We need more actors with dedication that Aamir has: Arshad

It was exactly 25 years ago that Aamir Khan’s debut film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak released in theatres and since then the superstar has come a long way.

Heaping praise on Aamir and his dedication towards his craft, Arshad Warsi said “Actors like Aamir Khan should stay in the industry for as long as possible. We need more actors with the dedication that Aamir has, only then can our industry match international standards”

Actor Vivek Oberoi called Aamir a ‘phenomenon’ “I am a big fan of Aamir, he is a phenomenon. It’s not only his work, but even his professional ethics.”

Khan has two upcoming films – Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K with Anushka Sharma and Vijay Krishna Acharya’s Dhoom 3 which release during Christmas this year.



  • Arshad Warsi is absolutely right and new actors should follow Aamir khan and raise the level of bollywood.

  • The only actor who is raising the level of bollywood is shah rukh khan. That’s why his movies in overseas becoming huge hits. Aamir khan do quality films but his acting style dont attract much audience. He can choose extra ordinary script and do full justice to it. But on other hand shah rukh khan can turn ordinary script in to extra odinary one with his acting. Though aamir is a good actor but he dont have huge fan following, ie means his acting style is not liked by audience. Only amitabh bachan, shah rukh khan and sridevi can make look ordinary movies as extra ordinary one.

  • Rightly said soroop, but one more addition into your list, that is of salman khan. He delivers blockbusters even with a garbage script.

  • @Damnnnn Well Vivek praising Aamir is better than C Grade John Wooden Abraham wanting to direct Srk…!
    Now I dont know whos worse but I know I wouldnt want John talentless Abraham praising the acting skills of my favourite star now. The man doesnt know acting even if it hit him on his steroid head but atleast Vivek is working with Rakesh and Hrithik in K3 so they know acting when they see it. :-)

  • @soroop Spot on bro…! ;-)
    Srk had a masterful script from Yash Ji and with his superb acting abilities he turned that into an Evergreen classic movie…! :-)
    Then theres the amazing MNIK script from Kjo and srk with effortles ease transformed that into a magnanimous film…!
    You see- ordinary scripts made into extraordinary unforgettable masterpieces by the king of acting Srk. Real superstar. ;-)

    And now look at the Ghanta Award Winner Salman bhai- bhai demands no scripts but gets given them nonetheless and turns that Garbage into Gold- Blockbuster Gold…!
    You see ‘soroop’ theres no justice in this world- guess God favours the brave and not the most deserving…! :-(

  • Amir is legendary actor, who not only respected in India but in overseas, that is why he is regularly invited by PMs, Presidents, Queens / Prince, Monarchs of states as an ambasador of India.

    He has done films in mutiple genres, thought provoking, technically brialliant stuffs.

    He has given 1st 100crores and 200 crores grosser in India.

    He ha given 1st 300 crores grosser worlwide and apart from Salman he is the only actor to achieve the feet.

    He has tasted success as an actor, singer, director and tv anchor.

    His fims has won National Awards in various categories, besides, nomination for Oscar.

    Salute to the ‘Ace Khan’ on completeing 25 years in Indian Film Industry and contributing much to the society.

  • @Sameer. Salman khan cant make any garbage in to blockbuster. Even singh is king, welcome, hey baby, welcome 1 and 2, rowdy rathode etc were crap comedies and garbages according to intelligent ppl like u, but they were blockbusters. That doesnt make akshay kumar a superstar like SRK or big b. A large section of audience likes this types of masala movies. OSO got record opening when SRK came with masala movies. Here same thing is happening with salman too, he cant make anything in to extra ordinary instead he make extra ordinary to crap. Therefore u ppl think Bodyguard as a crap, which is cult classic down south and my fav movie. Many ppl think RDBJ as classic movie and personal fav of lot of ppls but it have weak script,it’s SRK acting which made movie in to extra ordinary watch. Even don 2 have weak script still its been immensly liked by many.

  • @ Soroop: Yaar your SRK acting did not cross SK’s Ready Figure leave AK’s 3 idiots figure.

    The time RNBDJ collected 80 crores. Ghazni collected 114 crores.

  • @ Soroop: You are having no sense of what you are writing, firts read them before writing.

    If SK mad blockbuster movie Bodygurad [which you liked] a crap [which the whole india, overseas and tv audience liked], then something is wrong in your thoughts.

    Beside if SRK made RNBDJ a hit [with very much lesser collections than Bodyguard], then according to you he had made a crap film hit.


  • @Nilesh. U didnt got my point. Some Salman movies are good but ppls and critics find it craps coz of his acting. He has that negative talent to make quality in to crap. That’s what im talking abt. Even die hard salman fan is agreeing that all of his movies are craps that answrs urs question. Salman is banking on his infamous personal image which he build while going to jail and creating lot of controveries. Specially dabaang was a hit only coz of that. U probably wont agree coz ur a SRK hater, those ppl automatically become salman or aamir fan. By the way im talking abt bodyguard (south film) not salman one. which was my fav. But after watching Salman bodyguard, i started dislking the south bodyguard also. I must admit tht Salman has immense negative talent.

  • @nilesh soroop is right. Sk can’t give hit without masala look his London dreams janeman yuvraj incontrast srk can give at least hit whether it mink rabne chakhde jthj or even ra1 because of his tremendous fan follower. Salman don’t hv same no of fans like amitabh or srk. Tell me one where was his fans during London dream yuvraj janeman? Put srk in those films definitely those would have brought some respected figure. It is not salman it’s masala genre that work these days. Sallu ajju Akki all these star extended their career bcos sudden acceptance of masala genre.

  • It was exactly 25 years ago that Aamir Khan’s debut film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak released in theatres and since then he couldnt beat newcomer vidya balan who only came on 2005 and surpassed him in gainning awards what a shame

  • @Navin, John Abraham said that his favourite film is Rang De Basanti & it is his dream to cast him in his home production.But indicine team in a bid to promote SRK is not publishing that news which he said earlier. So pls don’t get upset with John Abraham. If John says anything good about other actors,indicine team publishes only one time or not publish. But for SRK they publish 2 or 3 times.

  • @ soroop: This forum is Amir – What about 3 idiots, Ghazni, RDB, TZP, Lagaan, DCH, Sarfarosh.

    You losser, your mesiah has done in his initial years only romantic films, when that clicked. Almost 90% of his hits are romantic films.

    For Emperor Khan:

    Bodyguard is Romantic Film.
    Ready is Comedy.
    ETT is Action Thriller.
    Dabang & Dabangg 2 is Masala Action.
    HAHK is Family Drama,
    HDDCS is costume drama,
    MPK is Romatic Film,
    Tere Naam tragic film.
    Biwi No. 1 is Family Comedy.
    Andaz Apna Apna is Comic classic.
    Phir Milenge is on Aids Awareness.

  • @remotecontrol Hey Einstein maybe you would like to once again share with the world that infamous formula of yours comparing Srks, Vidyas and Aamirs success ratios???
    That really made my day 2 weeks back and cemented your place at the top of the Goof Charts just ahead of ‘G@y1 wetpants’ that week…! :-p

    You rocked the mathematic world last time and this time the academic world will be inside their nuclear bunkers when you once again unleash your ‘mad scientists formula’ upon the world…! ;-)

  • @sht Well when Chennai Depress releases then we will know for once and for all if its Masala that works or Star Power…!
    Lets just hope you smeagolites/ srkians dont have your excuses ‘ready’ for why Smeagol couldnt beat Readys collections…! :-P

  • @navin. Srk don’t need to prove his power in masala movies. Infact Salman need to prove his star power other than masala when clashing with some other star. Don’t forget don janeman (one of most famous clash) garam masala nd kyu ki. Srks boring jthj did more than masala SOS but Sallus boring has not even done half of don. Same goes to kyunk, mamk, savariya.

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