Sonakshi Sinha performs her first ever action sequence

Sonakshi Sinha, who has featured in several male-centric masala entertainers like ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’, recently performed her first action stunt for her upcoming film ‘Akira’ which is being directed by A. R. Murugadoss.

“Just finished my 1st ever action sequence for AKIRA! Exciting and exhausting!!! So tired but the adrenaline still pumping, bring it on” Sonakshi tweeted.

Akira is a remake of 2011 Tamil film ‘Mounaguru’. The film doesn’t feature a male hero, but Sonakshi’s father Shatrughan Sinha has an important role to play.

The ‘Lootera’ star has been training hard to get in shape for the role. She had earlier said “I have been training a little hard and being innovative now. I think learning something new for a film is very cool. It’s a fun thing to do and very exciting”



  • While Sonakshi is doing solo female centric movie to revive her career; at the same time king is doing multistares to revive his career. Hope both will be successful.

  • Wow feel good to know that Aunty doing some different, i will watch because of AR Murgadous’s action.

    I liked some movies which was for women power.
    Mary Kom
    Sonali Cable

    These all was best movies in recent two years and for AKIRA i am expecting same like that.

  • I use to like aunty,but since i have seen her sitting in the first row roast.. I really hateee her…and will forever….as far as akira is concern,,she should be more concerned about her aakaar….potato type looking auuunty..

  • This film is a Tamil-remake .
    Sadly it doesn’t require a male lead !
    otherwise our Bhai would have been perfect choice , keeping in mind his ‘experience’ of South-remakes

  • @Tiger – reviving a career where he’s delivered back to back hits since 2005 and is the 2nd richest actor? LOL. Maybe you’re referring to salman who’s doing multistarrers with Kick, PRDP.

  • SRK only done one multistarrer HNY and that had boman, abhishek, vivaan, sonu etc. PRDP is also a multistarrer. Salman had multistarrers jaanemann, london dreams where he was opposite two other superstars – why were those flops?

    Dilwale has everyone else in supporting roles and only big star is SRK so how is that a multistarrer?

  • @Tiger- Tell me one Solo hit of our bhai from 2000-2009?
    And Tell me One successful film of Bhaijan Without Action Masala genre from 2010 -2014
    Still our bhai roxxx
    Article Is about Sonakshi but we bhai fans Will Always comment about SRK no matter what article is about

  • We Bhai Fans Say SRK is Struggling To give Highest Grosser Of The year but We forgot Our Bhai Was Struggling to give semi hit movie
    Sorry bhai sach bol diya :(

  • Hahaha..just read this article n noticed the pun intended by indicine—–>>> the “lootera” star,lol

    Nipun,where r u??

  • @bhai ka fan, tell a name single solo hit of king without yashraj/dharma and big heroines/directors since begining of his career.

  • @bhai ka fan, bhai’s average/flop jai ho collected much more than king’s superhits like don2, jthj etc. That shows the power of bhai. Even varun dhawan can give 100cr collected superhits, tell king to give a 115cr collected flop then compare him with bhai.

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