Wake Up Sid Movie Review

After a long time we have a refreshing movie, a clean entertainer that can be watched with family or friends. Produced by Dharma Productions, Wake Up Sid stars Ranbir Kapoor and Konkana Sen Sharma in lead roles. Ayan Mukerji directs this feel-good entertainer that does remind you of last year’s super-hit Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

The movie is about Siddharth Mehra a.k.a Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) who is a rich spoilt brat, but with a heart of gold. The guy lacks motivation in life and is happy spending his father’s hard-earned fortune. His world, like most guys of his age, is surrounded by friends, cars and gaming consoles (in his case Playstation 3 and PSP)!

His transformation from a careless, fun-loving college teenager to a mature responsible individual is what Wake Up Sid is all about. Part of the journey is Aisha (Konkana Sen Sharma) and the two ‘different’ personalities become good friends and eventually, without any prizes for guessing, fall in love.

Wake Up Sid Review

Why Wake Up Sid is a MUST watch in theatre

  • In good movies, stories or the lack of it doesn’t really matter. Wake Up Sid has no great storyline, but its those several heart warming moments that make it a enjoyable experience.
  • The first half passes by so quickly, you hardly realize its about an hour long. The character of Sid is such that most youngsters as well as parents can easily connect with.
  • Ayan Mukerji’s direction is top notch. As mentioned above, the story is basically a one-liner, yet scenes like; Ranbir confronting his parents after he fails in his final exams, the relationship that he shares with his friends, the live-in friendship that he shares with Aisha, scenes with his hot and sexy neighbour (played by Kashmeera Shah), confession of his love and many more work big time. The movie as a whole is extremely well executed. Another young director to watch out for.
  • Ranbir Kapoor is fabulous, its easily his best performance. In yet another boy-next-door kinda role he excels in every scene, his dialogue delivery and expressions are by far the best of all newcomers. His hair-styling though should have been way better!
  • Konkana Sen Sharma is good yet again. Frankly, she doesn’t need dialogues, her eyes and facial expressions do the trick. And although she looks slightly older to Ranbir, the role she plays is of a older woman.
  • Music by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy is fantastic. There are no dance routines, which is a welcome change. Songs are blended beautifully with the movie and two songs stand out. Wake Up Sid and Iktara. (you can click on the song titles for the lyrics of the songs)
  • Cinematography is great too. Mumbai has been captured beautifully, Marine drive especially!

So what are the negatives?

  • The last 30 minutes could have been crisper, drags slightly.
  • Styling – Ranbir’s hair and Konkana’s Wardrobe. You expect better from a movie produced by Dharma Productions!!

Overall, Wake Up Sid is a must watch. A multiplex movie in its truest sense. Highly recommended for youngsters. The older generation (family audience) should enjoy it equally.

Go for it and do not forget to come back and write your very own reviews below.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Other Notes : Wake Up Sid should do much better than Dostana (which did above-average business) at the box office. The in-theater response was brilliant, everyone seemed to have enjoyed the movie. Karan Johar and his team have done it again.

Do Knot Disturb Review coming up soon, stay tuned.



  • I saw wake up sid’s paid preview last night..its each frame has a bit of karan johar in it..u throughly enjoy it..hats off to dharma productions..best movie of 2009 till date. GATHER YOUR FRIENDS AND GIVE IT A WATCH FOR SURE..I BET its one movie that’ll make u feel like paying again for the ticket u used.

  • I will wait for dvd eventhough it is good movie….Will Rabir kapoor nominated for best actor from this movie”?????

  • I will go for it and watch it in cinema.. that’s for sure because I like Ranbir & Konkona Sin.. both are good actors.. I liked Konkona from the first time I saw her in a movie.. knew that she’s a talented actress.

  • How much screen time does Konkona actually get? She is a good actress, and a reason to buy a ticket if she has much presence in the film.

  • The film is disgusting.Plz dont waste money on it.

    The attempt is honest but looses miserably in plot and is extremely cliched.

    Stay at home and some paisas to spend in diwali.

  • I knew it will be a super hit on seeing the very 1st trailers.Ranbir is born super star, great looks, great expressions, and wonderful actor!! wish u lots of luck.. :-)

    will surely watch it this weekend and come back with more comments!

  • looks promising ….n if the movie s quality n direction is anywhere near as good as described above..den its sure goin to be a sunshine film for bollywood..a kind of refresher aftr a long line of flops in the past year


  • Sudeep, Yes he should be nominated. But Shahid still has a better chance, his role was more complex. And we recommend you watch this movie on the big screen.

    Rick Patel, Konkana character is introduced about 15 mins into the movie and then on she is present in almost every scene. So yes, go for it :)

  • after seeing 4 stars of ur rating i wud definitely like to watch it
    rest i’ll write back after watching it n i dnt like ranbir n konkona

  • INDICINE team:thnks for the suggestion…I will definetly watch this movie now on big screen this sunday and post my review after that

  • Hi Guys,

    Please don’t waste your time and valuable money on this worst movie…

    Even don’t watch it on DVD also.

    Thanku So Much…

  • First thing first,Once you come out of theatre,the thing in your mind is…What a movie..

    Positive point:
    Movie has not great story but the thing tht works in this movie is light hearted moment + performance by ranbir+Chemistry between Konkona n ranbir +some good song.
    Concept of song as a background music is quite good.Anupam kher does what role required.
    Very fresh,modern youth movie….which youth surely love

    Negative point:
    I donot support Indicine team,they say movie was very fast pace in first half…I feel movie pace was slow to start but pick up along with the movie

    Verdict:3.5 out of 5

    Go for it without 2 thought

  • Ok kinda movie… They could have make it more interesting by some other heroin then Konkana and by using more sensitive dialogues and comedy…..
    Konkana- ranbeer pair is something like mummy-beta pair..
    stupid story but great acting by all!!

  • nt a very good movie…. i didnt like ranbir n konkana being paired together… the movie is nt boring 4 sure.. it runs smoothly from the beginning to the end… .. the lesson delivered is very short n means a lot 4 our parents.. life is all about becoming n accomplishing something in life on ur own .. the ultimate feeling or happiness that u get after that is really ecstatic…money cant buy that… well i m sure this movie is going to b a hit…
    songs r good specially ek tara n wake up sid…
    good job by supriya pathak n anupam kher…..
    kashmira was just a paste,,,,
    well guys n girls go 4 it… its a must watch with frnds….
    i totally agree with the review published by indicine team unlike in the case of wats ur rashee
    well indicine team, i m looking forward to london dreams…… when it is gonna release exactly ?

  • i was in my uncle’s house. wake up sid was not screening there so couldnt watch it. i had to watch do knot disturb. liked it. waitng for the wake up sid’s dvd.

  • Indicine Team: I’m back from cinema, watched Wake up Sid.. it’s a nice entertaining movie and it was even better than my expectations.. I thought might be a little boring, but it wasn’t at all, and as I trust Karan Johar as a producer of this movie, as he never makes a bad movie there4 I was so eager to watch it and was sure that I’ll find it good.. deserved the 4 stars.

    This young boy Ranbir is so talented.. Shahid took him 6 years to be good but Ranbir was so good from his first movie Sawariya.. he will achieve alot in future and will be a super star.. so cute and loveable.

    I loved all the 3 movies which Ranbir did.. if some of u didn’t see Wake up Sid yet but saw Bachna eh Haseeno and loved it so this movie with the same quality in direction and production, funny, entertaining and with a good message.

  • Wake up sid….We woke up after seeing this movie…as we were sleeping in the whole movie…

    I wont say its completely bad but the humor is not so excellent and it could have been much better with some sense added.

  • Ranvir has done an excellent job, no doubt. But Kankona has proved that she is better than any other. Her roll didn’t have the charm. But the ordinary looking actress with her dialogues, facial expression, eye movement made the ordinary things extraordinary.

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