Will Bikini save Rani’s career?

Rani Mukherjee’s career has been on an all time low after back-to-back duds in the form of Ta Ra Rum Pum, Saawariya, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic.

But with Dil Bole Hadippa starring Shahid Kapoor as the male lead, Rani is all set to make a big screen comeback in yet another Yashraj Film! Why has Rani stopped signing films from other banners, noone really knows, but the talented actress who performed brilliantly in Black is going all out to ensure Dil Bole Hadippa clicks with the audience.

According to sources, Rani will be seen in a never-before-seen avatar, wet and wild clad in a Bikini under a waterfall!

Is it one of those desperate moves? Does Rani really need to go the bikini way to bring in the audience? Or did the script demand the scene? We wonder…

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  • was Rani the main lead in Saawariya? did Saif not act in Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic and Tara Rum pam pam, as well? was Laaga chuniri mein daag a reality that many can not face. did other actresses not have flops? Madhuri’s comeback movie Aaja Nachle was a flop. Kaajol’s comeback movies with her husband were also a flop. why is it then that Indicine is always picking on Rani. she has give so many hits. has Indicine forgotten them? Madhuri, Kaajol. Sridevi, Rekha, Tabu and Rani may have many flops. they should not alone be blamed for the flops. it is up to the audience to appreciate the movie or not. that does not make them less of an actress. i remember when Rekha was hounded in the same way by the media. give credit were its due. those movies may have been flops but Rani’s acting was superb. these are movies that you can watch over and over. was Rani the producer of those so called flop movies. indicine change.

  • Rani will definitely come back with this movie and She doesn’t need any bikini stuff to bring in the audience. Her acting will surely attract viewers to come to theatres to watch this movie.

  • absolutely….just like sandy i would like to request indicine team not to make a joke…..well this is going to be another big hits of this year….as rani is brilliant in her acting once again…

  • well its time for rani to stop working on romantic movies and start for mummy role…rani now change yaar….we want new hot faces for ur role….now…… all the best…

  • Mustafiz, does that mean that Ash (6 yrs older than Rani), should do the same. Do you prefer Kathrina, Kareena, Deepika…….

  • HEY HEY HEY!!! Ta ra rum pum was an amazing movie..okay…Great storyline, dialouges music and direction Oh & of course the acting was superb too.

  • I can’t say anything about this movie.. I’ll decide after watching it, but from the trailer, sounds interesting.. I was surprised to see a scene where Rani is wearing a bikini or a bra.. I don’t know.. but it wasn’t under a waterfall, like a shower, and Rani lost weight for this movie.. how many kg did she lose?

    Tra Ram Pum & Saawaria were very good movies, but LCMD & TPTM were boring movies.. nothing special about them..movies which u forget immediately after leaving the theater!!

    Indicine Team: please delete the comment of Freedom Fighter.. he’s not free to write whatever he wants on this website.. we don’t like to read these kind of language, vulgar, nasty.. what’s that?! Doesn’t this guy have any shame?!!

  • Fahad: Certainley I did.. I saw Saawariya 3 times in cinema, enjoyed it, loved the songs, loved it because it was something “unique” different.. it was like a theatre “alive” and different than any other movies.. loved the special effects, the blue shades with green which everyone in India didn’t like.. and I considered Saawariya the best of Sanjay Leela Bhansali after his movie Black.. I didn’t like his hit movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” lots of silly scenes in the movie but the story was good.

    From all those question marks with yr question.. I realized that u didn’t like it!

  • Well That’s correct I really didn’t like Saawariya….. The special effects were good but you tend to get bored by watching them being used again and again…….. The story could have been great if the pace of the movie was maintained well but I really think That Sanjay Leela Bhansali lost his way in between….. It was a torture for its viewer according to me…

  • Fahad: we’re just different people with different tastes for movies.. and I think this happens even when u discuss it with your family or friends.. while u enjoy a movie, they just hate it.. it always happens.. Saawariya is a cinema movie.. it’s a piece of art, as SLB confirmed.. it had a light love story but the purpose for SLB to do this movie is to show the art, how he’s a brilliant director and could do a movie which is worth watching only for the special effects and the songs..the movie didn’t require a great love story although the story was convincing.. a boy who loves a girl and dreaming about her but she’s in love with someone else and he fails at the end to win her.. the song (Jabse tere Nena.. that scene itself is a masterpiece.. the way they shot) I don’t know why some audience can’t sense the beauty in some movies.. don’t know why!! probably Fahad some of u enter a cinema and expecting the movie to be just entertaining, to hv some comedy scenes, to hv some action, etc. there4 u don’t enjoy such movies.. these kind of movies r made for romantic people.. they only enjoy it specially the youngsters who’re in love ( I’m not.. I’m a grownup woman and not in love) but loved the movie.

  • Fathiya: I think people still like to watch well made romantic movies like DDlJG, KKHH, RNBJ, Jab we met, LAK and subjective movies like New York, Wednesday etc. but the main thing is that the movie should hold the attention of its viewer through out otherwise now a days, people get bored very quickly and that’s exactly what happened with Saawariya… Espacially me, I am not very fond of watching the crap comedy movies with no sense like KI, Singh is King, CC2C, Welcome etc…. For me, the movie should be interesting with some natural actors acting in it….

    Anywayz, the question basically was abt Rani Mukherjee….. And I really wish that she does well in this movie otherwise She will not be able to make a come back in bollywood if this movie fails at the box office…..

  • Fahad: these r different kind of movies.. DDLJ, KKHH or KKKG .. romance with masala.. with comedy scenes, unlike Saawariya which goes in a different category as well as Sohny Mahiwal or Heer Ranja.. these kind of romance never please the audience coz they lack what they want.. entertainment.. so they don’t like them even if we could rate one of them as a masterpiece which is “Saawariya”

    I love comedy movies.. but not all type e.g. I don’t like Salman Khan’s comedy shallow movies but I enjoyed watching Biwin No. 1 & Mujse Shadi Karogi.. they were funny, but I didn’t like Bunty or Bubly for Rani althought it was a hit movie I assume!

    Anyways.. I’m sure Dil Bole Hadippa will rock the box office.. that’s my feeling.

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