Welcome Movie Review

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Welcome Review

Introducing Welcome

Anees Bazmee’s last release No Entry, a hilarious comic flick, was the biggest blockbuster of the year 2005. Now as the Christmas – New Year celebrations begin; Anees is back with yet another comedy titled Welcome produced by Firoz Nadiadwala. The Welcome cast is interesting; we have Feroz Khan and Anil Kapoor together on the silver screen after 20 long years. The extremely talented Paresh Rawal and Nana Patekar are there too. And how can we forget the King of Comedies, Akshay Kumar. With 3 hits in a row already this year, Akshay is all set to end the year on a high. Katrina Kaif is the leading lady and Mallika Sherawat has a special appearance.

The promotion has been low-key although the trailers have managed to create quite a buzz around the movie. The expectations for a highly entertaining comedy are high, does it live up to the immense expectations?

Welcome Story

Dr Ghungroo (Paresh Rawal), a respected man in the society is on the look out for a bride from a civilized and revered family for his nephew Rajiv (Akshay Kumar). On the other hand serio-comic gangsters Majnoobhai (Anil Kapoor) and Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) are hunting for a polite, well educated and non-criminal husband for their sister Sanjana.
Uday Shetty accidentally bumps into Rajiv and gets convinced that he would be the perfect match for his sister. Majnoobhai and Uday are on the peak of happiness having found the perfect match for their dearest sister. Only till uncle Ghungroo finds out about their background and refuses to agree.

Meanwhile, unaware of all that is happening back home Rajiv and Sanjana meet on a cruise and fall head over heals in love with each other. Dr Ghungroo accepts Sanjana into the family unaware of the fact that she is the sister of the mobsters. But he soon realizes his blunder and refuses to agree for the wedding. In an attempt not to miss the perfect match for their sister, the brother’s get busy with their smart and comic stunts to get Dr Ghungroo agree for the alliance.

Enter Ishika (Mallika Sherawat), a bombshell. She claims to be Rajiv’s childhood bride, yet another puzzle in the already muddled wedlock. Will the love birds ever unite? Will the mob settle once for all at the wedding?

Welcome Review

First the positives. The performances in Welcome is good. Every actor in the movie is in form, although Nana Patekar manages to steal every scene. The movie also has a few hilarious scenes which gets the house down.

But barring a few positives there are way too many negatives.. Welcome entertains in bits and pieces but the comical situations just arent enough to keep you in splits throughout. It also tends to get a bit boring. Also the major problem with Welcome is the writing, neither the story (which of course doesnt exist) nor the situations connect. The chemistry between the lead pair (Akshay – Katrina) is completely lacking.

Welcome is nothing but a few set of comical situations put together to make a movie. The movie lacks content, continuity and chemistry. Remembers, its the chemistry between the lead actors that does the trick in most mindless comical entertainers. The editing is below average, a few scenes were cut off even before it actually ended. Songs keep popping up in the first half, there are as many as 3 songs of which 2 can easily be chopped off. The songs in the second half are no better either, gets on your nerves. The music is a disaster!

Welcome Performances

Nana Patekar rocks! He is mind blowing throughout with great comic timing, he manages to outshine every other actor that shares screen space. After Nana its Anil Kapoor, yet again the actor manages to deliver a great performance. Akshay Kumar is as usual good. Paresh Rawal is amazing in a few scenes. Feroz Khan in a limited role is good. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous, acts well. Mallika Sherawat in a Special apperance is okay.

Indicine Verdict

So is it even half as good as No Entry? No!

Welcome is a mindless entertainer with a few hilarious scenes and good performances by the lead actors. The direction, editing and music is below average.

Wait for the Welcome DVD. This week, go watch the brilliant Taare Zameen Par instead.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (Average)



  • It a total crap, meaningless movie, I’m sorry to see a big actor like Anil Kapoor and a beautiful Katrina in this stupid film!
    No Entry was funny, quite good, but Welcome, it’s a repeated, meaningless, boring movie, made for brainless people who like to enter cinema and laugh: Haa..Haa..Haa for scenes which aren’t funny at all!!

    Aren’t people tired of watching these shity movies?!

  • hey andy sabse pehle to akshay ki tarah namastey.
    aur yaha par kval welcome movie ki baat ho rahi thi na ki tzp ki.
    i saw tzp this is excillent movie my frnd but yaha hum welcome ki baat kar rahe the.

  • tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice movi i like very much and i love katrina kaif
    she is the most beautiful actress in india her tees maar khan movi was so nice katrina kaif is angle her all movies are hit my all friends like katrina kaif she is the most most most beautiful actress

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