Vote: Who deserved Best Actor award? Aamir or Amitabh?

Amitabh Bachchan swept the Best Actor award this year, at almost all major award ceremonies for his stupendous performance as Auro in Paa. But quite a few believe, while his performance was commendable, it was more effective due to the heavy makeup used on the actor to make him look the character.

Others argue, Aamir Khan was more deserving of the honor and the fact that he doesn’t attend award ceremonies was the reason why he didn’t win it. What do you think?

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Best Actor Award - Amitabh Bachchan or Aamir Khan?

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  • SALAAM 2all

    from this two option really i want to say amirkhansaab deserved the award bcoz his film 3 idiots is all time blocbuster with both aspect commercially and critically …. and if sallu bhai is nominated for wanted and london dreams i really say that the award should be share by this two deseved person of 2009 salman-amir khans for wanted , london dreams and 3 idiots .

  • To be quite honest, and altho I voted for AK (yeah, favouritism), I think they’re both deserving candidates! They’re both in leagues of their own and both are versatile actors. AB has entertained us for years and is liked by both young and old – likewise with AK too.

  • anyone actor if they act as a child eg., hrithik in KMG.. now amithab in paa
    whats the result best actor haha

    this is the fact nothing else
    that is different all the awards are sold out to Big B ang SRK
    ha ha

  • This argument is completely unneceserry bcous there is no value of awards for Aamir Khan & also for his fans. Aamir only deserv Oscar.

  • 1) Aamir Khan deserves for 3- idiots.

    2) Salman khan deserves for London Dreams & Wanted .

    All paid peoples never understand this.

  • Definitely Big B..if anybody says that..his acting was dependent upon his look,I mean make up..that’s not true…his voice modulation,body language was grt..

    Amir was gd..but not grt as Amit ji..

    Amit ji was really grt as Auro..touchy,sensitive..

  • As much as everyone including me feel that Aamir deserved it, I think Bachchan deserved it more. Some would say that his prostetics and makeup had to do with it but thats wrong. The makeup just made Amitabh look like Auro.. but he successfully convinced us he was Auro with his body language, mannerisms, voice, and expressions (which become harder with so much make up and prostetics. Therefore, I think without a shred of doubt, Its amitabh.

    Ppl think Aamir deserve it because 3i was a blockbuster and Aamir who is 45 found a way to look and act like a 22 yr old. He did exceptional but this year’s performance was dominated by Amitabh so he rightfully deserved it.

    As far as Salman goes, I was glad he was not nominated. I still consider myself a huge Salman fan, but he shouldn’t win just because Wanted was a superhit. Plus his performance (which did not really require much histronics) was good but I don’t think it was quite award-winning. Many of his hardcore fans would point to the fact that it was his career-best. So be it, even if Wanted was his career best, and it was critically acclaimed; it doesn’t mean he should win the award. I think people (including critics) appreciated his performance but it was made a big deal out of because it has been a while since he gave this good of a performance. His performance in his last outings such as Yuvraaj, Heroes, god tussi great ho, saawariya, marigold, partner(even though it was a blockbuster), and salaam-e-ishq was not too great. It was good but we expect better from a superstar and better if you want to be mentioned as one of the best actors (performance wise).

    Thus bachchan should get it with Aamir/Shahid/ranbir as a close second!

    What do you guys think? Comments?

  • certainly AMIT G.bcz he had to play a special role of ORO while AAMIR had the usual routine role.@zahirul:dont be overwhelmed.bcz aamir is net so much gud actor to win OSCAR no doubt AAMIR is MR.PERFECTIONIST but SRK is the KING OF BOLLYWOOD.and he is better actor than AAMIR.SRK and AAMIR r the two rulers of BOLLYWOOD.hats off to these two kings.

  • Just someone tell me: what was so special in Aamir Khan’s acting in 3 Idiots?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and comparing to bigb’s acting in Paa?

    I’d answer it for myself: people in india love someone just blindly..that’s the if he just walked, smiled, talked in his latest movies and did nothing special so it’s considered as: best acting!!

    Now A.R. Rahman is the most famous singer/composer in India.. but do u all think that all his songs deserve to be a hit or win oscars for them? He won again for Delhi 6 songs and lots of other singers deserved the honour more than him!!

  • Fathiya.. Aamir was very good in 3 idiots.. for a 45 year old to act as a college student is not easy. But certainly agree about AR rehman not deserving the award.

    My vote goes to Aamir

  • Amitabh can do any kind of role …..Amir and SRK sallu are not able do all types of role..of u see Daruwala scene in 3 idiot its worst acting i ever seen in any film by Amir and R madhavan and Sharama what is this is drunker acting no…just watch Amitji’s Sharabi what a awsom acting …. if u really want to see what is acting just watch Guzarish of Hrithik Roshan’s i think before sayin perfectist (Amir Khan) to ourself or king of bollywood (SRK) they have learn something from Hrithik Amitabh to bahot badi cheej hain…he is institution for any acting lover fan.according to me not only in bollywood but in the world Amithab Bachhan saab is uncomparable his style his acting his voice magic hain boss magic.

    And pls dont compare acting with success of movie both r diff… success is depend on script , acting music location , cenemetography..but acting is acting…Amitabh is only the actor who desrv any kind of award.

  • hey Fathiya why are you biased against Aamir? what was speacial?????looool it’s totally a special role of course and he did it perfectly for a middle aged person to play a role half his age with such exellence it’s not easy there wasn’t a moment in the film that i reterned to reality and recognized that it’s a 45 year old!! his body language is perfect he carries the emotions well and gets into the skin of his character it was soooo natural but making such statement proves your taste, plz do not coment on AK or his films it’s not your cup of tea!!!

  • Please INDICINE TEAM SHOW THIS COMMENT itís Adresses to the so called Fathya :
    Dear Fathia or whatever the spelling! What the hell is wrong with you? why are you so retarded? Your comments are really offensives really I mean first of all in each topic in every page I find you talking nonsence about the best film of the decade Rang De Basanti!!! Just tell me what the hell is your problem with it? Only fool peple like you can say rubbish abt such film; Ön again why are you biased against Aamir Khan? Youíre criticizing aamirís performances also in every page whenever we speak about him in any topic you say that he wasnít good in the last part I really wonder if you know the meaning of the acting!.. I mean aamirís performance was outstanding in rang de basanti undoubtedly and was applauded by critics and audience he actually won critics award for it, OK I accept your opinion of course but is it really necessary to make the same statement in every topic after all itís your own opinion!! And how can you say Aamir didnít act in 3 idiots? this is ridiculous! , If you could not see his acting anywhere in the film then its based more on personal disliking towards him and less on objective outlook. So you liked the Overacting of Salman(by the way he cannot act sorry salluís fans but heís such a bad actor believe me) who sucked in the shit Wanted which had no story at all And not aamirís phenemonal and natural superb acting in the best film of 2009 3 idiots? BTW for all salman khan fans watch the original Wanted and youíll surely get to know how poor was Salluís performance compared with the original actor was(see the difference between it and Aamirís Ghajini who with the same story pulled off the character well and was awesome in it though Surya was great!) he didnít deserve any award that year definetly! Aamir was Fabulous for an 44 year old actor to look and act like a student in his 20ís with excellence that was nothing but OUTSTANDING!! He was excellent from start to end and his comic timing was Superb! But clearly you lack the taste and belong to himmesh reshmiya type movies where B grade songs get whistlesÖ so stop right here! For me there were 3 exellent performances in 2009: Aamir for 3 idiots(no question abt it), Shahid Kapoor for Kamniey(mind-blowing, Fantastic!), Amitabh Bachchan for Paa(of course amitji!) others (Ranbir and saif NOT SALMAN) were also very good saifu rocked in both Kurbaan and Love Aaj kal and proved that heís among top actors today, while I was totally surprised by Ranbirís talent and high acting skills he was Fabulous in WUS and APKGK very promising actor future Hrithik ! N tell me What is your problem with the performances in the last part of films are you judjing performances only in last part? How Stuppid!!!!you are really Biased here and your opinions are very irrelevant toooo much as DR; RC patel said !!! whenever I find your name I find you praising SRKís performance in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi that only shows how mean is your taste actually the film was a boring crap and nothing new in it just like all SRKís previous romantic films, and SRK wasnít bad in it but he was just ordinary(compared to his outstanding perf in Chak De, india): lover as usual so what was special abt him?! in fact 2008 was definetly Aamirís and Hrithikís year as they both gave mindbolwing n totally diffenet and special performances and how can you say that Aamir had nothing special in his performance in Ghajini Iím stunned actually it was a totally a difficult one and smthg new from him he won millions of hearts by his wonderful performance and was SRKís romantic performance special then? How stupid !!reading comments by uneducated people like you make me*****Do you have any personal problems with Aamir Khan?did he **** you?? youíre always searching for a chance to humilate him !! now I can say that youíre among the list of most idiotic personalities of the world along wid mr KHANN honestly I have a free advice for you: GET THE HELL OUT of here and donít show up again because Iím not the only one who was fed up with your opinions!

  • @Nilesh:
    1st-Aamir is not Salman and SRK, people are being very spirited about this, just being Khan does not mean that Aamir belongs to this Khan fraternity,he is a real actor and performer not superficial like other khans!! Heís without a single doubt is the best among of all and certainly the best Khan Salman may be the king of masses, the most wanted actor, he may has the most following, SRK might be the biggest superstar, the most famous star around the world, But when it comes to talent, acting and versatility Aamir is miles ahead of boh of them and I think especially Salman should not be compared to Aamir coz he canít even act, and Aamir has his own leage of acting what a class! so how dare you insult an actor of his caliber by putting him in the same rank with Salman and SRK?
    2nd-Amitabh Bachchan is a legend and heís indeed still the best actor india till date and he will be king of Bollywood until he departs, But Aamir is only second to Big B, Aamir has already proved his capacity to pull off any role with excellence with many of his films, so SRK and Salman will never be able to act like Amitabh: definetly but Aamir!! Iím sorry youíre totally wrongÖ
    3rd- I donno,why youíre mentioning Hrithik Roshan here, the guy is happy doing his work and he doesnít even want to be compared with senior actors, heís still in his first carrer decade and still has a long way to go and prove himself more, and coming to your point about Hrithikís performance in Guzaarish I was really happy when he didnít won awards I know many were so impressed by the performance and thatís the problem with Indian audience, when an actor does any intense role a role that looks very difficult they think that he acted well, but the fact that they donít know anything about that character which should be researched well! the best actor shouldbe judjed by his histronics, how he gets into the skin of the character he is portraying, how he looks so natural and convinces you that itís the character heís playing however when you look at Hrithik in guzaarish the poor fellow was horrible and overacted a lot he totally lost the boat and it was a very fictionalized Hrithik version of the characterÖ the problem is that the role was soooo difficult and not any actor can pull it of not even Hrithik!! When I watched Guzaarish I enjoyed it even though many found it boring because I think the direction was exellent but he I think he was slightly off! He was actually nominated in the kela awards for worst actor and this is the category for actors who overact in their roles but he lost it to SRK for MNIK and I think SRK deserved it more as he overacted much more!!So for Hrithik Roshan fans just giving a try to a character does not make you a versatile actor you have to excel In it so just forget about matching a legend who rocked Bollywood more than 40 years !!
    4th- If you call Hrithikís overacting in Guzaarish acting and not Aamirís phenomenal acting in 3 idiots you must be psycho!

  • yahaan bhi aa gayi??? again Fathiya tu ek kutiya hai,,, how dare you to say about aamir???? bloody bitch,, Aamir deserve for qsqt, Raakh, Dil, Dil hai ki maanta nahin……………………….Dhobhi ghaat, except Mela, honestly speaking he doesn’t deserve award for only Mela,,, but sad the awards are getting sold,,,, I think they poor people knew that he deserve for Oscar,,, Aamir Rockzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hahahaah someone called Fathiya said Aamir did NOT act in 3 Idiots!!!
    Ok see we know you hate Aamir for personnal reasons and you have all the right to, but you. don’t have the right to deny the fact that Aamir’s acting was brilliant i don’t believe SRK could have delivered even near to him, he’ too old for such role and he sucks at comdey roles, so Aamir was OUTSTANDING in 3 Idiots and no need to argue about that, Big.B was also incredible but no one can deny that he got a lot of help from make-up one couldn’t see facial expressions!! still i think Big.B deserved it despite all, and Aamir and Shahid both deserved at least a special award this is not fair(it’s not that Ranbir wasn’t good!)
    So Fathiya and haters like you can go to HELL anydays…

  • hey,
    we are talking about 3 idiots lets take look at omi ,chatur lingam performance he is overshadowed
    everyone including amir, how can you compare amitabh with amir, amitabh in his carrier not shadwed by script,any actor, any director, he is the man work easily with both hrishikesh and manmohan desai,his vertality is unmatched

  • hey
    we are talking abt national award, you know amitabh hasnt recieved a single award for his iconic role in deewar, at that time commercial movies were not considered for national awards, other wise amitabh will get atleast dozen national awards

  • AMITABH AND AAMIR ARE CONSIDERED TO B THE ALL TIME GREATS BUT MY VOTE GOES TO AMITJI PURELY BECAUSE THE TIME HE SPENT AND EXPERIMENTS HE DID. chupke -chupke, kabhie-kabhie, silsila, Agneepath, Black, Paa, Trishul, Deewar, are the examples to prove that he is rightly voted as the actor of the millenium

  • People always talk about the people who wins national awards but amitji won national award not once, twice but fout times and had he not been sidelined for the movies like deewar which is till date the best perfomance of bacchan saab he surely would have won more.

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