Most watched Hindi Movies on Television last week

Salman Khan has yet another topped last week’s television ratings with his old film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ (1999) continuing to attract viewers from across the country.

The film at the second spot is ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’. The S.S. Rajamouli film has become hugely popular on television, which will prove to be huge advantage when the second film – ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ – releases in theatre in April next year.

Housefull 3 took the 5th spot.

Most watched movies on Television (1st October – 7th October 2017)

  • Hum Saath Saath Hai (Salman Khan) – 39,31,000 viewers (higher than the World Television Premiere of many films this year)
  • Baahubali: The Beginning (Prabhas) – 36,56,000
  • The Return of Rebel (Prabhas) – 29,61,000
  • Main Hoon Rakshak (Vishal) – 29,07,000
  • Housefull 3 (Akshay Kumar) – 26,52,000


  • Just watched #TheBreakupSong song and now I’m sure that AJAY DEVGAN will really go to Mountains Of Himalayas after Flop Result of #Shivaay and losing his all Money

    RIP on Advance

  • Hum Saath Saath hai is really a great movie & 1st movie of Salman Khan that I liked.
    I personally like only 6-7 movies of Salman Khan

  • Indians are still cultural from heart but because of some wanna be Western, Hindi film industry focuses on film like befikre.. Salman knew it and he is the biggest star now.

  • Means ki & ka is not in the list whose world tv premier was on 2nd October.
    Bahubali 2 will open huge undoubtedly.
    Tv audience like family or massy kind of movie that’s why HSSH, HAHK, DDLJ , PRDP has huge TRP.

  • We are Indians and we always and still love and Respect our Culture.. The Popularity of these movies is a Proof of that..
    i hope Team “Befikre:” is Reading to this..

  • Thanks Salman Khan for showing us, your die hard fans such golden days. TV pe top movies me top. Log bhagre hai apki movies release dates k paas se. Matlab alag hi level pe leke chale gae ho stardom ko. THANK YOU MEGASTAR

  • Thanks Salman Khan for showing us, your die hard fans such golden days. TV pe top movies me top. Log bhagre hai apki movies release dates k paas se. Matlab alag hi level pe leke chale gae ho stardom ko. THANK YOU MEGASTAR.

  • I liked the movie ‘Family Ek Deal’ that was aired on Zee Cinema. Smartly made film with lot of interesting mind games.

  • Indicine. I disagreed with you for trailer raitings. ADHM didn’t have same response like befikre. I personally loved ADHM. Friendship and love combination always connect to youth and family unlike the some wanna be friends who are benefits and good for nothing befikre

  • I think it is ridiculous to give credits of television ratings to the lead star. My whole family watches HSSH/HAHK everytime it comes on television. But we do not watch it for salman alone. It is for the songs/story/nostalgia/feel good. If the credit has to be given it ought to be given to the director. And by saying Salmans film, we are demeaning the contributions of other artistes in HSSH. Last month sholay had 41 Lakhs viewers. So does that mean we give the entire credit to Mr Bachchan alone.

  • In this decade, the following films of three khans I loved are My name is Khan, Solid entertainer Wanted, Don 2, National award winning film dabangg 1 in the category of providing wholesome entertainment, bajrangi bhaijaan, motivational sultan. I liked 3 idiots only from aamir. I didn’t like dhoom 3,pk,dhobi chat,talash. I will later you my favorite films of akshay this decade.

  • One of the secrets of Salman’s huuuuge stardom is that he makes films for true Indian audience and not for few pseudo intellectual urban wannabe western people.

  • @Indicine – No point comparing apples and oranges (new releases v/s old classics). HSSH is an old classic which families tend to watch on repeat on TV quite often. I don’t think Salman is the reason here, it is just that a hit and popular family movie that is bringing in the viewers.

  • When you watch a film on TV, it’s kinda obvious that family is gonna be around and no matter how old you are, you will feel awkward if there is an intimate scene, liplock, foul language or gruesome horrific action. You would prefer a film that can be watched with people of all age group. And at present when all filmmakers add such scenes to give their film an appeal, there is only one actor who continues to give family oriented neat and clean films and he is Abdul Rashid Salim SALMAN KHAN. No wonder why his films are celebrated like a festival.

  • Sooraj ji started family drama and brought revolution in Indian cimema.All his directed movie is much luved and appreciated by pan india india. This is universal truth whilst other wannabe director Adi and karan johar influenced by him . They tried hard however alwys fell flat and couldn’t surpass the collection 😊😊
    For those queen fan who thinks hahk was madhuri movie i would thake u all back in 1989 when salman was noone but a mere newcomer and debutant and sooraj ji was no one like raju hirani but a new director and rest was history. MEGA STAR Salman khan was only one actor in indian cinema who gave ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER in his debutant, many haters will say his feat because of his father let me tell you there are dozen of star kid who tried their luck in flimdom like abhisek, tusra kappor ,zayad khan ,bobby deol more and more but Salman was born to rule and rest are jus struggler# note: hrithik rosan gave only blockbuster in his debutant. 😊

  • SK played second fiddle to Mohnish Behl in this movie like HR did in KKKG to SRK. I challenge any normal neutral movie viewer to dispute this statement

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