Which film can beat the opening record of Ek Tha Tiger?

Part Two of ‘Ask Joginder’. A few questions on Krrish 3, Talaash and Dabangg 2 answered!

Which films have the best chances of beating 33 crore first day number of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ in the coming 12-13 months? – Aashish

  • Krrish 3 (most definitely), Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2 (good chances), Dabangg 2 (outside chance), Chennai Express (if it finds a holiday release for itself) and ‘Dhoom 3’/’P.K.’ (100%, if either of the two Aamir starrers indeed release on Christmas next year).

Is Talaash carrying good Word Of Mouth? The response on the internet is mixed, but reviews are very positive – Anonymous

  • Different sources, whether official or unofficial, may have their own interpretations, analysis or inference around something as subjective as word of mouth. My suggestion – Always form an opinion based on what those 5-10-15 people in your close vicinity have to say about a film. Go by their word of mouth as it is direct and most authentic.

‘Dabangg 2’ trailer has created a lot of buzz but since ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ became a ‘blockbuster’ just because of Salman ‘s name (even though it had a weak storyline), do you think people will still trust him and go on to watch it in big numbers ? – Raj

  • ‘Dabangg’ as a brand is huge and most importantly, it has managed huge recollection value for itself during the last couple of years. ‘Dabangg 2’ has been in news for quite some time as well and since the promos have done the trick, expect the film to be historic on it’s release. Remember, this isn’t one of those many Salman releases in a year. Here he is back as ‘Chulbul Pandey’ and that reason is strong enough for a large segment of audience to queue up for tickets. Of course if the content is not good, it won’t survive in the long run.

Whatís the response to the music of ‘Dabangg 2’? Which songs do you think will be chartbusters? Will it help the film’s opening? – Neeraj Patil

  • Music of ‘Dabangg 2’ has masses in the interiors as the target audience and there, especially in the cow belt, it would do quite well. ‘Pandeyji’, ‘Fevicol’ and ‘Dagabaaz’ are all chartbuster material. Yes, popular songs always act as good ingredient towards a film’s success and Sajid-Wajid compositions for ‘Dabangg 2’ aren’t any exceptions.

Is Ragini MMS clashing with Krrish 3 next year? – Rahul Singh

  • Nothing can be put on paper as of now, especially when not even a frame of ‘Ragini MMS’ has been shot so far. Such kind of speculations do well in keeping a film in news. However practically speaking, no filmmaker can be expected to risk their product in face of such immense competition unless there is a definite strategy being put into place. To firm that up, there are at least six more months to go before a definitive statement can be made.

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  • this idiot tuneja is gone mental again..ha ha dabangg2 out side chance.kriiss 3 (most def.)in your dream boss..i dont think any films has chance to beat ek tha tiger opp.record.

  • actually only 2movies have potential to cross 33crs, chennai express and dhoom3, and also if they releases in national holiday except diwali, as puja effects evening shows

  • No one beat Ek tha Tiger Recored….Its a legendary Movie of Salman khan…
    Hope 1 Movie beat EK tha Tiger Recored..N dis Movies name is Dhoom 3….But …dats not possible :(..
    Ek tha Tiger Is Ek Tha Tiger….

  • krishh3 has more than 100% chance to beat tiger if it release on 26 jan 15 aug or 25 dec……but krishh3 release on 1 st nov which is friday non holyday so at the moment there is no chance that any film beat ek tha tiger record..only two actor have the power to beat opening day record that is salman khan and hrithik roshan..you agree or not..so at the moment if any salman film release on 15 th aug that can only beat tiger record

  • CHENNAI EXPRESS with more than 3000 screens & a holiday release will surely break the opening record(with no offence to Salman) as Shahrukh is a great crowd puller, especially Classes & CE being a masala movie with heavy dose of action plus dialogues Masses will fill the single screens!

  • a question was asked on box office india:-

    Is Salman Khan the only Khan now as even Aamir Khan will not have a big grosser with Talaash?

    Ans:- It still remains to be seen where Talaash goes. They are all still Khans but right now you can say Salman Khan is the biggest by a FAIR margin. Also if Talaash does not gross big its more to do with the genre, director, writers, music etc and film in general, not Aamir Khan because whatever it does will be because of him.

  • dabangg 2 will definitely not break as it releases on a friday….but it has a chance of making the highest day gross on sunday (of course if the film is liked)…..anyways dabangg 2 definitely 150crore+ even if it is the most worst film…..but if the film is even good then we can presume a new benchmark:-250 crore!!!

  • good news to salman fans :-

    There is a strong buzz in Tinsel town that Sohail Khan’s film Sher Khan with brother Salman Khan has been postponed indefinitely. But now Sohail is making another film with Salman which would be based on his iconic character ‘Radhe’ from Tere Naam.
    Salman Khan and Sohail Khan will start shooting for this film next year. Salman Khan said in an interview to a leading daily, “I am doing Sohail’s film Radhe and that will happen before Sher Khan. But, this is just a working title for now.”
    A source said that Sohail Khan discussed the subject of Radhe with Salman Khan. After long interactions and several meetings, both brothers agreed on the same subject and decided to do this film before Sher Khan.
    Well, we are very sure that Salman Khan’s fans would love to see him again in Radhe’s character with long hair!

  • Some movies Recored cant break….Oh 3idots Hou.. aur Ek tha Tiger ..Salman is really good acting for this movie…Hope Dabang 2 break this recored but its is impossible.. :(..
    Only Dhom 3 will beat Ek tha Tiger Maybe….no chance krish 3 And dabangg 2..

  • salman khan’s fee for ek tha tiger :- 27 crore + share in profits
    hritik fee in knight & day remake= 30 crore

    now salman khan’s fee in kick:70 – 80 crore!!!!!!!!

    new record by salman khan!!!

  • ETT 33 crs OPENING RECORD will be SURPASSED on 25th December 2013 because, read the article below(99.9% confirmed) & Mr.Tuteja will also agree :-

    Though the shooting of “Dhoom 3” started a few months ago, and the shooting of Rajkumar Hiraniís “PK” is yet to start, it was said that the latter would release during Christmas 2013. However, now we learn that “Dhoom 3”, not “PK”, that will bag that date.
    Going by Khanís schedule and his unusual commitment to a project, itís pretty obvious that “PK” wonít roll before mid-2013. This means just one thing Ė that the actorís next release would be “Dhoom 3” and it will release during Christmas next year.
    Confirmed by BOC!

  • i think chennai express should release C.E if salman khan dont hav eid release..i really want srk solo release eid slot so tht srk starpower not question..i doubt outaim sequel is overrated reason akshay donin lead role

  • Maoy Movies To Break ETT Opening Record Like…..
    Dabangg2, Kick, Sher Khan, Radhe, No Entry Mein Entry.

  • no chance for aamir to cross that 33cr record, he could not even beat the opening of jthj, ett ka record to door ki baat he….
    only krish3 for sure….

  • those say dhoom3..they are mad first of all amir have no opening day record…….amir in dhoom3 is really a joke…even he say his master in this case is hrithik roshan..so dhoom3 will not break any record ..as amir no way close to what hrithik created in d2…..those amir fan and srk fan are optimistic..only they can imagine a super flop rejected ghost cinema tallash beat all record.. like srk fan claiming jthj break all record …haha…..evryone can see what happen to jab tak hain jaan…only salman and hrithik film can break record provided film release on national holy day…

  • people r saying that ett first day collection so bigger for salmann. but it is due srk…because we all watching for jthj trailer…
    its 100% sure that d-2 will not cross 20 cr first day
    its my open challenge

  • Srk movie can break any record if its got solo release n that on holiday,top critics says that,tuteja is like all sallu fans

  • we are forgetting that it’s Hrithik’s Agneepath which beat Bodyguard record this year and hold the record for 8 months. So Krrish 3 is sure to destroy ETT’s opening. Sallu fans take a chill pill.

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