Whats Your Rashee Reviews – Not too great!

The first reviews of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Whats your Rashee are out and most are mixed, as with most big releases.

But what’s worrying is quite a few folks from the industry who have already watched the movie, gave it a thumbs down.

Here are some reasons why the movie may not work at the box office and why the reports indicate the failure of Ashutosh Gowariker to recreate his Lagaan – Jodha Akbar magic!

– Too many songs, girl from each Rashee has a song.
– 3 and a half hours of runtime. Too long for a light hearted entertainer.
– Although Gowariker has managed to blend comedy and drama pretty well, the first half is a drag.
– Most believed the climax was pretty weak.

Coming to the positives, the response to the second half was good, Priyanka’s performance has come in for extra praise.

Our detailed review coming up by Friday afternoon Indian Standard Time, stay tuned.

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  • Ashutosh Gowariker did not do justice to the story he started in
    ‘Whats Your Rashee?”. In this movie Yogesh meets 12 girls for the purpose of marriage. Throughout the film the audiences continue to wait to find out who the bride will be. Finally, in the climax of the film, his Bride turns out to be someone the audience least expected. The answers to why she was marrying Yogesh are revealed but they are done in such a fast recap-fashion, with so many too-good-to-be-true coincidences that it seemed illogical. Like the weak climax, this film has made mistakes in many other areas, such as unfinished storyline and gimmicky subplots, but there are three positive things about the film. One, is that it has a strong social message of how flawed our system of marriage at times can be, two, that Priyanka has a lot more to offer during her reign in Bollywood and ‘three’ is that although Harmen isn’t the perfect actor, he will one day have a huge fan base.

  • i knw that there are many songs……. but the movie is good….. u people just said that its not a good movie but did ya knw that how much hard work is behind it it isnt a piece of cake to play 12 roles in just 1 movie….. harman is quiet weak in acting but he was better in it than LS2050….. songs aint that much goood but u can forward them just buy DVD guyzz…. priyanka’s performance in fabulous …….
    i loved the song KOI JANE NA…… the climax wasnt good but i was really excited while watching to see wat character my star is playing
    and allll over it was goo0o00o0o0o0od i will give it 8 out of 10

  • and i wanna add that WANTED sucksssss its much much much better than wanted…. wanted’s tarka or comedy is good i like ayesha tooo but the movie didnt worked…. salman was toooo much over in movie like SUNNY DEOL ….. i actually felt that i m watchin movie of sunny deol…….. the action scenes were worst…. but i luv song love me love me

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