When will the trailer of KICK and Bang Bang release?

Question: When is the trailer of Salman Khan’s Kick and Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang expected to release? – Priya Sahni (Bangalore) and some 500 others!

A: According to reliable sources, the first trailer of Kick is ready for launch and should be out next week. If all goes well, we hear the trailer will be out on 9th, but could release a couple of days before or after. Expect a trailer that gets your adrenaline pumping - high production values, oustanding action sequences and Salman Khan!

UPDATE 2nd June: The Kick trailer will release on June 15th.

As for Bang Bang, the theatrical trailer will be out sometime in August. 85% of the film has already been shot and the last schedule will begin in Prague (Czech Republic). The post-production work has begun simultaneously, so Bang Bang is on course for a Gandhi Jayanti release. There are also reports that Haider or Mary Kom biopic could be pushed to a later date.

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  • Awaiting both KICK & BANG BANG !!!!!!!!!!


  • @Lootera nipun : Looks like you have seen both the movies, tell me the story dude. Stop being a Hypocrite !!!!!!!!

  • Singham returns will be the biggest movie of the year and take an account Rohit and Ajey sir are already star the promotion of the movie

  • KicK all the way !!! I miss my JaanU,
    i will watch kick 1st day 1st. i will watch my Janu’s movie 3-4 times on theatre nd i don’t wanna spent my money on other, Only SaLmaN’s KicK !!! <3 :*

  • Bang Bang will join 200 cr & kick …not interested same mara – mari crap film.I don,t know why Salman can,t do a good film without crap action films. Salman is so afraid of loosing stardom.Good to see Aamir don,t afraid of stardom and give us new with every films.Salman should follow aamir.

  • Salman used to be my fab during Wanted & Dabang period. But now I hate him bcoz of overdose of crap masala films where he is nothing less than a “Super hero” who can fight alone with 100 people.

  • @hrithik hypocrite: huh. .i have watched the telugu kick which wasn’t impressive. .and i “think” bang bang will be a better film.

  • oh good. kick is typical south copy paste and we bhai fans are satisfied that its a scene to scene copy paste. we would not have been satisfied if they had made some changes to script to give some newness. we bhai fans don’t like newness. we want full copy.

    we bhai fans don’t take tension. if even kick flops badly at box office, still for us it will be all time hit.

  • Bang Bang gonna huge as hrithik iz back again in his Dhoom avtaar, mark my words_300 cr on the cards as hrithik is the official father of 3 khans

  • Bang Bang should be changed to Bong Bong. Then it will have 2 ‘O’s and it will be as great as Lootera.
    Kick should be changed to Kock then it have have 1 ‘O’ and then will be half as great as Lootera.

  • waiting for Kick; Bang Bang; HNY; BV and PK trailers .. i think these will be the most interesting trailers to watch out!!

  • Kick will be big entertainer and will crashgate in to the 200 cr club in just 2 weeks. Just wait and see.

  • in last some years,non of a salman/hr movie could beat SRK’S movies in worldwide,that’s why insecure salman fans depended upon amir,who also couldn’t did it with out multiactor,hope kick will surpass jai ho’s collection,otherwise insecure lallu fans will again write a book “99999 reasons why kick becomes kicked out”,lol,my predictin kick is 120-130cr and bvang bang 140-150cr.

    @babaji ki thullu,all good script writers of bollywood are still alive,but a few besides SRK,ranbir,hr,all actors are going after south remake,lol.of course bang bang will be better than night and day and hr is better than tom cruise,lol.

  • @JS, ofcourse you are a hrithik hater, to you even crap dabangg 2 would be a better movie than masterpiece jodhaa akbar. haha a south copy paste better than a hollywood standard action movie?
    @Mark42, you need some repairement. go back to stark.

    lol according to the logic of bhai fans, a south remake is better than a hollywood remake whose script has been modified to make it much better, lol. hypocrisy flows in the blood of khans fans, i am not surprised.

    @Lootera, and happy new year’s name should be changed to srk’s sinking ship lol.

  • @JC, don’t forget, Its Entertainment and Singham Returns are coming after it. btw its gatecrash not crashgate LOL!

  • Bang bang will be a great action film while kick will be a same ghisaa pitaa masaala crap what v have been watching from so many years.

  • @Lootera nipun : FYI… Telugu Kick was Blockbuster and Hollywood Day & Knight was a flop and thrashed by critics !!!!!!!!!!!!

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