What will be the lifetime India and overseas collections of Holiday?

Q. How much is Holiday expected to collect at the end of its run.. i.e lifetime business? - Kritagya

A. Holiday has collected around 89.5 crore in 11 days. Second weekend was better than expected with good growth in business on 2nd Saturday and Sunday. Holiday should cross the 100 crore mark this Friday or Saturday, but the number of screens and shows will be drastically reduced as Sajid Khan’s Humshakals will be getting a wide release all over.

If Humshakals is liked, then Holiday should finish with lifetime business of around 110-112 crore net. But if the Saif Ali Khan starrer is rejected by the audience, Holiday could go on collect close to 120 – which, looking at the trends, should be the best case scenario for the film.

Q. What will be the worldwide gross of Holiday? – Purohit

A. Holiday has ‘grossed’ Rs 115.5 crore (approx) in India and Rs 21 crore from the overseas markets. By the end of its run, we expect Holiday to ‘gross’ Rs 145 crore in India and Rs 25-27 crore overseas. Worldwide gross should be somewhere between 170 – 180 crore.

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  • @Babaji ka thullu. U always keep on blabbering about holiday and non holiday release. How much did ur Akki’s Boss do on HOLIDAY? 12 crs? or 11 crs?

  • @wickrum

    Holiday is a holiday release???

    Tell me what was the occasion…
    You should go and admit urself to a mental asylum…
    Coz you think,the end of IPL is a holiday period for everyone….

    I also know the business dynamics…and comparing 2010 film wid todays is’nt right…but i have to do because your companion soroop is an insane…

  • brother babaji ku tullu I agree with u buddy.srk never released his movies on non holiday post mnik.let him release on non holiday then we will see what is the star power of so called fake global king.

  • 3 khans are pillers of bollywood, eid out these 3 khan bollywood will collapse as world trade center collapsed in 2001….. Bollywood totally depends on the 3 khans…

  • Akshay came after so many flops and no hype. Still Holiday crossed 100 crore mark. Whereas Aamir came after 3 Idiots, hyped film so much, had Rani-Kareena yet Talaash failed to reach 100 crore and stopped at a mere 92 crore nett! Aamir can’t get 100 crore without Christmas!

  • Babaji ka ullu – as by your name we can understand you never went to school or college coz if you had gone to school. You would have known that almost every school n college is closed in the month of june… So your holiday is a holiday release practically. And maybe you don’t know post ipl release is one of the best release date alongside eid,diwali n xmas even with the best release date your ch akki is chasing 2 states lol

  • @mr thullu.. Though um a akshhay fan..
    But stil need to say dis.. U comparing mnik wid 2 states n gunday.. Mnik being a 2010 movie collected 74 crs n akshays highly acclaimed sp26 collected 70 crs in 2013..see the difference n u wil get ur answer.. N plz dont say k sp26 was an offbeat film n bla bla.. So was the case wid mnik too.. N both I guess released in february…so whoz the biggest star now??

  • @deepu At least Talaash did 92 crore inspite of low promotion.
    MNIK came 3 years after Srk gave two blockbusters OSO ,CDI and was heavily promoted and did only 71 crore lol
    After that he gave Raone, Don2 and JTHJ which barely did 100-110 crore
    All of these were released on holiday. Without holiday Srk cannot cross 71 crore, proof MNIK

  • special 26 released only in 1600 screens whereas mnik released around 2700 screens.srk had kajol and karan johar.

  • @damnn, but dude you are not aware same Akshay kumar housefull did 72cr in IPL period in 2010, MNIK was srk film coming after 1 year gap and its has KJO-SRK-Kajol successful trio. @romance and pickrum with roop, Yes you can’t compare a film of 2010 with 2014, than why you guys thinking ce beat 3i, as both film had 4 year gap, and 3i did 200cr when except Aamir not a single actor touched 100cr, comparison is genuine if srk not had any non holiday release, its not our fault dude. BTW before ce Akshay touched 120cr mark while srk didn’t despite being holiday releases and every factor favouring him. So please see both side of coin. Lets them to enjoy their success why you guys always come to comment negative on akshay article, atleast holiday had no threat for srk, and if you think it won’t cross jthj 101cr, don 106cr or ra1 115cr than its not possible as film definitely surpass them.

  • @sky 3i is a record holder like gadar or hahk, ce is the 1st film which break the 4yr record of 3i n it become shortest record holder before d3 break the record of ce, anyway srk will repeat it againg n hny will break the records of d3 like kkr beat punjab in ipl7.

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