Which film can break the opening day of Happy New Year?

Q. Which movies have best chance of breaking opening day collections of Happy New Year this year?

A. This year, only Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale will have a realistic chance of breaking the opening day record of ‘Happy New Year’  i.e if it releases on Christmas holiday (25th December). Any film releasing on a working day or a restricted holiday will find it difficult. The other two films releasing during the two main festive seasons are Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. But Bajrangi Bhaijaan releases during the Pre-Eid period and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is scheduled to release on ‘Diwali puja’ day. However, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo could set to the record for the highest single-day collections (on its second day).

Q. What are the box office prospects of Dil Dhadakne Do – can it cross 150 crore like some are saying? – Rahul

A. Difficult, but box office is unpredictable. Like Zoya Akhtar’s other two movies, Dil Dhadakne Do is likely to be targeted at the multiplex audience and no film that has only done well at multiplexes has gone on to cross 150 crore. Also, the film doesn’t feature a Top 5 superstar, so even though Dil Dhadakne Do is likely to take a good opening because of Zoya’s last film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, it’s likely to rely on extraordinary content and word-of-mouth to cross the 150 crore mark.

Q. Why domestic collections gets first priority  than worldwide collection, films like Dhoom3, Chennai Express, Bang Bang, Happy New Year earn hefty money outside but we mostly talk about their domestic collection than worldwide collection? – Saket

A. If a film does extraordinary business overseas, but distributors in the domestic (India) market suffer heavy losses, the film is declared a failure. Local distributors recovering costs and acceptance for a film back home in India, is what’s most important for any producer or filmmaker. Overseas success is a bonus.

Q. What is the main reason for the downfall of Akshay Kumar? Is it just because of doing 3 – 4 films in a year or less promotions of his movie? Does he deserve superstar tag at present?? – Lokesh Goel

A. There are more filmmakers lining up outside Akshay Kumar’s house than any other actor in the industry. Since he does so many films, he can work with many more directors. He’s easily the most professional actor in the industry too – comes to the sets on time, sticks to his schedule, completes his films on time and exhibitors in smaller centres survive because of his films. He’s one of the highest tax payers in the country too. So many films have released this year, but no Hindi film has even crossed the first week business of Baby. In short, there hasn’t been any downfall.



  • Wow First time i am seeing this,
    Indicine is praising akshay kumar.
    anyway good answer and correct.
    for all who criticises akshay for boxoffice his upcoming movies will answer

  • Who cares about 1st day collection…
    I’m interested in lifetime collection…
    underrated prdp has huge chance to cross pk collection…
    no I’m 100% sure about that
    prdp will break 1st week record n lifetime record..

  • Nice reply by indicine to lokesh goel!!

    Akki does 3-4 films a year n still gets good successes each year,yes i agree that the collections of his films will always find difficult to match that of khans n hrithik films as the anticipation level is’nt the same..
    But still we are happy that he comes multiple times a year..
    I have chosen my fav. quite well,HR who does 2 films in 3yrs n to compensate for him,I have akki :)


    Eid Acchi Guzregi

    Diwali Acchi Jayegi

    par sabki

    X-Mas Kharab Hojaegi


    Flopwale On Xmas 2015

  • Dear indicine, last answer is too good and really i like your Answer.
    I humble request to you, please don’t publish fake ID of my same name. I check previous article where use my fake name.
    I hope you accept my request. Thanks

  • Now since PK has done 340 cr, Sarook fans might be dreaming of 400..

    If that does not happen, #WaitForRaees

  • In 1st 5 months.. There will be akki movies Baby,gabbar for top 2 opening weekends…!

    And till august till akki ‘s brothers come.. There will be 3 akki movies in top 3 weekends…!

  • Gabbar opening day definitely cross 18cr or 20cr. Waiting for gabbar.
    Last time i bash akki sir because of his one of chameleon fan. Akki’s chameleon fan unnecessary jump between Salman fans and sarkar fans.
    Gabbar potential to cross 150cr.

  • @indicine, totally agree with you! akshy is without any doubt the most professional actor in b’town!
    but i don’t agree that there hasn’t been downfall! baby, collected less than 100 crore even with sucha gud wom while his other films also struggled to cross 100 crore mark even another gud wom film like holiday collected only few crores more than jai ho..

  • Dilwale should take a record opening. Will be another record opener for SRK after ra1, CE and HNY. Don 2 (all versions), MNIK were non holiday record openers

  • wow first time indicine praise the akki otherwise indicine all time praise festival ,s actor so called khans without festival he is nothing like water without fish.akki is true superstar his movies always released during non festival season with new directors and smalls banner .akki is real superstar and futures kamal hassan aur mohanlal of indian and perfectionist his all movies are different to each others

  • @Indian, brothers could be a big hit if it appeals to masses but doubt the rest will be big hits. Gabbar is looking more like holiday than rowdy rathore n airlift is for multiplex audience like baby. Singh is bling could be a hit but it’s directed by prabudeva so could be a flop too.

  • Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo To Break opening day off happy new year and will be Break All Box Office Records also Bajrangi Bhaijaan salman khan is king off india salman Bhai long life

  • This year, only Shahrukh Khan’s
    Dilwale will have a realistic chance of
    breaking the opening day record of
    ‘Happy New Year

  • Salman will break it with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. HNY had everything in its favour… Deepika, Diwali, huge ticket prices, etc. But the movie was rejected after 1st day, as people cannot bear overacting. And Srk’s fan following is too poor to give 125+ crore without Deepika.

  • I am not interested in opening records at all … plz srk sir if u disappoint me this year like hny … u did not release it a few days back to diwali but plz do not disappoint me this year by releasing on 25th dec ..
    I am not happy at all.
    Even if u release it on 23 december i am happy.
    This time lifetime matters most for us.

  • Omg!!!! Indicine said that bb will be released pre eid …… not on eid but why.
    I know if bb releases on eid it will not gross 200 crore. But indicine said that it will be released pre eid !!!!
    Now i assure sallu fans u should be happy ur bb will definetly gross 260 crore Without hatred, without boasting.
    Sallu is really really really Lucky.
    Luck has always been with sallu ..
    Although i hate more than any hater of him.
    What else should i say????

  • as i said – dilwale will break opening records again..
    prdp can set highest single day on day 2.i agree.
    both dilwale nd prdp will go over 40 cr mark in single day for sure.
    rest depends on content.
    dilwale – i m sure 100+ weekend is already written on it.

  • Salman is really lucky this year.
    he will enjoy prdp with 5 days extended weekends.
    secondly, bb will be pre eid …. this is the biggest sad news for me.
    I hope srk also release dilwale pre christmas not on damn 25th december!!!

  • Movies that released pre festivals!!!””
    Ek tha tiger: 199 crore
    Kick: 233 crore
    krish 3 : 244 crore
    Pk: 342 crore
    Dhoom 3: 286 crore
    All of them are highest grossing

    Movies that are released on festivals!!!!
    Chennai express: 227 crore although it had independence day.
    Hny: 204 crore …
    This is the result people are so interested on festivals!!!”
    I never support any movie of khans to release on festvals.
    Becoz weekend star power after that it will enjoy from festivals.
    I know indicine mainly supports on festivals.
    Hny is the best example.

  • Thank you Indicine for the answer about Akki. Akki is a super star and will remain as a super star. He is a self made super star.

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