Very soon Indian actors will make their presence felt world over: Irrfan Khan

Actor Irrfan Khan, who is back from the premiere of his latest film ‘Inferno’ in Florence (France), says this is a good time for Indian cinema and Indian actors.

“I can say with full authority that this is a great time to be an Indian actor. Our cinema is being recognized and acknowledged internationally. Very soon Indian actors will be able to make their presence felt in every corner of the world. It’s just a matter of time,” he said.

The premiere of the film happened at an opera theatre, the Opera di Firenze in Florence, and Irrfan was delighted to hear how minutely the journalists gathered at the venue watched the film.

“They asked intricate literary questions about the film from all of us. They wanted to discuss the film’s connection with Dante’s Inferno. No one asked me about Indian politics,” said Irrfan.

The eminently international Irrfan is back in India for just a few days until his new Hollywood film “Inferno” releases on Friday.

“Actually I’m supposed to be in the US for some important meetings. I had to cancel them and get back home when my producers of ‘Inferno’, in all their wisdom, decided to release our film in India two weeks in advance of the rest of the world. That sort of threw me off gear, in a good way,” laughs Irrfan pleasurably.

“So, here I am just for a few days to do press in India,” he added.

Irrfan has plenty of reason to be flattered. The producers of “Inferno” decided to advance their film’s release in India to cash in on Irrfan’s presence in the cast.

“It is true they thought since I was in the cast, they wanted me to be the face of the film in India. I gladly and humbly accepted the honour, and here I am,” said the actor.

Tom Hanks, Irrfan’s co-star in “Inferno”, recently was quoted as saying, “I thought I was the coolest guy in the room until Irrfan walked in.”

Irrfan laughs it off as his great co-star’s magnanimity,

“Just being around Tom Hanks is so enriching for me. He is a very generous co-star, colleague and I can comfortably say we’re friends. ‘Inferno’ has a truly global cast.”

“It gave me a chance to get to know actors from all across the world. To me the biggest advantage of working abroad is the exposure I get to international talent,” he said.

The film is releasing in India on Friday.

Irrfan Khan, Tom Hanks - Inferno

Irrfan Khan, Tom Hanks – Inferno



  • Pakistani actors want to work in India
    because India is bigger than Pakistan
    and Indian wants to work with international

    Indians >>>>>>>>>>>>>>.pakistani

  • SRK is the most popular star in overseas without any doubt…..
    Aamir had done exceptionally well in last few years and not just giving tough competition to Srk but also beating him wid big margin…..
    After bajrangi bhaijaan ,Salman has extended his market in overseas ,his overseas performance is great in BB and sultan….
    Hrithik was ahead(or equal) than salman till 2014 ,but mohenjo daro was a huge huge dissapointment in Overseas too and bajrangi ,prdp a d Sultan r the biggest hit in overseas after 2014. …..
    From 2000-2008 ,he was at 2nd spot in overseas after blockbusters like k3g ,d2 and jodha akbar but guzzarish didn’t work and kites ,znmd ,agneepath etc. were good but not great but Aamir upped their game after gajini and hrithik remained constant….

  • If I could star in a movie with Tom Hanks, my world will be complete. Way to go Irfan khan! U are a true bollywood legend.

  • Really
    I think now anyone can see the Irrfan Khan regression for being an Migrants i mean he keep discovering still as a migrants whether its Bollywood or Foreign Movies

    Sorry but at last no actors interested to be Migrants like you n deepika padukone and priyanka chopra etc….

    Hollywood Offers are ignored by Superstars of Bollywood Industry
    Understand and get well soon migrants you will get high class stardom and respect even if you guys staying only at Bollywood Industry

    Thats the power and stardom all over the world of Bollywood Superstars like
    Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, SRK, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan etc….
    Plz Don’t Insult Developing Indians

  • Iam happy for him he really the true face of india and bollywood internationally. An actor. With great talent. Iam not talking abt bollywood superstar who has the stardom to draw audience to theatre in their larger than life movies

  • @A.B-When has lallu become a star in overseas? 3 overseas blockbusters in 27 years’ career???!!! He is a Local Non-actor now striving to get some overseas audience with the help of Chinese actress!!!

  • A.B. No Hollywood or Bollywood star can make hits all the time. Some of their films will flop, especially if they tend to experiment with the roles they take on. The more successful ones tend to vary their roles for the challenge it represents,, and sometimes the fans are disappointed and will not patronize the film. A good star is a good star and It does not mean that they are not good if a film makes less money than a competitor, it is just that the majority of their fans do not like the genre of that film. In any case famous stars will fade away and new ones will take their place, some will fall hard and for others the drop will be gentle. It is life.

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