When Salman and Shahrukh Khan hugged: Photo

Here’s an exclusive photo of Salman Khan hugging Shahrukh Khan at the Star Guild Awards 2014.

Shahrukh Khan: It feels special to get the award in company of Salman, one of the greatest entertainers the country has ever seen.

Salman said “Shahrukh, Kya ho raha hai?”, congratulated him on the success of Chennai Express and asked SRK to say Jai Ho. SRK reciprocated by raising his hands.

More pictures (better quality) coming up. Stay tuned!

Salman - SRK hug

Salman – SRK hug

Shahrukh - Salman at Star Guild Awards 2014

Shahrukh – Salman at Star Guild Awards 2014

Salman hugging Shahrukh

Salman hugging Shahrukh



  • …happy for both of them…they both are biggest stars of bollywood…and there also a news that..soon they can be seen together on big screen…yes guys..isn’t a good news..? They can be together seen in boothnath returns along with amitabh bachchan :)

  • @Babaji ka thullu look at a film like Bodyguard.Do they want to tell me that if it was released during ipl like HF2,will it have cross 100cr.Akki>khans

  • @sachin 11,oh really!! i haven’t seen the ranking created by ur creative mind on ur dream.uhave most weakest memory. For ur kind information,it was salman who at first came to srk and hug him not srk.
    U can read the article again if u want and read ur comment too…

  • Deeply disappointed by the recent moves taken by Salman.Be it hosting biggboss7 through which many of the contestants gained mileage by using his name,but he received bad feedback as a biased host.Now in star guild awards,was that such necessary to hug him again when the other guy keeps him ignoring & mum all the times.These kind of acts turn positive for his anti fans who proclaim that everyone has to fell on the feet of our king,he did it for making his film hit,publicity stunt …blah…blah…blaaah.Seriously why he is trying to be more kind to those who badmouthed about him & strange that how did he forgot everything.The more he is trying to come out of his ego & showing his kind & forgiveness the more he is fooling himself.

  • Its a great news. They look great together. Karan arjun of bollywood. Undoubtedly the two biggest stars of bollywood.

  • Now Salman haters burning n saying he did for publicity. @HNY : Salman Khan does not need any publicity for his shows n movies, his name is enough for it !!!!!

  • wow wow. really. guess all the hateRS are burning deep inside. guess can forgive lal lu and can call him bhai. man these two together will create heights of insecurity in other stars and their miniature and puny fans. ha ha ha ha ha.
    king KHAN rocks so does the other KHAN.

  • Nice to see both are hugging each other. Its a rare picture both are smiling together.
    Yehi hai SRK or SK ka dil. They should make one movie together for the sake of their fans.
    Hats off to you both. Keep up your good relations and be smiling always. ” JAI HO ” to Salman Khan & Shahrukh khan.

  • @laila i think u r not a regular reader here bcoz the star ranking article was published here only some days ago and Salman is 1st there and Srk 3rd and it is not created by my mind in dream but it was created by box office collections of their last 5 movies in reality and if Salman has came 1st to hug Srk last Eid it was Srk also who accepted it by standing and he did not run away from between his legs like in CE he run away between Thangaballi’s legs in fear when he came to village to catch him.lol

  • @sachin 11,I was absent two or three days .may be I missed that. But why count just last 5 movies?I would really appreciate if u have count their entire career movies what u can’t do .so,leave it.what I said it wasn’t good either but u would have said even worse if srk had done what salman did today..

    I hate salman because of u.

  • @sachin11,star’s success is measured by his total hits/success in their entire career.SRK has half flops than salman’s total flops.he is the CONSISTENT HIT MAN that bollywood has ever seen after MEGASTAR RAJESH KHANNA,he will definitely broke RAJESHJI’S 15 consistent hits.which will be remembered in history.if you’re so much interested about BO collections,then add worlwide collections of last 10 films of 3khans.then you’ll unederstand WHO IS KING? didn’t you understand why remake king hugged to REAL KING?good comments @IMAM.

  • @Laila, Salman hugged SRK before the release of Chennai Express! for what was that? to promote Bigg Boss? Get some sense at least now! How can u always be negative???

  • ya now thats wat i call a bollywoood films..as in their real life also they act like a bollywood films..but love to see them together..and truly speaking dying to see both of them together once again in any fadu movie…i luv both of them…a true superstars….this news made my day a “astonished day”.

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