I want to do a horror comedy: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has been experimenting with his roles and films in the last couple of years. The shift from doing similar films to mixing up the genre, has worked big time for the actor who was seen in films like Baby, Gabbar Is Back, Brothers, Airlift, Housefull 3 and the upcoming Rustom.

“I want to do a horror comedy. I did ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, but then after that I didn’t get a script like that.. I feel two different genres like horror which has a fear element and comedy which has laughter in it.. To combine both of them together is very difficult. Only Mehmood was successful in that. I would like to do that genre again” Akshay said.

The actor also said, his next film ‘Rustom’ has a script that has never been written before.

“This kind of a screenplay, script has never been written before. When a man goes the other way, his wife has to forgive. Nobody has shown when a woman goes the other way and comes back, then what happens.”

Talking about his character in the film, Akshay said there is something about the navy uniform that brings a transformation of sorts as soon as he slips into it.

“When I’m getting ready, I wear my navy trousers and a banyan inside, till that time I am okay, normal. When the uniforms used to come, the badges, the cap, my walk completely changed; I started gliding. There is something about uniforms that it gives you a certain kind of responsibility; it just tells you, ‘you are the man, you take the charge, you do everything”

“When you see the movie, you will see that my walk has changed while I’m entering the courtroom or anything. So I envy these people who wear uniform. That’s why I also did the contest that whenever you see a guy in a uniform, have a selfie” he added.

About his preparation to play a naval officer, he said “I didn’t specially sit down and took books to learn about the navy rules and regulations. I didn’t interact with any naval men, only there was one naval officer who was guiding me throughout about how the salute is, how the badges are to be worn, how the uniforms should be and how the walk should be.”

After more than two decades in the industry, Akshay says he has no regrets.

“I don’t have any regrets and I am happy that I am in this industry. I look at my journey without any regret and anybody would love to be in my shoes.. If I even had a bit of regret, then there is no point because of whatever god has given me, there is no space for regrets” he said.



  • Haha akshya is perfect for horror geners because his face looks like a ghost. And suite comedy because he is joker. Coincidently joker is his movie (2012) which is badly boomed at boxoffice.

  • he is truly versatile actor no one can beat akki sir in versatile in his films now I just hope he get his droit in awards, early waiting to watching rustom it is going to be classic film

  • @ Rajesh Kulkarni 7:47 pm duplicate Rajesh Kulkarni what rubbish this not me . @ indicine email id of this user . I know this is hrithik fan they are using my name .

  • Comedy – Hera pheri , housefull , etc
    Action – Khiladi series , Mohra , Elaan , Sapoot ,etc

    Thriller – baby , special 26 , etc

    Romance – namaste London , Dhadkan , yeh Dillagi , etc

    Drama – waqt , etc

    patriotic – airlift , holiday,etc

    There is no genre left which akshay Kumar has not done. And there is no one who will say that he was bad in all those movie

    That’s why he is most versatile Actor Bollywood have .

  • I don’t know why people cry about drishyam? Drishyam was a remake and it was originally penned by THE COMPLETE ACTOR “MOHANLAL”. so, drishyam carried the legacy. I am not against Ajay sir but it was a remake and a complete one. so,obviously it was gonna work. But Rustom is different, its not a remake.So, just wish that Rustom touches everyones heart and so will mohenjodaro.

  • Akshay Kumar is doing real good movies nowadays. Rustom has a more solid appeal compare to Mohenja Daro still better content will win the clash. I wish some of his fans get some sense and start respecting other actors as well !!!!!!!!!!!

    Salman Khan called Akshay as ‘Real Sultan’ of bollywoodd. In return, Akshay called him how large hearted Salman is. He also said ‘I did MMA in brother it did not work and Salman did and it worked for him’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Ajay Salman fan; Srk can only excel in romance? Are u off your head?
    chak de India
    my name is khan
    were they romantic?
    ur actor salman has to include Kuch Kuch hota hai in his filmography to be no. 1 in 90s and u barking craps

  • I don’t think bhool boolayan was the only film…even the recently released masti 3 is a horror com which is light on horror but horror none the less and we can’t forget bhagam bhaag ndeoi go goa gone which were also light on horror but of the same genre

  • @Yo dude : Even the director of KKHH (Karan Johar) has accepted that KKHH was not possible without Salman and Rani’s contribution then who are you to take away the credit ? Bheek mein mili Kajol SRK ko …………………… Saajan ji (SRK) bheeg maangne aaye climax mein bheeg maangne aaye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loved Bhool Buliaya, the good thing about this film was that it was a horror but in the same time a comedy with funny scenes, with a beautiful mysterious story. Yes for sure Akshay wouldn’t be able to get anything similar. I saw BB many times, and it’s a film which u want to see it again and again. Rustom looks good, a hit for sure

  • I thought his movies like Gabbar is back, Housefull 3 and Khiladi 786 were just that Horror comedies for us audiences

  • ajay and Salman never does comedy and action roles better than our akshay.. he is more versatile than ajay and salman and when was the last time ajay gave hit film without rohit shetty?

  • @Ajay-Salman Fan please don’t start fanwar.
    Even your soul knows that AKSHAY nails in each and every role he plays.
    Be it serious roles like Baby,OMG,Holiday or Romantic roles like Namastey London,Yeh Dillagi,HDKG or Action roles or Negative roles.
    He is the ‘King of versatility’.
    Admit it or Die.
    Waiting For Rustom.
    Waiting For 2.0

  • Akki is called a mini industry himself. And now sallu also praise Rustom. So sallu fans plz sport Rustom as we support Sultan. Watch it first day first show

  • @Ajay-salman fan- Why is this Koyla (devgn) fan at the top of Akki’s comment section? Koyla is an acting legend????!!! ROFL! Who is Koyla’s acting fan in this world? And Lallu has to steal SRK’s KKHH to his credit to prove himself a star in the 90’s. THe most important thing is Koyla and Lallu both are incomplete since one isn’t a superstar and the other is a non-actor. SRK is all in one, one of the greatest actors and the biggest megastars in the world. Even Akki is far better and tolerable in terms of acting than this pathetic Koyla and Lallu.

    @Indicine-Post my comment. What’s wrong with it? If they can call SRK bad names, then we don’t have any right to do the same?

  • Genre in Hollywood
    Sci fi

    now Genre in Bollywood
    Romantic action
    Romantic thriller
    Romantic Horror
    Romantic Sci fi
    Romantic Mystery
    Romantic fantasy
    Romantic Drama

  • Joker kumar stop trying to prove that ur a versatile actor … U r not capable of that mr.adam kumar sandler

  • @ ultron ur comments are height of stupidity . This guy & navin never praised akki in his life . Some salman fan like anand , tiger , hrithik are sometimes praised akki

  • @hritik
    Karliya jitna bakwash karna tha??
    What do u want to prove? A 10 minutes role in 3 hours 20 minutes movie is called cameo aka Salman Khan. And what do u mean director of the movie? Karan may have said that because of formality…Even SRK thanked all the guests of Om Shanti Om, so should we include it in everyone’s star ranking?And is Filmfare, a private magazine award a barometer to measure sb’s role. I dont beleive in Filmfare even if SRK wins it
    By comparing Lallu’s role with Rani’s role and disgusting such a song, please dont disgust an iconic cult classic of King Khan

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