I want to do a horror comedy: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has been experimenting with his roles and films in the last couple of years. The shift from doing similar films to mixing up the genre, has worked big time for the actor who was seen in films like Baby, Gabbar Is Back, Brothers, Airlift, Housefull 3 and the upcoming Rustom.

“I want to do a horror comedy. I did ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, but then after that I didn’t get a script like that.. I feel two different genres like horror which has a fear element and comedy which has laughter in it.. To combine both of them together is very difficult. Only Mehmood was successful in that. I would like to do that genre again” Akshay said.

The actor also said, his next film ‘Rustom’ has a script that has never been written before.

“This kind of a screenplay, script has never been written before. When a man goes the other way, his wife has to forgive. Nobody has shown when a woman goes the other way and comes back, then what happens.”

Talking about his character in the film, Akshay said there is something about the navy uniform that brings a transformation of sorts as soon as he slips into it.

“When I’m getting ready, I wear my navy trousers and a banyan inside, till that time I am okay, normal. When the uniforms used to come, the badges, the cap, my walk completely changed; I started gliding. There is something about uniforms that it gives you a certain kind of responsibility; it just tells you, ‘you are the man, you take the charge, you do everything”

“When you see the movie, you will see that my walk has changed while I’m entering the courtroom or anything. So I envy these people who wear uniform. That’s why I also did the contest that whenever you see a guy in a uniform, have a selfie” he added.

About his preparation to play a naval officer, he said “I didn’t specially sit down and took books to learn about the navy rules and regulations. I didn’t interact with any naval men, only there was one naval officer who was guiding me throughout about how the salute is, how the badges are to be worn, how the uniforms should be and how the walk should be.”

After more than two decades in the industry, Akshay says he has no regrets.

“I don’t have any regrets and I am happy that I am in this industry. I look at my journey without any regret and anybody would love to be in my shoes.. If I even had a bit of regret, then there is no point because of whatever god has given me, there is no space for regrets” he said.



  • @hrithik-LOL, KKHH wasn’t possible without Lallu? What did Lallu do in that film? If Lallu had any credit in that film, why couldn’t he make Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega a legendary ATBB which had SRK in cameo? Shame on Lallu, he gets overshadowed by each of his co-actors and steals credit from others’ ATBBs. Shame!

  • @hritik
    Karliya jitna bakwash karna tha??
    What do u want to prove? A 10 minutes role in 3 hours 20 minutes movie is called cameo aka Salman Khan. And what do u mean director of the movie? Karan may have said that because of formality…Even SRK thanked all the guests of Om Shanti Om, so should we include it in everyone’s star ranking?And is Filmfare, a private magazine award a barometer to measure sb’s role. I dont beleive in Filmfare even if SRK wins it
    By comparing Lallu’s role with Rani’s role and disgusting such a song, please dont disgust an iconic cult classic of King Khan
    Get that

  • @Resham : I dont think it is not giving to make any difference or worth when the director himself have giving the credit where it is due whether it is for 3 hours or for 30 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Nangaa Naach (NN) : Do you even know the comparisons ? SRK in a 5 minutes role and Salman with a song and 25 minutes role. This proves how despos you are when stealing credit from some one. STFU when Kjo have no issues and given the credit then you have no right to protest. It was not Salman who asked him to give credit but the makers who happily given credit to his role. Even if we exclude KKHH from Salman flmography he will still have more ATBB, BB than SRK !!!!!!!!!!!!! Loser idol ke loser fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Shameless hrithik-Haha, Karan said KKHH was a classic ATBB because of Lallu? Karan says good things about everybody. Lallu’s role was nowhere as close to Rani Mukherjee. Even KKHH’s poster didn’t have Lallu in it. Keep begging and stealing others megastars’s credit and classics since Lallu may have other blockbusters but doesn’t have respectable classics under his credit except for BB. Varun Dhawan is above Lallu in this decade according to Indicine, mind it.

  • @hrithik,yeah KJO SIR also said once KING KHAN IS THE BIGGEST STAR OF BOLLYWOOD.accept that too if you really have guts,rofl.

    Who is asking those sadakchap 1 rupee blockbusters still KING KHAN has maximum CLASSIC BLOCKBUSTER AND BIGGEST ACTOR,and lallu is nothing in front of him.

    Yeah definitely you can still credit from K2H2 even though KING KHAN get BEST ACTOR for that and lallu get supporting role .similarly why don’t you try to take credit from movies like saawan,saawariya,kissan,hello and many such uncountable flop/disasters,that are also bhai’s movies.

    KING KHAN has almost same and has MAXIMUM CLASSIC BLOCKBUSTERS but HE doesn’t has bunches of flops and disasters like your disasters/flops like you disasters whose flops/disaster sis higher than his success what about that disaster/flop star loser’s shameless chameleons fans?????,rofl.

  • @Nangaa Naach (NN) : I did not say KKHH success is solely due to Salman but his role added the x-factor to its screenplay. Kjo said without Salman KKHH wouldn;t have been so big and he never said KKHH success is solely due to Salman. When you dont have the capability to understand dont force yourself or put pressure on your rusty mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can also prove Deepika is more successful than SRK by various stats. No matter whatever you bark or think, real audience in theaters are showing aukaat of your bhagodi queen every year and showering all love and support for Salman with his movies becoming BB and ATBBs whereas your idol crawls to 80 crs and come up with a Flop movie on a partial holiday. Nothing will change the reality not even your illusions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @moronic sss : When Kjo said this SRK was on top it was nothing to show off about it now. He said it 10-12 years ago which you are still finding solace in it. The same Kjo called Bollywood without Salman is nothing not even your SRK will complete it without Megastar Salman Khan. But we are boasting in fresh and super success of Salman and you still living in rotten glories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik-When did I say Lallu isn’t successful now even though he is behind SRK and Varun in this decade :-P ? I would never deny that he is one of the best debutante in bollywood taking birth in 2010 and showing his aukaat since then. Before that he was non-existent so why would Lallu fans care talking about past? Because they don’t have any past, LOL!!

  • @hrithik ha ha ha. Bollywood incomplete without none actor aka bhojpuri star salman ? How? On which planet? Mars, or Jupiter? Or Pluto? Ek to planet Bata de! The truth is bollywood will be far far better and complete without this loser bhojpurI none actor. We have talented megastars like Aamir, Srk, Hrithik, akshay, ajay, so we don’t really need a none actor who can’t even act and do proper movies. Bollywood is a crap and worst industry only because of this bhojpurI none actor lallu. If we get rid of him then it will be far better. So shut your mouth and get lost. Someone who can’t even give a movie that is worth a watch apart from just 1 film wonder (thanks to a child artist) can’t be considered a true star. One who always hides behind all major holidays like eid, diwali, christmas, post ipl period can’t be considered a true superstar. So shut up and don’t bark crap. Bollywood will be much better with out salman.

  • @NN : As I said earlier no matter whatever you blabber nothing will change the reality. Keep spouting gibberish stuff it may help queen cross 250 crs as 300 crs is not your idol’s aukaat !!!!!!!!!

    @ Greek God Fan Forever aka Jadoo fan : Remember the days when Jadoo was just a stick out kid ? Who helped and inspire to build his physique ? Was it you or Aamir or SRK or Ajay ? Even your idol have accepted on National TV (Colors) that Salman is the big boss of Bollywood and you are hell bent to prove your idol a liar !!!!!!!!!! Lol
    Kiddo grow up do not mess with Salman or his fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even your idol knows this.

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