Akshay Kumar on Filmfare and Vision Asia!

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is featured on the cover of Filmfare and Vision India for the month of June 2014, which isn’t very surprising as he A.R. Murugadoss’ Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty releasing in theatre in the first week of June.

The Filmfare cover is a close up. The magazine talks about Akshay’s journey from a superstar to a super producer.

For the Vision India cover, Akshay is seen wearing winter clothing.

Akshay Kumar on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Akshay Kumar on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Akshay Kumar on Vision Asia Magazine Cover

Akshay Kumar on Vision Asia Magazine Cover



  • Indicine, its high time you stop calling Akshay Kumar a superstar. If Akshay is a superstar then you should also refer to Ranveer Singh, Emraan Hashmi and Arjun Kapoor as superstars. And soon even Sidharth Malhotra will beat him with Ek Villain.

  • Vinod ..Akshay is a superstar. A star who survived in bollywood for 20+ year with successful career is absolutely a Superstar. Ranveer have to prove that. But Emraan & Ranbir proved that already.But Shahid failed to prove that.Lets see how far Varun & Sid survive.?

  • holiday will be huge and it is surely will become akshays highest grosser beating rowdy rathore.

  • My man is looking handsome as usual
    Just 8days to Holiday and i know this time,some Akkians want bo success of Holiday too even though some sites like “indicine” and other akkians are saying buzz is low.I thinl is good and it removes pressure from us the real Akkians

  • And someone is saying indicine should stop mentioning Akshay sir as a superstar. lol I don’t have any problem with that so do Akshay sir and even Akshay sir also doesn’t visit indicine as he has better things to do.
    I think you are a student and you are been spoon-fed by your parents.They have buy a computer and phones for you and give you enough money to spend on food so you can write can suggest and write any nonsensical things on indicine where even most Akkians have boycotted.
    I guess when Akshay sir was like you,he was working and as said by him he earned 5000rs and now gets 25cr or more for a film which in your whole life you won’t get

  • Finding it difficult to get time on indicine as Holiday approaches but hope all Akkians ignore someone whose job is to ‘ just eat and sleep the all day’ nonsensical comments
    Will certainly be back for holiday and maybe even before or on Saturday,Akshay sir,Govinda and sonakshi’s palang tod song video will be released

  • Vinod – you cant just take the superstar status from akshay sir . he is super star cause he have more than 30 hits Ranveer Singh, Emraan Hashmi and Arjun Kapoor have not even done that many movie. you forget he had given 3 hit in year many time & only superstar to give 5 hit in 12 months span . he still has higest domestic collection & it has been more than 12 months since he cbecame only one to cross 2000cr collection he is only star whos movie collected more than 450cr in siingle year . so their are many more reason why he is superstar . ii can give you more list but dont have time to waste on you

  • @vidhu vinod khopra
    If Akki is not a superstar,then aamir is also not a superstar…
    He 9 hits in his 30 year career.
    And these ranveer,Sid all are small babies yet…
    What happened to Ranveer’s Lootera?
    Sid HTP collected only 38crs…
    Still Ranveer has no or little stardom..Gunday was multistarrer,with YRF and gud music while Ramleela was a hyped film for multiplex.

  • And not only indicine
    Filmfare has also titled him a SUPERSTAR,if you haters have eyes!!!

  • vinod who r u to judge akshays superstardom.u r afterall an ordinary humanbeing and don’t challenge indicine team.keep ur mouth shut and wait for holidays super success.

  • @vinod,very funny comments,I appreciate.in comedy akki is ok but in fights he is really seems like a joker.may joker kumar loves to fight aur he had done some martial arts but he is totally unfit now a days for fights.people also don’t want to see him in action and believe me I had not seen such a loser like akshay kumar,lol.

  • Akki is not a superstar anymore. Each of his films are becoming flops after flops. Even his best film did around 60 crore. Its entertainment looks like joker 2. Wont cross even lifetime 10 crore.

  • well said vinod
    people of india are improving with their choices. they dont wont any crap movies now

  • @Vinod, don’t underestimate Sidharth Malhotra. He is next superstar of Bollywood. Keep my word.

  • haters are trying hard to bring down AKSHAY !!! But KHILADI will never quit. You rock Akshayyy.
    @Vinod, who the hell are you to judge the stardom of Akshay ?
    @thullu ka papaji, crap movies ? you mean happy new flop ? bakra.one ? chaddi express ?
    Floppy and Flop Kumar are mentals.

  • @sss, lol you are no one to judge akshay’s action. Akshay is India’s BIGGEST ACTION HERO! your srk looks like a joker while doing action because he gets beaten up everytime by the goons lol

  • Wow I wish I was good looking like Akshay Sir. I look like a chimpanzee compared to him…’Sigh’

  • Akshay Kumar is the fittest actor of his generation. He has done good films like OMG and Special 26 in recent times, hope he does more of such films.

  • @sss : Come back to Earth you kiddo !!!! so according to you Srk fragile body is more fit than Akshay’s. Akki is the only true Action hero of Bollywood !!!!!!!

  • i really like akshay kumar though he is not my favourite. with all due respect to akshay and his fans i dont think he is a superstar. just tell me one opening record or weekend record or a single day record he holds? he does not even comes close to it. he does not even have one all time blockbuster. he has given only one blockbuster in a career span of over 20 years that too recently. a superstar is gauged not only by number of hits but by number of blockbusters, all time blockbusters, record breaking openings and collections. unfortunately akshay has none. akshay is a good actor, big star and a good human being but not a superstar. i respect his status as an actor and a star and whatever he has achieved but do not agree at all with his superstar status. there’s a huge difference between being a big star and a superstar. just tell me honestly can his name be taken in the same breath as shahrukh salman and aamir. ask a shahrukh fan is salman a superstar? they would say yes. ask a salman fan is shahrukh a superstar? they would say yes. even though they hate each other and attack each other at every given opportunity they know what a superstar means. same goes for aamir as well. but ask them is akshay a superstar? they would say a big no. akshay kumar is a superstar only for his fans but unfortunately its far from truth. never ever can akshay be in the same league of the khans. they are the true superstars. add hrithik and now ranbir (he is almost there) to the list. these five are genuine superstars of bollywood. you just know who is a superstar and who is not and akshay is definitely not.

  • raaz is blockbuster but dino morea is flop actor same goes to siddarth malohtra who dont a nerve of acting!sleeping famous director and producer wont make someone a star need to hav talent akshay big star no doubt

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