Whistle Baja Song Video – Heropanti

The first song promo of ‘Heropanti’, which marks the acting debut of Tiger Shroff, is out. While the audience got a glimpse of his ‘action skills’ in the Heropanti trailer, the actor shows off his dancing skills and his fantastic physique in the song promo.

Whistle Baja is a typical Bollywood dance number, with catchy tunes and a pretty actress. Watch!


Song Video: Whistle Baja
Music Director: Manj Musik
Lyricist: Raftaar
Singer: Manj and Nindy Kaur Feat Raftaar



  • So far I like everything about this movie, but the hero;Tiger. Good action, hopefully good storyline, pretty actress, superb music, awesome dance moves. But Tiger, while working out for the perfect body he has forgotten to do something about his girlish looks. He should have grown a beard at least. His lips look more pink than the girl. Why tiger why? I am not offending, but I wish he will do something about it in his next movie.

  • Gr8 n Sweet

    Tiger will Replace Hrithik
    Varun will Replace Salman
    Ranbir will Replace Aamir
    Sidharth will Replace Saif
    Ranveer will Replace Akshay
    Arjun will Replace Anil

  • @anupama – you forget it took Saif a decade or so to get rid of his girlish looks n still today some think he is a girl…!

    Tiger looks young but with age he will naturally outgrow the girlish looks but for now he is the next big thing to hit Bollywood. Song was catchy n Im sure it will be a massive favourite of the masses.

  • @nipun its a dance tune so how can one expect a dancer/ actor to emote several emotions/ expressions during a 2 min video…? Your reviews suck n stop giving ratings on songs/ movies/ actors in future!

  • @loki moron:if tiger is better than hr ,than he is far better than srk also. Becoz a 5 years old kid can say that hr is way better than srk in physique n dancing!

  • varun -salman
    arjun -ajay
    tiger – Hritik
    imran – ? ? ? ? ? ? ………. abhishek

  • Tiger will replace hro? ? Hahaha. .joke of the decade. Where was hr of KNPH n where is expressionless tiger!

  • iam big fan of jackie sharoff’s 90’s movie and i liked him his acting althought now he is old and lost his stardom but i think Tiger will be next masala actor in bollywood.wish him all the best

  • @Navin, LOL! You rock, man!! Shreyas Talpade can exactly bleat like SRK does, man! I, too, feel Varun is the next Salman Khan!

  • Either Rakhi Sawant or Sophia Hayat will replace Srk :-V hahahaha ______ me uski ginti to hoti ni :-V:-V:-V

  • @nipun truth always hurts.
    You think Hrithik is the best, everyone else with different opinion is a moron, only you are rite.
    You think Lootera is a masterpiece, anyone who thinks opposite of you has zero knowledge, only you are mahagyaani.
    You think Krrish 3 is better than Lunchbox, CE, anyone who doesnt agree is moron, only you are rite.
    You are a 18 year old kid who thinks ‘what I think is the truth, everyone should agree with me. i am alone rite, no matter what anyone says what i say is only correct.’ Grow up kid. You are as equal as me and my opinion is as valid as yours. Tiger is better dancer and has better physique than Hrithik. And both are spoonfed.

  • Krrish 3 is not better than Chennai Express. It is scifi fantasy but still it copied from Xmen and other superhero films.
    All the villains were pathetic and lacked imagination. I know budget was less but watch movies like District 9, Pans labyrinth etc. Their budget was very less but their creators showed great creativity in creating villains, aliens and design etc. K3 doesnt have even 5% of above films imagination .Rakeshji was very lazy about creating original characters and simply copied from Xmen and others.
    Does such a lazy film deserve praise and acclaim? I am not saying CE is a masterpiece but Srk never claimed that it was great. It was meant for entertainment and it just gave that.
    K3 is not great, it simply doesnt deserve any praise, its just an average film with lack of imagination.

  • Alelele! !kid loki is dedicating his entire life in hating GREEK GOD! Grow up loser. .ce is better than k3? ?lol. What a joke? ?k3 is ambitious project unlike ce which comes in every month. But k3 is rare. All know about flop crappy raone.

  • I’m even not saying that k3 is a masterpiece. But it took bollywood a step ahead.it was hard work,dedication and preparation of 3 years.performances were great.it had many wow moment. I know it’s inspired somewhat from xmen. But you people cann’t deny that ra1 also somewhat copied.even many hollymovies are inspired from chinese and japanese films.so k3 has more plus points than limitation. So YES,IT DESERVES PRAISE. And k3 has what to do wid ce? ? ce is a just a regular bollymovie like dabbang,singham,rawday,gunday etc. .only a true cineloverwill love k3′.

  • @nipun ambitious? lol. It had zero imagination and all characters were either copied from Xmen or downright ridiculously pathetic.
    CE was never meant to be a great movie, it was supposed to be entertaining and it was. CE was pure entertainment movie like Avengers, Mission Impossible etc. They arent Oscar worthy, people watch them for escapist entertainment. CE was also a escapist entertainment.
    Krrish 3 was unimaginative, predictable, and had very pathetic characters. I liked CE better than K3.
    And talking about Ra.One, it had same positive and negative points of K3. SRK gave a committed performance, check Ra.One reviews every critic praised Srk acting in it.
    Ra.One vfx were better than K3.
    Ra.One had a positive Father-son bond message. K3 also had it.
    And despite negative reviews, Ra.One was a hit.
    Krrish 3 budget less than Ra.One. Ra.One was more ambitious.
    K3 was depressing. Ra.One was feelgood film.
    So basically Ra.One>>Krrish 3.

  • Acting Seekh le Shroff…..Yur Dailogue delivery is so fake plus lack that punch……Guyz brace yurself for a Uday Chopra…….Mr Shroff just has a Good physique….. Nothing else…..!!

  • @loki:you are a srkfan .that’s y u’re saying dat. Ask this question to a genuine person(not a fan of any actors) about ce and k3. They will definitely place k3 ahead. Also,critics rating says it all.
    Coming to acting,hr in k3 was way better than srk in raone.
    Entertainmentwise also k3 is easily ahead. Maximum teen agers and kids loved k3 more than ce. Also, adults are mature enough to understand a difference between a regular masala film and a much awaited and ambitious rare superhero film. I’m not saying dat k3 is best film of 2013. There were better films like lootera,bmb etc. But when talking about k3 and ce, k3 is easily ahead. You are a blind fan ,so it can be accepted by you. .all these rajeev masand ,anupama chopra,indicine etc are not fool to give better ratings to k3 dan ce. .

  • @nipun people like you force me to mock someone like Hrithik .. a spoonfed kiddo of papa roshan .. I wasn’t commenting here for months .. but people like you & other jerks around talking crap about SRK are forcing me to do so. Ya’ll are praising all other actors to bring 1 SRK down .. the answer lies in there itself .. who is superior .. rise above Hate .. Cheap people .. @navin @bihari & many .. I can’t even remember these dirty names.
    Rise Above Hate & Get A Life.
    & @nipun one more utter crap from you & you gonna have it.

  • @nipun you litle kid .. no teenagers went to watch k3 .. young generation who have watch Batman trilogy, Avengers, Captain America etc. would puke if they watched k3 .. no one in Mumbai atleast was bothered .. maybe the illiterates in Bihar were quite excited to watch the cartoon aka. k3.

  • & k3 is the biggest ‘copy-paste’ movie ever .. frogman character inspired by one of Marvel’s X-Men characrer .. Ant-Man .. even the name is copied here .. Ant-Man is Marvel superhero whose comics were a Hit some 50 years ago in the US.
    Kaal’s character was a total ripp-off of Magneto+Xaviers.
    & Krrish was a mashup of Man Of Steel + a bit of Wolverine+Cyclops + a bit of Flash & a pathetic raincoat like costume.
    Where the hell was originality in the movie ?

  • @loki Now everyone knows what I think about nipin and you yourself are an irritant but for the live of God leave Rohit 3 well alone and dont say there was no imagination/ creativity there…!
    I think its safe to say the best creation/ creativity/ creature of that film was the Handsome Adorable FROGMAN….!
    I lived that dude and cherished his 5 sec appearance in the movie and truly believe he outshone all the Roshans from Rohit, Papa Rohit, Superhero Rohit, Baby Rohit and Mummy Piggy Chops Rohit…!

    @nipin Couldnt care less about you even if I tried but the world should know I will defend the Frogman against all hostile attackers, domestic like Paglapurians or foreign like MARVEL Comics who may want to bring Frogman back in the next X-Men installment but I want to see him in a longer role in Rohit 4, preferrably titled Frogman 2….!

  • @zeeshan sayed Leave little juvenile drunk ‘nipin alcoholic’ alone for now and talk with me directly big boy….!

    You claim you have not been here for months, well if thats the case then who is this loser ‘sss’ plus ‘sss khan’ then…? Your disciples if not descendants…?

    As much as ‘nipin’ annoys everyone he still talks sense occasionally like once every full moon and when he says Rohit 3 was better than Ratoon Point One then hes talking sense and he is not intoxicated. Fact is though that Toonpur Ka Superhero was better than both those pieces of crap but Ratoon Point One was significantly worse than Rohit 3….!

  • @navin got no clue who ‘sss’ & ‘ssskhan’ .. whomsover you are talking about are .. I don’t come here to comment with different names like a wannabe .. I comment with my name ever since I’ve started visiting this site.
    & its better if you stick to your bhaijaan’s bhojouri movies & tingu’s ‘Doom3’ & ‘talaash’ whose box office collections were never found.
    you aren’t even worth to talk about Toonpur’s collections. forget about Ra. One .. even Ra. One’s overseas collections are more than many of your bhaijaan’s movies worldwide collections – Marigold, Veer, Main aur Mrs. Khanna, London Dreams etc.
    so please shut the bhaijaan .. I mean shut the crap.

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