Shahrukh and Saif to host Filmfare 2010

Last year it was Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan, this year it will be Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan – the most talked-about award function hosts in the industry, who will once again be hosting the Filmfare Awards this year.

We had been informed by some of our sources yesterday morning, but the confirmation came from the man himself.

SRK on twitter, tweeted “have to head now for filmfare rehearsals. looong nite ahead. hope saif doesnt fall asleep.”

Sources say, the infamous duo will once again take digs at industry folks, but will be less offensive this time around. Katrina Kaif too is expected to join them.

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  • Ranbir and Imran were extremely immature and naive.

    SRK and Saif did a pretty good job the last time but I hope there is less sarcasm this time.

  • Even though I don’t like SRK and Saif. They really are better, infact way better than Ranbir and Imran. Last year Filmfare awards were not the best. Atleast this year Salman is performing. That is enough for me. I don’t care about the awards anyway, just want to see the perfromances especially the no. 1 ROCKSTAR.

  • Indicine Team: would u please inform us when any award shows will start, on which day and which time? just the important ones and the biggest awards shows e.g. Star Screen, Filmfare and IIFA

  • Shahrukh and Saif is the best. Are you kidding me that Ranbir is better? Ranbir have is a newcommer and has give two hits and thinks he is biggest star in the Industry.

    Finally an award show that will be watchable. Because of SRK, Saif and Salman.

  • Below are the true story about MNIK:::
    Friday:7.92 crores…
    Saturday:9.5 crore…
    Sunday:12 crore…


    Week 1::- India::-46.5 crore…

    Week 2::-India::-17…

    Total:::::–India::- 70 Crore…
    Oversees::-70 Crore…

    Oversees::- All time blockbuster
    overoll:: Hit

    Ans:: srk is liar…so many people hate him…………i think his career now finished……….

    New Delhi: Having earned around Rs.150 crore (Rs.1.5 billion/USD 35 million) worldwide in 10 days, distributors Fox STAR Studios say they are extremely happy with the “truly global” response to Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘My Name Is Khan’ (MNIK). They now plan to increase the Bollywood presence in the Middle East through the film and also release it in countries like Germany, Poland and Egypt.
    “We genuinely believe that `My Name Is Khan` is the first truly global Bollywood film. It has received an exhilarating response in India and the 40 countries that we released it on Feb 12 and we are expecting the same in other countries,” Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox STAR Studios, told reporters.
    My Name Is Khan dropped around 60-65% in week two and collected around 17 crore nett. The two week total is around 63 crore nett. The film is a Super Hit in West Bengal and Mysore, Hit in other circuits apart from Bihar and CP Berar where it is lower. Overall HIT

    so my name is khan is a true super hit and shahruk will truely rock with filmfare

  • i loved SRK and saifi in 2008 awards especially when they gave ” Nareal Awards”
    this time should be better then 2008 and more fun.

  • @ Indicine team : Please give a detailed report on MNIK’s business in India and the final verdict .

    Iam really confused. with 64 crore net how can be MNIK a hit when Dedana dan which was not that pricey also needed 60 crore . is it false reporting ????

  • Ranbir & Imran is the best . Srk & Saif they are just stupid . They just insults respected people like Sanjay Leela Bhansali , Amri Khan , Amar Singh & other peoples . SrK & saif playing with peoples sentiments . Stupid rascles they are .

  • I am just waiting for” VEER” ‘s performence in Filmfare .Otherwise everything is fake in every award show .

  • @shahid21,

    Abhi bi tum flop film like MNIK ke liye pray kar rahe ho . Ha..ha..ha..

    Mnik India mein Flop declare ho chuka hai .

    Bollybusiness: Bollywood Boxoffice Check out the link

    MNIK 2 weeks collections are 58 Crores . It need 75 Crores nett from india to get hit status .

    Dont pray for the film it is a bad film .

  • @ exaktor

    I agree with you mate. Yes Ranbir has potential. But he is no where near the top. What he has done in 5 films (only one a big hit) Salman, Amir and Hrithik did after their first film. The media are making it out that he is already a mega star blah blah blah, that he can do no wrong. I don’t particularly like Shahid or Saif but even they are ahead of him. Also, Imran has a long long way to go. He is lucky who his mamo is. lol

  • Bad news for all SRK fans

    Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice


    Meanwhile MNIK dropped heavily today and show occupancy as low as 5% . 15th Day of MNIK should end up making 30-35 Lakhs.

    MNIK 2 weeks collections are 58 Crores

    Verdict – Flop or Below average

  • its either some people is really stupid or really have no education or just so negative. This is about SRK and Saif hosting filmfare awards again and some of you is talking about how much MNIK made and want to know how much MNIK made. How STUPID. What some of you can’t read.

    anyways, I am so happy that SRK-Saif is hosting the award again. They should host ever award shows cause they make it fun. Last year that award show such cause Ranbir and Imran wasn’t doing anything and trying to crack jokes and then there was Deepika and that other girl that was just standing and reading off the papers and all. So boring.

  • Some people dont have any respect for other people . Just use abuse languages to others . They dont accept their failures like MNIK .

    I am not happy that SRK-Saif is hosting the award again because they dont give any respect to other peoples like Aamir Khan , Amar Singh & famous director like sanjay Leela Bhansali . They just use their crap jokes to others & insulting the respected peoples .

    But some fans are Blind for their stars .They ignored the GUILTY to their stars .

  • Srilanka are you really Saju dey? Your comments are really good now. no abuses… now your accusing others of abusing LOL

    how did you change so much? :D

  • @Indicine Team, thanks for your certain change . Still need lots of improvement indicine . Background colour should be change if you can .Honestly indicine for your new version you lost lots of fans of your .

    At last indicine my name is Saju Dey . thanks

  • @suniel,

    Yeah dude I am really Saju Dey . Suniel u need some changes also . Sometimes U also use abuse languages to others . We need to respect other peoples. thaks dude . Keep it up



    My Name is Declined: Looking ahead at Shahrukh Khan’s career outlook after MNIK demise
    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Dev Patel of the $370 million (Rs. 1700 crore)
    grosser Slumdog Millionaire is a bigger
    international star than Shahrukh Khan

    The difference between a star and a superstar is that while a star gives hits occasionally, a superstar (whoever he is at the time) is expected to give the biggest hit and the superstar’s films are always expected to take the biggest, top initial across India at the box office. To be excluded from this are actresses like Katrina Kaif or a Kareena Kapoor, who while maybe considered top heroines, are almost always incidental to the film’s box office fate. That is to say, you can replace one with the other and it wouldn’t affect the film’s box office all that much. Barring a Meena Kumari, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and to a lesser extent Aishwarya Rai (though some would dispute this too), heroines don’t have much impact on box office fates of Indian films.

    That brings the discussion to primarily in the domain of actors and leading men, of which Shahrukh Khan has been billed, by the media atleast, as the #1 leading man at the box office, a proposition that continuously falls on its face time and again. In fact Shahrukh Khan has repeatedly failed to measure up to the claim despite heavy political and media support for this actor over the past 15 years. To start off breaking this down before we do the lookahead, let’s use a man he often used to compare himself to for these types of comparisions earlier, Amitabh Bachchan.

    Today in his 60s, Amitabh Bachchan is a star who occasionally delivers hits like Black or Paa or Cheeni Kum. But Amitabh Bachchan was the undisputed superstar of the box office from January 1975 (when Deewar opened at 100% box office on 24th January 1975 and went on to run a platinum jubilee running next to Sholay later in the year) to January 1989 when after opening to 100% and a record box office response, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati crashed in its 2nd week. Still, even after the Ganga Jamuna Saraswati crash the biggest opener of 1989 was not Salman Khan’s Maine Pyaar Kiya, or Anil Kapoor’s Ram Lakhan but rather Amitabh Bachchan’s Toofan. Similarly the biggest opener of 1990 wasn’t Aamir Khan’s Dil or Salman Khan’s post-MPK release Baaghi or even Sunny Deol’s Ghayal, but rather it was Bachchan’s Aaj Ka Arjun. In 1991, the biggest opener was again Amitabh Bachchan’s recordbreaking opener Hum. Even in the ‘disputed’ phase of his ‘reign’ as the superstar, he was delivering the #1 initials and remained the highest paid actor till 1998. But in most of the years between 1973-1992, Bachchan starrers were the top grossers and occasionally as happened to be the case in 1978, the top 4 grossers of the year (Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Don, Trishul, Ganga Ki Saugandh).

    Now let’s bring this back to Shahrukh Khan. Even in his prime, Shahrukh Khan was never the undisputed superstar unlike Amitabh Bachchan. Right after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998, his next: Baadshah, sunk; failing to take the top opening of 1999 and then flattening out. Shahrukh Khan was not in either biggest opener nor the biggest grosser of the decade of the 1990s nor of the 2000s. And many feel if he sustained near the top through the 2000s, it was more to do with fact that most of new entries of 2000s decade such as Vivek Oberoi, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Ritesh Deshmukh, Abhay Deol were more there due to family labels and lacked either ambition or talent themselves. But despite this, Shahrukh Khan’s films year in and out did not take the #1 initial. His biggest blockbusters were prone to being outinitialed or outgrossed by films of other 2 Khans, along with a Hrithik Roshan, Sunny Deol (circa Gadar) and couple others like Akshay Kumar later on. Now granted none of them went on to dominate box office themselves, but none of them go around claiming to be Kings or #1s either.

    Which is exactly what the problem with Shahrukh Khan is and has been. Despite the Indian media collective and congress government literally taking the country’s resources and putting it on the line for this guy, his biggest film ever, My Name Is Khan failed to open anywhere near the top, missing the top in opening at the box office by a distance and will have had a comparatively premature demise at the end also, causing many losses. By the end of the year, several films of several stars will leave box office collections of Khan in the dust.

    And now after MNIK, Shahrukh Khan does not have any more releases coming up this year. He’s 45 and it is difficult to see where his trajectory goes from here as he’s facing a number of problems. Let’s examine these problems in detail and regardless of political correctness.

    Firstly though he aspires to be an international star, internationally he will never be reaching level of even a Dev Patel (of the $370 million grossing Slumdog Millionaire fame) let alone an Antonio Banderas in the 90s, a crossover star there, due to cultural reasons. A muslim chanting ‘My Name Is Khan’ was never going to become a big star in America, and only a deluded understanding of USA held by likes of Karan Johar would have imagined so. Johar’s understanding of India itself is doubtful let alone America, Karan Johar is a bigger deal among industry tweeters than he is with Indian audiences. Which is why his Koffee with Karan or Lift Kara De end up getting lower TRPs in India than many other trivial shows. What is going to be an advantage in Karachi will be a disadvantage in mainstream Chicago or Chandrapur as we’ll discuss below. America is a liberal country and tolerates muslims also, but it is not a foolish country, or unidimensional the way depicted in ridiculous bollywood cinema like Kurbaan and MNIK. These movies have no chance outside the usual Karan Johar/Khan segments from handful of countries settled as generation 1 migrants to USA.

    So mainstream America is out for Shahrukh Khan. If the goal then is to become a middle eastern icon because of his proclivity to utter My Name Is Khan, then well there are a couple problems with that also. Culturally, the mid-east is not particularly homogeneously understanding of Hindi nor liberal enough overall which cinema needs. Secondly, and more importantly, a Qatar or a Baharain or even Pakistan, they are not all that consequential compared to India economically, let alone the west. If they were, they would have had their own established film industries by now. India is ahead of them all. It is the world’s 2nd largest country by population and one of the major markets on earth, and will always be the dominant, determining market for Hindi films, with an economy that’s outperforming the global recession and even some western countries. In Mumbai, many multiplexes’ ticket rates are now about same as what US customers pay at US theaters. Ticket prices in even multiplexes like Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Kanpur are now substantial, except since Mumbai is quite saturated this is where the major theater economy growth will be coming in the years ahead. So if you keep your eye on the ball, the arrows are pointing towards the Hindi markets once more, and you can’t ignore the audiences’ sensibilities there.

    Following off from that, secondly, because of the increasing cloud around his ’support for Pakistanis like Sohail Tanvir’ politics, the middle India audiences are tuning Shahrukh Khan out. Especially middle class and mass screens Hindus (which were never particularly heavily in support of Shahrukh Khan cinema anyway). This is backed up by increasingly pedestrian TRPs when he is on television which is more dominated by this demographic. But bottomline is even at box office you can’t get to those top all India initials let alone top overall grossers if the Hindis don’t let you. It simply can’t be done. It can work the other way (ex. Gadar) but not in this direction.

    Finally his politics apart, the other big problem for Shahrukh Khan is now age, which is not on his side. He’s closer to 50 than 30. An entire new generation of audiences has entered the theaters to whom overseas locales are no big deal, are much more confident about India (last year’s big hits: 3I, Ajab Prem, Paa etc. all primarily set in India) and for whom Shahrukh Khan-Kajol movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai are themselves old, dated cinema.

    This happens to all stars and aspiring superstars at some point. And there is nothing to be done about that. New stars are here and will come who will look, fresher, quicker, and more in tune with the times than Khan. And it will strike to him that people don’t go to cinemas to watch khans. They go to cinema to get entertained. And accumulated hostilites from the Hindus, and accumulated wrinkles on the face, accumulated lack of speed brought on by the natural process of aging, tend to point to Shahrukh Khan’s declining fortunes in the coming years. Not unlike an Anil Kapoor after the early-90s, if he’s lucky.

    The days of staking claim to the #1 superstardom for Shah Rukh Khan have been gone for a few years now and are probably gone forever. The question is how long can he delay the inevitable and remain a star.

  • yaar koi aur naheen hai kya??? wahi repeat???? why repeat??? give it to some professional agency to find host but please do not repeat….

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