nd still he managed to release it in dec., then y not mental???? reason is obvious…as soon as he gets those open weeks, he ll announce the dates….but the sad news for sallu-man fans is that, if, even, rajpal yadav ll announce a movie against him….he ll back-off….such a coward…!!!!
    nd tuteja ji….note it in ur stats….if mental ll release this yr….there is no chance for it in top 4…..bcoz top 4 ll be ce, d3, k3 nd ouatim 2…

  • 4 biggies of this year

    1. Krishh 3
    2. Dhoom 3
    3. Chennai express
    4. Minthal

    Krishh 3 will take bigger opening as it is releasing on sunday
    Dhoom 3 will come close second but seems it lacks masala element but will open hugely in mutiplex
    Chennai express will be huge coz of eid but clash will take it to in 3rd spot
    Minthal will be big if release on holiday else will attain 4th spot and have no chance of beating the other 3 biggies.

  • I predict dhoom3 to be this year’s biggest grosser followed by krish 3 and then mental. And sadly for old ugly CRAPster srk’s fans, ‘crap express’ will not be in not 5 this year and it is almost a given that in india it will not collect more than ready because of its clash with ouatm2. Rohit shetty will be repenting all his life for making a movie with the old ugly CRAPster srk.

  • MENTAL will be the lowest grosser ever in the history of Indian cinema.After watching MENTAL people will become mental.

  • Mental would have been among top 3 if released in 2013. We salman fans do not claim to be no. 1 always, our hero have enough BO power to thrash his haters n defy his critics !!!! Some morons claims their hero to be still a king when he is struggling to reach Super Hits. Lol

  • @xzone : ur srk needs the coward’s name to book screens n still loses. Loser king (srk) n looser fans. Your coward srk was waiting for Salman, once srk got to know Mental wont be releasing on Eid, he announced CE release date. Whereas OUATIMA release date was announced almost an year ago !!

  • same was said about 2010, 2011 and 2012……and the world knows what happened……never underestimate Salman.

  • There’s no way that’s going to happen this coming year, people are already fed up with his nonsensical movies. I think it’s best if he spend next year in taking some acting lessons, before degrading bollywood any further than he already has with his cult_classic movies.

  • after the single screen conflict over the CE and OUTIMA, srk will be the most hated person in bollywood. if he is such a big star why does he want all the top single screens for his film. he can go for a fare release.

  • @hritik….thats the problem wid u sallu-man fans…..initially…u all behave like u r the most sensible fans on earth…but when u find..that u r loosing the plot, then u start behaving like illiterates…..is it srk, who books screens in advance…???? if jthj or ce wud have produced by red chillies , then i cud have accepted it ..that he uses the names….but y it is beyond ur imagination..that these r production houses..who r responsible for that….means yrf for jthj nd utv for ce….y r u assembling srk in between….nd if ur allegation is true…then akshay is also responsible for that…bcoz balaji telefilms have also made the contract…that if anyone needs the right of ouatim2, then they ll ve to broadcast “ek thi daayan nd their 2 other upcoming movies”…wat abt that…???
    coming to ur “coward” ,”recreant” sallu-man khan….he had not announced his dates for eid, bcoz balaji has booked the spot an year ago……so, he got scared that his collections r going to divided…nd as all knows how insane he is, for collections…..so he backed-off….but look at “the king” mr. shahrukh kahn….he already knew that there ll be a clash, if he chooses eid…still he manged to release it on eid without fearing of the collections or screens…that is the real tiger…not like ur… just wait nd watch…..he is not going to release mental till next eid , bcoz he won’t find any open space till that time….

  • Hahahaha people think salman is srk whose film is just do 100cr business with lot of controversies and big directors and heroines.people was also say that in 2011 that ra1 will top at the boxoffice no one was excepted that bodyguard will top at top at the boxoffice but we all knows what happened it become top grosser by huge margin and also break all records.so haters never underestimate king salman at the boxoffice.no one can beat him.Now his fan following is become unbelievable,unimaginabe.

  • The comment at 5:47 is not mine,somebody is using my id,and i agree with the coment.but outima wil be in top3.because of class if there is no clash it wil be biggest grosser.last year rr came with very low expectations and made it in top3,this time outima coming with huge expectations.

  • factually speaking the deal is between krrish 3 or dhoom 3, they are going to put up extraordinary numbers at box office , mark my words !!! either krrish 3 or dhoom 3 is going to be the highest grosser

  • Salman is just lucky. He doesnot have any talent. he cant act, he can’t dance and look at his films dude, they are unbearable. He doesnot have good physique no more…he looks like a fat buffalo….

  • dont talk about a movie which is not releasing. the producers have confirmed the release on Eid 2014…so please chill..take a break. give salman a break!!

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