Short Reviews of Chintuji, Three, Aagey Se Right, Fox

Its so difficult when 3 or more films release on a Friday and most members of our team are off for the weekend. With all of them being small films, there were no premiere’s (atleast we weren’t invited) nor paid preview shows.

Watching so many movies is extremely time consuming (10 hours minimum) and you’re almost entirely exhausted to put up full detailed reviews. Hence, some quick short reviews of all movies that released this weekend.

1) Three – Not too good, bad performances by all three actors including Nauheed Ali Sardar. Script had potential but the direction ruined it. Rating 1.5 / 5

2) Aagey Se Right – Good first half, pathetic disastrous second half. Shreyas Talpade and Kay Kay were good. Direction was good in the first half but what on earth went wrong post interval? Rating 2 / 5

3) Fox – This one was the worst of the four. Arjun Rampal claimed the movie is an “intelligent thriller”. Its far from it. Dont ever watch it, not even on TV. Rating 1 / 5

4) Chintuji – By far the best movie, or was it the mediocrity of the other movies that made this feel like a masterpiece. Its a light hearted, feel good movie which Bollywood has almost forgotten to make. Rishi Kapoor is the heart and soul of Chintuji. Dont miss this! Rating 4 / 5

So there, only Chintuji deserved the price of the tickets. Rest were utter trash!

If you happen to watch any of the above films, post your reviews below.


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