Wake Up Sid box office update – Crashes on Monday!

For those who hoped Wake Up Sid would be Ranbir Kapoor’s first box office success, would be disappointed reading this.

Much like Bachna Ae Haseeno, Wake Up Sid is likely to finish as an “average” grosser at the box office. The movie which opened to great reviews and tremendous appreciation at major cities has crashed on Monday.

With a limited release on Week 1, a crash in the range of 50 – 60% on Monday was unexpected and while the movie continues to do well in select multiplexes, business at smaller cities and towns is extremely poor.

The word-of-mouth surprisingly is mixed – while youngsters seem to have loved every bit of what Ayan Mukherji had to offer, the family audience have stayed away from theaters and those (the mums – dads – grannies) who have watched it haven’t connected with this Dharma Productions film.

As of now, a HIT seems unlikely.

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  • well i think wake up sid deserves to be a big HIT!!!!!! i loved this movie and ranbir kapoor did GREAT in this!!!!! i would rate it 5!

  • Now.. how come that u say it crashed, means it’s a flop or average movie while I read yesterday on masala website about Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir’s dad, that he’s so proud and that his chest has been swollen, proud of his son as the movie won!!!!

  • Good films never get good box office results.Only a small percentage of good films like Love Aaj Kal ,OM SHANTI OM gross well at the box office?

  • Again on http://www.masla.com I’ve read now that Wake up Sid is doing extremely well.. don’t know which source of news to believe!! It says: Wake up Sid wakes up the box office!! how do u explain that Indicine Team?!

  • Yes, ‘extremely well’ in big city multiplexes only, which just isn’t good enough. Also, the weekend nett gross of Wake Up Sid (approx 10 crores) is less than Do Knot Disturb (approx 11 crores).

    Both movies have dropped heavily on Monday. Vinod Mirani, a trade pundit, says this on Rediff “Both the films didn’t do so well. Collections for Do Knot Disturb started dropping from Saturday onwards, making it an ‘also ran’, while the collections for Wake Up Sid were not up to the mark barring select multiplexes.”

    Here on Indicine we try and put up ‘balanced’ box office reports, we try not to get carried away by the initial opening but Monday is crucial. 60% crash on the first weekday is not a good sign for a movie that has opened on limited prints and limited number of shows.. add to it the fact that the diwali weekend is packed with 3 releases, crossing even the 30 crore barrier is gonna be extremely difficult.

  • its a great movie a must be watched movie wid one of the most talented actors,directors nd producers in bollywood

  • Dear guys, if you really want to know any movie box office status please go to http://www.boxofficeindia.com, they

    will tell you the right and exact picture.

    Dont ever believe in indicine team regarding box office issues because they also collect their info thru

    different sources which some times are contradictory and false.

    Thank You

  • even boxofficeindia.com, is saying the same thing that wus drops heavily on monday……….that means indicine r right

  • i dont no why so many movies are being flops like dil bole hadippa and now wake up sid
    i mean the actors did an awesome job and the storyline was great
    i personally loved both movies

    ranbir 4 ever

  • thats is what our india misses every time……………movies like wake up sid are not created every time….
    this is not the first time that this type of nice movies are ignored by our people……its too unfair…

  • These days, You can expect anything……I don’t know why do these people start calling movie a hit just after its first weekend collections??????How can you judge a movie’s status by 3 days collection only??????? I don’t get it………….. It happened with Kambakht Ishq and now same thing has happened with Wake up Sid……. The movie is fine as far as i am concerned……. The movie is basically made for youngsters only and that is the only reason this movie is going to end up as an average movie….

  • I wasted it.
    The Kapoor think we are stupid.
    Throw us a thin dum script and we will buy it.
    Please who cares about a rich kid who has problems growing up.
    We all go through this stage. This is life: coming of age.
    This is not a movie.
    I hate when these moron scriptwriters and directors think
    they know what cinema is about.
    And Karan Johar, the producer, where would he be today without his fathers money.





  • Russel: if this movie isn’t good for u to watch, so u hv no right to stop ppl from watching it!! probably they’d hv a different opinion about it and love it.. and I read lots of positive reviews as welll as comments.. and here we’re.. after ppl repeating some silly stupid lines on this web saying: big banners.. big banners.. yash raj films.. rash raj films.. now there’s a guy who says: where would karan johar be without his dad’s money!!!! yeah.. true.. we all can’t fulfill our dreams with no money.. money is important.. but if u hv money but no brain, no talent, no knowledge & no experience u will go nowhere!!

    So who are u to stop anyone from watching it.. and I’m sure that Karan Johar would never produce a bad movie.. he didn’t do any flop or a bad movie so far, I’ll see it this week and will come back with my review.

  • good say Fathiya :) You have no right Russel what you have say. And honestly speaking the film isn’t BORING, LAUGABLE, STUPID, USELESS, GARBAGE, SHIT, SMELL LIKE LIKE DOG SHIT!
    It’s your mind which is BOIRING, USELESS, SHIT AND ……. You are stupid coz I think you didn’t watch the movie with fellings. And your understanding power is soooo poor. Really!! I am also going to watch this movie :D

  • I personally do not bother what others have to say about a movie until i watch it myself. After watching Wake up Sid I can safely say that the movie is definitely a HIT to me even if the box-office says otherwise. It was a simple and credible story with its heart at the right place. Here the boy did not join the army or fight for the country like they showed in LAKSHYA. Rather he grows into a man by achieving small feats like learning to cook and cleaning. That’s what makes it a better watch than the other movies with the same theme. I cannot imagine anyone playing the role of Sid more beautifully and believably than RANBIR KAPOOR. KONKONA is also very good. IT IS A MUST WATCH. IT IS DEFINITELY A TREAT TO WATCH FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN GOOD MOVIES RATHER THAN BIG BUDGETS.

  • I’m going to watch it tomorrow and will be back with my review

    Teddy: Laksya was quite a good movie but it was a bit long.. the movie was about a man who didn’t hv any lakshya in his life so his girl breaks up with him because of that.. but what I didn’t like in this movie and must be a reason for the flop that 1) there was unnecessary scenes of army stuff, fighting stuff.. all that was nothing to do with the script.. the script was about Hrithik and his character and the director or the script writer should’ve concentrated only on that.. on Hrithik.. there4 the movie was a bit boring and flopped.

    I think that Wakeup Sid is a film with the same issue but in a different shape.. must be an interesting one.

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