Hrithik and Salman are the only megastars I’ve worked with: Sonam

Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor haven’t shared screen-space in a film so far, but their chemistry in a television commercial and the latest song video ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ has impressed one and all.

Sonam went all out to praise Hrithik, saying he has this unusual quality of being humble and nice to everyone.

“It’s been amazing working with Hrithik. You have these pre-conceived notions, you get scared to work with someone who is a huge megastar. I think the only other megastar that I’ve worked with is Salman Khan”

The actress said she likes the way Hrithik treats people around him.

“Hrithik is very casual and relaxed. I like the way he treats people around him. There are a lot of people who are not kind to people, because they think they are bigger than everybody else. Hrithik is very normal, humble and there is a lot of humility there. He is very open to everybody. It’s a very unusual quality for people who have seen so much success in life. It’s pretty incredible.”



  • @fanny chechi

    Her movies atleast make money which is alot more than can be said for Joker Boys poor bikhari producers who after investing in his films are bankrupt…!

  • @HERO I think you forget some one big it is akki sir he have more fan following than aamir and hr not only in india but also her in the mid east and I one of them from yamen you should to take for fan following and popularity not box office collections some one will not trust me but it is the true at example aamir his films are atbb and have more collections than srk and salman films but we now srk and salman have more fan following with all the respect to aamir and his fans

    think you

  • Papa’s boy a megastar…hmm..
    Its Funny sonam..
    If u call hritik a megastar then wat wil u call rakesh roshan?

  • @Hyderabad Mechanic!!
    Don’t you think removing Ajay n putting Akshay name is to easy? I mean you can have that President trophy called National award and give one to koyla queen and the other(oh yes you heard me right other…he has 2) to Akshay I think it will be a bolder stunt!!! By the way why does your body shake when you see Ajay or Salman name? Kya? Listen Gavaar, u think making long nonsense stories of Ajay or Salman by mocking @them or trying to change their current status in Bollywood industry is like trying to change an oil filter and engine oil in your mechanic workshop? Sorry that’s not how things work. Keep on barking barking n barking nothing changes. Yehi hai duniya khi usuul(hop I got that pronouncation right). We’re you not the same person bashing Akshay on brothers article ?? Cheap Desi Gavaar!!!?? Ajay has dethroned koyla queen two festive favourite periods for release? Why? Aja dum dhikhana agar hai toh agar nehi toh just shut up and read hard for your 9th standard examination!!! Try and close early from your mechanic workshop engineer babu so that you can have time to read…make constructive comments and above all stop thinking of Ajay always at least be cautious with your blood pressure!!! Now that’s like a good boy!!!

  • Well everybody in the industry will be willing to work with u after Mega Hit PRDP. It will catapult u to the big league just like Jacqueline after Kick!
    Yes, jadoo boy is a humble and nice person! He’s dignified. Yet that doesnt stop me calling him jadoo boy.. Coz its an honorary title for him coz he loves jadoo. ?

  • @Awad..
    I agree that Srk and Salman have more fan following..
    But it doesn’t mean that these fan will not watch Dangal or Mohan Jodaro.
    People have their own favorate actors.
    But don’t under estimate others.
    Every Actors are hard working in their own way..

  • Sonam
    Hrithik is the only one megastar of Hindi Cinema
    rest Khans are E.D.X (Eid.Deepawali.Xmas) made tiny stars !
    waiting for Biggest Blockbuster Films or No.1 Films of the Year 2016 !

    I am infinite percent sure only this two Films i.e “MOHENJO DARO” and “THUG” will be No.1 & No.2 Films of the year 2016 ( highest grossing films of 2016 )

  • Right @Awad exactly

    @Navin chusseer .
    Which movie of sonam crossed even 100 cr ????? Lol on u

    Nd bhag milkha bhag m sonam thi kya ??? Really ??? Oh yeah for 20 minutes ???
    Go sleep

  • @hero hrithik is decade youger than khans but you do realize that each khan had a one or two all time blockbusters in their first 10 years and hrithik is yet to give an all time blockbuster and he has been in bollywood for over 15 years. on the other hand, ranbir is 8 years younger than hrithik but he already got ATBB in YJHD. khans stardom is unmatched. look at kabir khan movie without salman.

  • @aisha

    ROFL at the ‘hyderabadi mechanic’ reference….!

    Ppl will be foolish to trust him with their BMX bikes let alone letting him loose on their cars…!

  • So our complan boy is a mechanic from hyderabad…!

    Makes sense now as I heard of reports about rickshaws travelling backwards despite being in 1st gear…!

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  • Ohhhh ! hold on, sonam ji when did hrithik become a ‘megastar’? People these days are using the term ‘megastar’ so loosely without even knowing what ‘megastar’ in the actual context means or what separates a ‘megastar’ from an ordinary superstar!

    There is only one megastar in Bollywood currently i.e salman and big b was the only megastar from the past , rest all are superstars , stars etc

    In the order of hierarchy: Megastars > superstars > stars > actors/actresses (generally flop actors & actresses who are at the bottom of the ladder)

    Currently salman is the only megastar , among the superstars aamir is by far the biggest superstar followed by hrithik, srk,ajay, akki etc, period!

    And PRDP is supposed to break the following records : Biggest opener , highest single day , biggest weekend, highest week, fastest 100,150 ,200 & 250 (& fastest 300 if the content is excellent), possibly it could be the 1st one to cross the 350 & 375 crores net milestones in India.

  • This stupid Fukra idiot. Talentless Sonam is calling jadoo hrithik a megastar I guess she don’t knw the meaning of megastar if hrithik is a Megastar then ranbir too is a megastar. I think she forget that she had work wih akki. And the whole bollywood india and world knows that akki is better than jadoo or I shld called him kkrirsh upon his strategy of doing film he still have so many flop lining up. If akki will b realising 1 film a year or 1 film per 15month or 2yrs. He will tofan the boxoffice. India knws that they have only 2-3 mega star Delip, Rajesh and … I hate the third megastar that is why I wouldn’t calll his name

  • @nvs…according to ur bollywood cinema has only one megastar-amitabh bachhan…evry departments of bollywood industry such acting,box office,award,popularity,fans,quality,voice….etc…he is the best and no one can arrives this level…this is called real megastar…ur megastar depends on only box is true for 2015…though only amir’s has the destroying power of amir’s previous record…

  • @Navin. Lol
    Yeah…He keeps on bashing Ajay just like @kiddo! I was trying to show him d ryt passage but then suddenly his quote “don’t you know am talking to an ENGINEER??? From Hyderabad)…jeeez!! That’s why I had to tell him that it’s a big lie!! That’s why I revealed my occupation of being a doc. I sentence of his disqualified his claim that’s why I called him a mechanic!! If it’s really true am sorry but it’s how he presents himself esp with Empire Devgn!! But still I rate him way higher than
    someone we all know. Because @sss is not a chameleon and his mentality his way higher than @?? don’t angry moi!!!

  • @Aisha iqbal ajay is much better than CRIMINAL SALWOMAN in terms of ACTING. But why are you doing negative comments about SRK?? I am a huge SRK fan but i also respect Ajay too . And yes in current days AJAY > AKKI. BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE MEGASTAR THAT IS OUR KING KHAN. So I dont agree with sonam kapoor.

  • Sorry man, but here I cant agree with you. How can you ignore Aamir as megastar? So we have 2 megastars currently aamir khan and Salman khan.

  • @NVS sorry mate, but here I have to disagree with you. Yes Salman khan is a megastar of current generation but how can you elude aamir khan. He is also megastar, so we have 3 megastars of all time in Indian cinema which are Amitabh Bachchan, aamir khan and Salman khan. All the rest are superstars or stars.

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