Khiladi 786 fever all over the country and internet!

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Over the last few weeks, Akshay Kumar has been busy travelling around the nation, winning hearts by reaching out to his fans. His upcoming film Khiladi 786 has generated a lot of buzz as fans are looking forward to watch Akshay in his Khiladi avatar after a decade.

With less than a week for the release, the Khiladi team has planned an extensive line of city tours all around India. The first schedule included Indore, Jaipur, Bhatinda and Delhi. The response from the fans in these cities was phenomenal. Lead stars Akshay Kumar and Asin also performed at the opening ceremony of World Kabaddi Championship in Bhatinda which witnessed a crowd of more than 37,000 people.

The Khiladi team is heading today for another round of city tour that includes Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Surat and Ahmedabad. The team is leaving no stone unturned to connect to the Khiladi fans all around India.

The buzz on the digital front is on a different level altogether as fans and followers are enthusiastically waiting for Khiladi 786 to release. ‘#KhiladiIsComing’ is trending on twitter 4 days before the release of the action packed film. The music of the film has also been very well received as the songs of Khiladi have already become a rage with the masses.

New poster of Khiladi 786 below

Khiladi New Poster

Khiladi New Poster



  • Yeah baby, atbb is difficult, but sureshot bb. 150+ crore definately.
    ‘Lonely’ song, just loved that. Heared many times but want to listen more.

  • Tujh say door men b hoon majboor,
    dil ko sataye teri akhiyon ka noor,
    Baten ye sachi aaj tujh ko btaon mujhay samajh ni aata kesay doriyan mitaon.
    Busteray liye men ye geet likhtay jaon, din rat hi men, inhen gungunaon.
    Phonon men photo teri dekhon bari bari,
    jee karda aaja wa men mar k udaari.

  • @Vinay, tees mar khan has highest non-holiday opening at that time, but then crashed.
    But k-786 will not crash, but will crash all records.

  • wil be flop lik chandini chowk to china..bakwas acting and dialogue delievery..there is no fever over india only among akki fans and on NG…khiladi bhaii and balma looks like b-grade film songs…

  • I know whatever i say will fall on deaf ears but trust me 10 years down the line you would be blaming people like akshay kumar and salman khan for pulling back the industry with their mindless masala movies, at least akshay’s earlier khiladi flicks were entertaining and looked real, this khiladi movie only has break the jeep with one leg, jumping in a way as if gravity does not exist type of scenes, it’s a disgrace and u know it as well

  • @sagar ur forgettin srk keep doing bakwas romantic movies to pull down bollywood standards just 2 survive in career..

  • srk fans worry about srk who has not given one 130 cr plus grosser as of yet and leave akki alone. akki this will be your 4th superhit to blockbuster this year.

  • “k-786 dialogue promos are not popular among auidence and less appealin..thts answer man..”

    srk looks like a girl when he utters heroic dialogue which doesn’t suit his face or image as he doesn’t have macho face or body or height. he should continue doing romantic choclate boy.

  • Film Definitely Wont Cross 100cr as Dabangg 2 will CRUSH after 2 week otherwise Kiladi must collect atleast 80cr on 1st WEEK then easily 100cr.


  • Love u akki.khiladi 786 not only cross 100 cr but also clear 150 cr mark.nothing about to change with from some stupid guys and his comments.akshay haters go to hell

  • indicine why have you moderated my comments? what have you found offensive? many posters saying bad thing against akki and they still don’t have moderation but i respond back and you moderate my comment, disgusting.

  • super flop opening will be good due to hit music but after that this movie will crash and when dabang2 release this will be totak washout from cinemas also it is looking bgrade cheap movie

  • yaar akki fans why you take panga with bhai fans you all are very very very very very very small in front of bhai fans.

  • Khiladi will b hit on internet u torrent in DVDScr rip it will be uploaded by ddr on thursday night itself get ready for action at ur home….save time save money save petrol get samosa and coke ready after the download….HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKSHAY…………


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