Why is Abhishek Bachchan underrated?

Q: Don’t you think Abhishek Bachchan is underrated, even though he has proved himself many times as an actor? – Rishi

A: Professionally, right from the very beginning of his career, Abhishek has had to carry the immensely huge burden of being the son of India’s greatest ever superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Unrealistically high expectations is probably the biggest reason why Abhishek is underrated.

The other big problem for Abhishek has always been that he has struggled somewhere in between. He could never attain the superstardom of Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor, nor was he as bad an actor as Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan or Tusshar Kapoor.

To his credit, even though most of his films have flopped, he hasn’t given up. He has stuck in there for 14 long years, delivering good performances in Yuva, Guru, Dostana and a few others. He was unlucky not to win the Best Actor award in 2007 for Guru.

Is he under-rated as an actor? We think so, yes. Will Abhishek ever be a bankable solo star? Nope, he has passed that stage and he knows it – which is why he is mostly seen in multi-starrers these days.

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  • very true, in fact the biggest reason for AB junior poor performance was the huge expectation of being a Big B’s son, in other way being a big b son helped him to get film since Refugee to Yuva, after that somehow he also showed his skills, he was superb in Yuva,dhoom,Bunty and bubli, Dus, Sarkar and Bluffmaster. His performance in KANK was good too, but except Guru he never pull off any character with required grace, in Dostana he was show stealer. his script sense also not good. and one more reason and i think the biggest, he doesn’t have any X factor which make him to connect large audience, he has average to ggod looks, not a dancer, not having physique, his acting is good but not extra ordinary. but there is a fact i am still one of his fan.

  • Even his last 2 hits, Bol Bhachchan and Dhoom 3 were never known as Abhishek movies;instead they were Ajay Devgan and Amir Khan movies respectively. Same is going to happen to Happy New Year.

  • Media underated abishek most, hritic n abshek both debut in 2000 n hritic was highly overated that time although now hr is underated, ranbir is little overated now but no doubt rk stardorm is more than hr, aki n ajay. .

  • Yupp .. abhishek became ma 2nd fav wen he delievered four successful movies back to back.. Dus bluffmaster etc.. His acting in dus was really commendable.. But he lost his momentum.. N unfortunately ma following too.. But still I praise him foh his acting skills..!! Guru was superb.. If chak de wouldnt hav released dat year.. He wud hav been awarded the best actor award.. Anyways all the best Ab jr foh hny.. N foh ur future projects

  • emraan hashmi is underrated too. Abhishek bacchhan getting roles in yrf n other big banners and hugely awaited sequels. Then why he is underrated ? Underrated means being a good actor, still u have to work with debut director kanan ayer(ek thi dayan) and 1 film old rajkumar gupta(ghanchakkar) and not so huge banners after giving 10-12 hits/superhits and 2-3 bb s e.g. Emraan hashmi (best actor with great movies like awarapan; ouatim jannat raaz murder series). Watch his movie the killer with irrfan khan.. Its just a superb movie.

  • Abhishek is not underrated. For an actor with no screen presence, average looks and dialogue delivery he has stuck too long. For a flop guy he has kept getting too much work and that too from prestigious banners. He may not match Big B but he failed to carve a niche for himself. Not even as an arthouse actor. He has never improved. Except for one or two good performances like Yuva and Guru he has nothing to offer.
    He kept getting so many chances yet never upgraded.

  • IMO one line answer should be:
    If Abhishek Bachchan is underrated, then every human being on the planet is under rated.

  • hny will be super hit just b’cz of Abhishek coz he did gr8 in D3, we know srk on diwali follow ready but failed to reach ready but he can do it now because of abhishek…. 40%+ collection of movie will do just b’coz of Abhi…. Bkra cant do beat ready alone

  • @romance:after knph,hro wasn’t very overrated. But he was hyped. But he deserved dat hype.making a film BB,creating His craze all over country,getting best actor award, having millions of fans and getting 30,000 wedding proposal from girls right from the first film is not a small thing at all. As of now,hro is a bit underrated compared to khans. And Yeah,RK is overrated by media.

  • Ranbir’s stardom is more dan hrithik? ? ?GROW UP PEOPLE
    besharam day1 wid holiday:20 crores
    krrish 3 day1 wid non-holiday:25.5 crores. HR has Both male and female fans. But RK has mainly female fans.RK looks feminine. HR is 100 times more gud luking dan RK.

  • @anupama, you are totally wrong this time. Yes Bol Bachchan was Ajay Sir’s film and Dhoom 3 was definitely Aamir Sir’s film but Happy New Disaster is out an out Abhishek Bachchan starrer. Because of friendship with Farah Khan, Srk was given a small role. Rest cast wanted to ignore him because he irritates everyone with his overacting.
    Happy New Disaster will collect max. 50 cr and credit goes to Deepika and Abhishek.

  • @romance disaster, you started again here too ? you and loki are worst haters of all time. Hrithik was rated perfectly when he arrived. He was a PHENOMENON as HRITHIKMANIA! All the people were waiting for Abhishek Bachchan’s (amitabh’s son) and Kareena Kapoor’s (Kapoor Khandaan) debut , noone was keen on Hrithik’s debut but after the debut all forgot who abhishek and kareena were. There was ONLY one name everywhere and it was Hrithik ! Hrithik,Akshay and Ajay are far bigger superstars Ranbir. Don’t make stupid statements only because you don’t like them.

  • i don’t know if abhishek is underrated but srk is definitely the most overrated actor on earth. talent is overacting but gets all free fame.
    @romance new flop, you are not eligible to judge the stardom of Akshay ! Akshay,Ajay and Hrithik are far bigger but your little pea sized brain can’t understand it. Ranbir is another overrated kid, nothing else. Ranbir is more talented than srk though.

  • I think Abhishek is a very improved actor now,though he can’t carry solo films coz he doesn’t has any following…

  • I have posted 2 questions about Gunday BO verdict and Lekar Hum Deewana Dil..and you haven’t responded to both of them..still hopeful of getting a response @Indicine Team…

  • Well about Junior B..he had a bad script sense because of which he tried to ape his super successful daddy..when he did movies like Yuva, Sarkar, Guru, Dostana, BnB I thought he was destined for more success..but sadly lost in translation due to craps like Drona, Dus, Players etc etc and went into oblivion..he was unlucky to miss out an award for his powerful portrayal of Gurukant Desai as 2007 had SRak’s Kabir Khan as well..he was superb in D1, Dostana, Paa and BB as well..hopefully HNY will resurrect him again..

  • He is definitely underrated if an actor gives so many flops in his career how can we expect he should be flooded with offers . Let’s hope that he does sensible movies in the future so that he can improve his success rate .

  • I think Abhishek’s fall started after Dhoom. John Abraham stole the attention and Abhishek consistently kept using his father be it in Bunty aur Bubli, Sarkar which were his hits. In Dhoom 2, Hrithik came in a cop vs thief franchise and took it to such a level that Abhishek became a side hero in a franchise where he was supposed to be the main character.

    There are movies like Guru, Dostana but the ratio of hits to flops doesn’t make him a commercial hit. Even Ranceer Singh has a better success rate than him. The burden of being the son of a superstar bogged him down to such a level that his performances look amateur compared to his talent. No wonder he needs Ajay, Aamir, Shahrukh to give a hit movies.

  • the reason abhishek is underrated becoz he is simply not good enough. no great acting skills, no looks, no personality, no screen presence, no physique, no dancing skills, no unique qualities or skills. so what u expect of him. the funniest part is he thinks dhoom series is all about jai n ali. he goes on n on telling people that the hero of the dhoom series is jai n ali n its a tale of their adventures n journey. lol how funny n stupid is that. he is nothing but a shame to the bachchan family. grandfather- legendary poet, father- legendary superstar, mother- big n respected actress of her times, wife- miss world, huge n a big actress n a global icon. abhishek is in the industry till now just bcoz of his father. he gets movies as most of the filmmakers are his childhood friends or due to amitabh bachchan sir’s name, respect n request or sympathy or most filmmakers want to keep cordial relationship with the bachchan family comprising of bachchan sir, jaya mam n ash. just look at ranbir how so soon he has taken the kapoor legacy forward n is now is a renowned actor n a huge superstar. whereas abhishek after so many years still at best is a struggler. shame on him. it just pains me to see him getting chances after chances with no talent at all n still being so arrogant. even ash married him bcoz he is amitabh bachchan’s son.

  • I want to ask a question:
    Does Shahrukh Khan really have 3.7 billion fans? If so is he the most powerful person the world has ever seen?

  • @nipun pg kid You have no idea about Ranbir Fanbase.Hrithik is too much controversial actor:krrish 3 fake collection effect&break up with her wife.don’t question about stardom :p

  • whatever hny earn in lifetime that becoz Abhi, other thing srgay cant cross ready, i bet abhi will act better than a overactor bakra.. Such a overrated… Bakra is nothing but just waste…. Abhi will Rock in hny and all credit taken by srk, hakalau buddha.. Abhi is far better actor than srk

  • I personally think Abhishek fall started after dhoom 2.
    So much attention given to hrithik. …
    And abhi became side actor.
    Amitabh sense it.try to overcome it.but that time hrithik was unstoppable!

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