When Salman and Shahrukh Khan hugged: Photo

Here’s an exclusive photo of Salman Khan hugging Shahrukh Khan at the Star Guild Awards 2014.

Shahrukh Khan: It feels special to get the award in company of Salman, one of the greatest entertainers the country has ever seen.

Salman said “Shahrukh, Kya ho raha hai?”, congratulated him on the success of Chennai Express and asked SRK to say Jai Ho. SRK reciprocated by raising his hands.

More pictures (better quality) coming up. Stay tuned!

Salman - SRK hug

Salman – SRK hug

Shahrukh - Salman at Star Guild Awards 2014

Shahrukh – Salman at Star Guild Awards 2014

Salman hugging Shahrukh

Salman hugging Shahrukh



  • I am really Happy that they hugged & made up. I don’t think they still can be Great friends but nice to see that this Hug took place :)

  • Really nice to see the 2 biggest stars on earth to greet each other in a generous way and we all hope that they become best of friends once again.
    Hats off to them……

  • What @babaji said the other day is true.They are friends and they tend to be enemies to beat other stars.The khans think they are wise

  • Look at the man at the back of the pic,like he is watching tom and jerry
    Very soon deepika will give it to salman free of charge so that she can work with him.Sallu bhai likes it
    Beep deepika

  • Great! And good for both of them. The credit has to go to both of them for doing what they did not only for one person. They have always praised each other before but Srk has being doing so even after thier fight, salman started recently after he must have cooled down like 3/4 years after the incident. I guess by gones have been left as by-gones.

  • both were friends. they did all this drama to gain publicity. both of them r overrated. hate them. aamir is nice actor.

  • My world has come crushing down all around me…. I should feel betrayed by Bhai jaan for I swore an oath to never forgive Thakur for betraying bhais friendship but oh well it seems bhai has forgiven the Sarkar of Paglapur so can I- no more grudges or personal attaxXx Thakur- from now on I too will wear a lungi on Diwali and permit lungi dance being blasted out during summer barbecue season in my garden- allz well that endz well so they say.

    Bhai roxXxXx and Thakur roxXxXx too

  • I just read somewhere, Salman even hugged Vivek Oberoi. Mr Vivek please visit a temple today because your career has just been RESTORED

  • Happy that they hugged each other again. Salman approached SRK for the hug. Even last year at that Iftar Party it was Salman who went ahead & hugged SRK. Salman praised SRK & congratulated him for the success of CE. SRK also said some good things about Salman. I don’t think they can be Great friends again but seems like there will be such courtesy & gestures always. That’s good!

  • Make a movie with Salman, SRK and Aamir Khan and wait for the record to tumble. The three Khans should act together in a movie.. how about a remake of Amar Akbar Anthony. Will be super fun if that happens.

  • Why did they fall out again? I can’t even remember it just all feels so petty. Hope this “new hug” will help to put the past behind them once and for all.

  • It is good that they hugged again and hold no more rivalry against each other. However, it is good for them to stay away from each other because they are too different personalities. If they hang out, they will fall out again.
    @Navin, you are too funny man! Haar Roz, Ek Naye Word for the Thakur of Paglapur… It’s great to hear that you will to wear Lungi now..Hahaha! ROFL!!

  • Yash Chopra’s
    { HUM }

    Staring – Shahrukh Khan+ Deepika
    Salman Khan + Kaitrina
    Aamir Khan + Anushka

    Directer By -Suraj, Aditya, Johar, Bhansali
    Diwali 2016

  • @navin,@sachin 11,don’t u think best marketing film of year 2014 should be given to salman?
    What a promotion style!!!
    I don’t have big heart like srk ,I still remember those things said by salman.anyway ,I prefer these drama by him than his rubbish talking.

  • Good for them. I know its difficult for two superstars to be friend but at least they can be respectful towards each other. #WellDone

  • But all said, Salman really said very bad & rude things to Srk without the latter ever saying a single bad thing to him. If Salman initiated the hug first then deserves to do so. It really hurts when a good friend rubbishes your name in public & have a very terrible hot temper & sometimes no one understands his mood. It takes a lot for Srk to always defend him or say cordial things about him even when he was tagged with bad names but still remained silent & calm in the face of all this & refused to even a bad word about his once upon a time friends.

  • @Laila This is not Salman’s marketing strategy he does not need Srk for that and he is above Srk in star rankings and given 5 back to back blockbusters.If u call this a marketing strategy then he also hugged Srk last Eid when he had no release and it was CE which released at that time.So now say that it was Srk’s promotion style last year.Actually they r not promoting each other’s movie but it is u who is promoting Majnu here.Hope Majnu will become celebrity one day with your promotion style.lol

  • I said it earlier,and i will say it now also,all three khans are very good friends…just to be in media and gain publicity they do this..
    Also these Khans take away all the big holiday dates for their films and the others suffer.
    Then u will call Akki or Ajay a flop actor!!!
    Had JTHJ,Don 2,Ra one released without holiday,they would have struggled to cross 100cr even..everyone should keep this in mind.

  • @Alok Nath yes it is all happening bcoz of your ‘sanskar’ which u had given to Salman in ‘MPK’,’HAHK’ and ‘HSSH’.

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