Hrithik and Salman are the only megastars I’ve worked with: Sonam

Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor haven’t shared screen-space in a film so far, but their chemistry in a television commercial and the latest song video ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ has impressed one and all.

Sonam went all out to praise Hrithik, saying he has this unusual quality of being humble and nice to everyone.

“It’s been amazing working with Hrithik. You have these pre-conceived notions, you get scared to work with someone who is a huge megastar. I think the only other megastar that I’ve worked with is Salman Khan”

The actress said she likes the way Hrithik treats people around him.

“Hrithik is very casual and relaxed. I like the way he treats people around him. There are a lot of people who are not kind to people, because they think they are bigger than everybody else. Hrithik is very normal, humble and there is a lot of humility there. He is very open to everybody. It’s a very unusual quality for people who have seen so much success in life. It’s pretty incredible.”



  • HR-SONAM is making a superb on screen couple…..can make wonders!! want Them in a full-fledged Romantic Movie desperately!!! They Looks deadly together on-screen!!! and about HR…He is a lone-warrior always yet very humble!!! stay like this for ever!!! Love You Duggu :-)

  • So is she saying Akshay, who she worked with in Thankyou, isn’t a megastar? Or did she just forget? Silly making such statements..

  • Well among all this Dheere Dheere and Sonam Kapoor news, has any one noticed that Hrithik has been trending on twitter since early hours today. Still in Top 5.

    Arguably the most handsome man in film indutry and he has again shown that in Dheere Dheere music video.
    Now he needs to show the actor in him in Mohenjo-Daro. 12th August 2016. Records are going to tumble. Awards are going to come his way.

    2006 belonged to him. Krrish and Dhoom 2. Commercial success and awards all were his. khans were no where near him. Now he can rewrite the history books again 10 years later in 2016.

    Hope he gets 2 release including the YRF film and give it may be a christmas release. We are already having Raees and Sultan clash, lets have Dangal and YRF’s Thug clash as well.


  • tiger the real moron, see how many dislikes your comment got.
    U prove the proverb that Laaton ke Bhoot baataon se nahin mante.
    Sudhar ja nahin toh ek din kisi bus ya truck ke neeche aa jayega aur —– Ki maut mar jayega.

  • Who cares u worked with megastars or not!!!.. Nobody will come to see u.. It will be salman who will be responsible for Prdp hysteria..

  • Hrithik , Aamir , Salman and Sharuk are the only Megastar in current bollywood.
    No other actors are even close to them.

  • Bhai is only one megastar in bollywood rest are star and superstar
    Hrithik is just a star, his highest grossing movie is less collection than Ranbir, that show how small star it is

  • Bhai is only one megastar in bollywood rest are just star and superstar.

    Hrithik is just a star, his highest grossing movie is less collection than Ranbir, that show how small star he is

  • Dheere Dheere by Honey Singh is just about a average song but what makes it FABULOUS & Awesome is the presence of Hrithik in the video and the great locations!

    A treat for all!! Now waiting for Mohenjo Daro :)

  • Nice article

    btw i m not behind that azhar biopic id.just came here to clear my name as sajid is accusing me continuosly when he is the real guy behind those irritating ids

  • i dnt think they r hritick looks good
    with sonam.sonam looks like a bachchi infront of Hritik .she doesnt have that physic

  • Always classy Hririk?? also eagerly waiting for MD!!!* sure it’s gonna blast n rock!!!!
    @kk what’s wrong with sonam? She has d physique she is cute…adorable fashion freak …slim..5.8!! Yes may be acting wise yeah but she is very very presentable!! Though Hritik is just something elseeeeee…
    Megastar no. Superstar definitely without any shadow of doubt. So @so am its fair to say only 1 megastar you have worked with because you are even yet to act in any of Hritiks movie. Hopefully you might.

  • Megastar- SRK Superstar-HRITHIK, AMOOR, SALWOMAN Star-Ajay, Varun, Siddharth Flopstar-Akshay, Ranveer, Ranbir.

  • Salman khan the king of bollywood. But hrithik is not superstar because 15 years of long career he gives only 8 hits lol. Even akshay is way ahead than your hrithik

  • this is 2nd joke by over actress sonam.why she is so overrated among all heroines I can’t understand.her acting even worse than Katrina Kaif.such a show off thus illiterate girl is,ROFL.

    @Damnnnn…!!!!!,yeah fully agreed with you ,she deserves that nice word,ROFL.

    @swanand,absolutely hilarious,but one stroke is not enough for the tiger-the real chuha,ROFL.

    @I am SRKIAN,agreed with you but why put koyla in star list?????took koyla into flop star’s list and bring akki into star it’s all right.

    Salman is also coming under bhojpiri satr list,not super star bro.this talentless papa’s boy not only struggled but also 50%+ films of him are completely side /cameo appearance and reborn in 2010 with south remake and prolonged trough masala genre.

    Is this stupid girl didn’t know MEGASTARS HAS LARGEST HIT STREAKS LIKE RAJESHJI,OR BEST ACTORS LIKE DILLIPJI,BIGB,then how this stupid girl cane to Bollywood,all gulity done by Anil kapoor because he didn’t sent stupid girl to school before made this show off girl to enter Bollywood.

  • Hrithik is a decade younger than Khans..
    still he is been compared with them.
    This is more than enough to show his Stardom.

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