We are planning Golmaal 4 and Singham 3: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn has a incredibly exciting line-up of upcoming films. The actor will be seen in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’ director’s ‘Baadshaho’, followed by mega-budget films like ‘Shivaay’ and ‘Sons Of Sardaar’ (not to be mistaken as the sequel of his comedy film ‘Son Of Sardar’).

But the actor who is known to multitask and work on several projects at the same time, is likely to work with Rohit Shetty in Golmaal 4 or Singham 3.

“Yes, there is an idea for Golmaal 4 and a seed for Singham 3, so we have to decide which one develops first and better” Ajay said.

The actor will begin shooting for his ambitious directorial venture ‘Shivaay’ from December this year. Two of his films are scheduled to release during Diwali 2016 (Shivaay) and Diwali 2017 (Sons Of Sardaar).

Ajay said, that he won’t be compromising on the budget of ‘Shivaay’

“I didn’t have to adjust the budget. I just didn’t want to compromise. The Canada schedule ran into union problems. The bottom line is that we are making a film and trying to be on par with Hollywood. But in the budget which Bollywood allows. So when I was shooting in Canada, their attitude was that we should spend like Hollywood does, which is economically not viable at all. I can’t make a film for ‘1000 crores!”

“Since that was a hindrance, I decided to stop. I found a place (Bulgaria) in Europe, which had better locations and which was financially feasible too. I had problems with the locations in Canada too. The kind I needed were not there, which I found in Bulgaria. Also, there are no unions there and the government was very cooperative. The Minister of Tourism in Bulgaria, Nikolina Angelkova, was very supportive”

Interestingly, it was on Kajol’s advice that Ajay visited Bulgaria and locked the location for ‘Shivaay’. The actress shot for her upcoming film ‘Dilwale’ in the European country.



  • @ indicine how rich is Ajay? I mean does he have the cash to produce these movies? Am sure he is borrowing money from people house to house. Akshay gave him some charity last week. It’s their on tweeter and facebook.??

  • This is halla bol pic of ajay in 2008. @indicine Golmaal3 with low cut French beards carrying a coffee cup with half buttoned shirt where you could see his cuts not like crappy New year walla computer muscles!! and many new look of ajay pixs are available where he looks very dashing. Why always this pic? I stil find him handsome and smart esp in gollmaal3 and Aj.

  • Badshaho
    sons of sardar
    i m waiting 4 all exept
    sons of sardar.Golmaal 3 was very good.singham2 was bellow average movie with weak script an weak villains.Singham was 1 of best movies of ajay devgan .acting of ajay and prakash raj took it to a different level.i can watch singham again n again.want a better story n villain for singham3.

  • Boxofficeindia.com i have doubted on this website that it must be running by khans. But now after seeing figures of phantom im definitely sure the website is designed for khans. Which gives exact figures as the other site when its khans movies. But when it comes to the other stars the difference between the figures are 25 to 45% less then most of the box office sites

  • Hi Sir. Big fan of yours ,I must say Singham and golmaal series were where you distinguished your versatility though never doubted it. That itself just under 1 year golmaal3 blockbuster 2010 excellent comic display!! Singham 2011 action intense blockbuster. In between you did Ouatim! Another classic display of verstality. @indicine I just feel for you people Ajay is the most underrated superstar yet he does some movie far better than some of your favourite picks who might struggle to do a movie like drishyam Ouatim and Singham(I think Salman too wouldv done justice to that role). Just an observations. Also atimes you you use the word superstar for ajay agreed then a Times actor? You called aftabh to earlier article on kya cool hai hum3. Aftab actor Ajay actor?????????? But no problem you guys have your on and off days I guess when it comes to Ajay. For me the khans hritik ajay and probably because of past glories I will include akshay but with a small letter (s) superstar .
    Mega stars Aamir Salman
    Superstar2Megastar. Srk. Dilwale or fan verdict?
    Superstar Hritik Ajay
    fading superstar Akshay
    Threats to fading superstar Ranbeer Varun Ranveer Shahid fingers crossed for Eemran still.

  • Come on
    First off all
    My words r very valuable and I will not waste my words by commenting from other I’d nor I hve tyme ..
    I will say whtvr I feel from only this name

    Nd again u guyx started this unfair comparison ?

    Look ajay can’t match the popularity ,fame,name nd money of Akshay Kumar …accept it or die ..I have seen khans fans supporting Ajay BT they will NVR support akki in this bkws comparison because they know Akshay Iz a competition 2 khans not Ajay devgan ?..!

  • @sandy who says he thinks he is Salman or Srk? There is only 1,Salman 1 SRK and 1 Ajay. Same with Aamir and hritik. Let me ask you a question and be honest. Had DIWALI 2016 2017 was given to Srk don’t you think he will grab it with full fledged force? Kya hua? Ajay toh uska bhaap nikhla. Alone booking 2 diwali in advances shows your level ,superstardom and stance in the industry.! Ajay knocked him out 1st and 2nd round of pre 2016 2017 Diwali final completing a Hatrik right from 2012 diwali.

  • @kundan you said akshay is a fading superstar so just check here in last two years acc. to indicine
    akshay kumar( fading superstar acc. to you) –
    1. holiday – 113 cr. hit
    2. entrrtainment – 72 cr. average
    3. baby – 96 crs. above avg.
    4. GIB – 87 crs. hit
    5. brothers – 85 crs. flop

    ajay devgn( bigger superstar acc. to you)-
    1. himmatwala – 46 crs. flop
    2 . satyagrah – 58 crs. flop
    3. singham returns – 140 cr. super hit
    4. action jakson – 57 cr. flop
    5. drishyam – 75 cr.( expected) avg. (expected).
    so 1.fading star akshay kumar’s lowest grosser is almost equal to second biggest grosser of superstar ajay devgn.
    2. Superstar ajay devgn has only two succeses out of 5 films, including sr which is a sequal, while fading star akshay kumar has four success out of 5 films.
    3. Collection of fading star akshay kumar’s flop film is 85 crs. which is higher then all films of superstar ajay devgn exept sequal sr.
    4. All films of fading star akshay kumar cross 70-80 crs. while only one of superstar ajay devgn film cross 80 crs. while three films failed to cross 60 cr and one even fail to cross 50 crs .
    It means despite akshay kumar’s stardome is fading (acc. to you) he did way better than superstar ajay devgn then just imagine what he can do in good phase. I always respect ajay but have to reply such hatered comments towards akshay sir.

  • @joker worships Ajay. What made you come to Ajay article? What made you waste your precious time reading and disliking every comment? Complex! INFERIORITY! Waste all your life but joker has to be resurrected 10 times before he can attain the fame awards and credibility Ajay has won in his career. Agreed he has flops but even greats like al pacino niro by the way do you know how many disasters Brad Pitt and Russel crew have? Salman Srk Aamir also have flops but does it affects their stardom? No. Today Salman Aamir Shah have directors lining up to sign them. Ajay has actors lining up to act in his directorial movies. Any established superstar is judged at present with his or her futuristic sprees of movies . That’s what this article is simply saying if you have brains! Go and comment on brothers page where you hid for 3 days using multiple ids to write trash like it’s not akki fault bla bla.
    MUST YOU ALWAYS READ AJAY DEVGN ARTICLE! MUST YOU ALWAYS SLEEP WITH HIM ON YOUR MIND! MUST YOU ALWAYS ALLOW A COMMON GIRL LIKE AISHA IQBLAL BLAST AND BLAST AND STRIPP YOU OFF IN WRITTEN? stay of entertainment dog. We don’t need you or your comments here. Your value decreases day after day even your own fans call you LOSER?

  • @sass Why 2 years only? Fine if it’s exactly 2 years they posted so calculate 2years ago from let’s even say June not July not august! So if that’s the case Himmatwalla will be classified under 3years since its release was March or April 2013.
    Then if it’s exactly 2years from now better add in Outimd verdict too and Boss because they were released around August and ahead! So either you put Sos and bol bachan if you include himmatwalla which is more than 2years old by now or wen indicine posted it. Then in 3 years we shall include khiladhi 786 joker outimd boss etc. Stop looking for cheap excuses. Ajay along with Salman Aamir are the trio founders of 100 crores club way back when tees maar Khan clashes were dusted by Ajay. Ajay has more 100 crores higher opening day weekend week lifetime clean hits (not average/semi hit and above I mean clean hits). He has 2 national awards film fare awards what else? What does joker have during those period? Beside iifa or see tv awards or highest single day 19 crores? Just shut up!

  • @aisha iqbal flop word ajay ke fans se accha nhi. Lgta….ajay whole career is flop and disaster… U know why some people are supportion ajay …just to give some sympathy …u should be ashamed of this…the actors which are bashed are srk ,akki,salman,aamir,hrithik….but not ajay because he is no competition to them..

  • I love it when you say Sons of Sardaar shouldnt be confused as a sequel to 2012s Son of Sardaar but you never state the same for when overhyping Billu FAN…! Does this mean you think Billu Fan is infact a sequel to Irrfan Khans Billu 1…?

  • I love it when Indicine say Sons of Sardaar shouldnt be confused as a sequel to 2012s Son of Sardaar but they never state the same for when overhyping Billu FAN…! Does this mean they think Billu Fan is infact a sequel to Irrfan Khans Billu 1…?

    I think so

  • @7:57pm

    Dont be a hypocrite coz our Koyla Queen remade DON n Devdas n ruined their legacy but you lungiwales kept quiet…!

  • This is bad news for lungiwales…!

    They were hoping for Shetty Sir to make a profitable series out of LUNGI Express for their fading superstar Queen…!

    Ideas like Lungi Express 2, Paglapur Express, Bakrapur Express, Koyla Express have to shelved indefinitely for now.

  • @Bhojpuri flop star he is much much much much much much much much much much much much much much bigger star than your 2 RS greedy star who I’d still living in 60,70,80 Cr clubs.

  • Singham 2 and SOS 2 will be disasters… Golmaal 4 may be a huge success, but I don’t think Ajay can be a superstar anymore. He’s like Akshay, his time is gone at the box-office !

  • @khiladhi…you are d first to bash him always. I promised never to even answer any of yr comments again kiddo!! Shut up deliver same number of centuries then talk to other fans. Last time answering u just bcos your id reads khiladhi if not remember these two words separating u n I 4 life and my idol n yrs
    1. Ferreri vs Tata indigo no basis for comprsm!!
    2. Kiddo!
    3. Have a clean shave or die your white beards except you want to start acting as a father in all your movies.
    4. Aukat meh raho. ….I write my name boldly so write yours even though it’s d most disgusting name here @indicine!! Tell your face book friend according to u @bivin that we know him very well!!! Id specialist!!
    Now if you @khiladhi reply me then I will know that it is U which I already know. Finally if guilty conscious is worrying u…come out from d shield and face me Kiddo!!!
    Note: let’s see who believes he is still a kiddo and am referring to him…that would be d most foolish thing a man wil ever do….guilty conscious!!! Idiot.
    @khiladhi..if I were you I would just stay mum bcos any of yr comments I can tell who wrote it and you know so just imagine you never read this comment of mine.
    Will wait…once again play safe okay.

  • @bhojpuri d same you again….
    Yes you are right had Ajay not produced his few biggest movies I wonder which producer would have given Rohit a chance if not for Ajay. Who helped distributed and guided him to his present status. By the way your joker is somebody without who??

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